canon of medicine

Headcanon (AU and Canon-verse): Sasuke suffers from migraines, as he is often not sleeping enough hours at night and is under emotional stress and fatigue. Although he doesn’t like to make a big deal about them, if he pushes himself too hard he will end up with terrible nausea, and can sometimes vomit. 

Whenever Naruto is around and Sasuke has a migraine, the blonde immediately helps Sasuke to his room, and closes all the curtains and blinds to prevent any bright light from seeping through. He makes sure the TV and any music is turned off, and closes Sasuke’s door. Then, he sits down on the bed next to Sasuke, who after taking his medicine silently rests his head on Naruto’s lap and tries to rest. When he is having a particularly bad migraine, Naruto will stroke his hair and rub softly around his temples. Most of the time ends up with Sasuke falling asleep, and Naruto stays with him until he wakes up. This is one of the rare times Naruto is quiet, and calm. 


[Art fill] Joly and Combeferre 19th century medicine shenanigans! Featuring nitrous oxide parties.

My gift (please click to see the bigger pics on AO3, tumblr size conversion sucks) for Bobcatmoran at the Les Mis exchange Lesmiswinterhols ^_^
Prompt was: “Anything involving either/both Joly and Combeferre and 19th century science would be great. Canon-era medicine, nitrous oxide parties, geeking out about trains or moths or magnets, it’s all good, as are any other ideas you might have.”

The gift I received was weisbrot’s, who wrote me a very cute cute RE fic (also very nsfw). Thank you so much again<333! And merry holidays!

Haikyuu Greek God AU

I literally thought this up for no reason other than the fact that I fuckin love Greek mythology and Haikyuu so why not put them together?
(Also, Cerberus is a three headed cat bc Kuroo is hades and its my AU and I say its canon.)

Hinata/Apollo (sunlight, music, medicine)
Kageyama/Nike (victory)
Daichi/Zeus (king of the heavens)
Suga/Hera (queen of the heavens)
Iwaizumi/Heracles (strength)
Oikawa/Eros (lust)
Bokuto/Hermes (messenger and trickery)
Akaashi/Aphrodite (beauty)
Tsukishima/Artemis (moon and the hunt)
Yamaguchi/Urania (astronomy)
Kuroo/Hades (wealth and death)
Kenma/Persephone (spring)
Ushijima/Ares (war)
Terushima/Pan (wild)
Asahi/Hestia (home, family, kindness)
Noya/Dinlas (a guardian deity of wounded heroes)
Tanaka/Boreas (north wind)
Ennoshita/Athena (wisdom)
Hanamaki/Amphitrite (sea goddess)
Matsukawa/Poseidon (sea)
Watari/Themis (justice)
​​​​Yahaba/Nemesis (vengeance)
Kyoutani/Seirios (dogs)
Yachi/Hecate (magic)
Kiyoko/Nyx (night)
Daishou/Medusa (snakes, guardian of women)
Konoha/Elpis (hope)
Takeru/Eris (chaos)
Natsu/Até (trickery)
Lev/Dionysus (wine and vineyards)
Yaku/Demeter (agriculture and harvest)
Semi/Deimos (fear)
Tendou/Phobos (panic)
Shirabu/Himeros (desire)
Yamamoto/Thanatos (lieutenant of death)
Kunimi/Circe (minor magic deity)
Kindachi/Zelus (zeal)
Aone/Antheia (gardens and flowers)
Moniwa/Iris (rainbows and light)
Takeda/Hebe (youth)
Ukai/Cronos (time)

I’m probs forgetting some characters but I did this in like an hour.

When all my ships don’t go well, I’m starting to remember that my OTP is canon and then I’m happy af.

Yu-Gi-Oh Head Canon: The people of Kul Elna were still alive when they were smelted into the Millennium Items.

The Millennium Tome called for 99 human sacrifices in order to create the seven Millennium Items. Not only did this call for their blood, bones, and flesh to be smelted into the gold that created them but the souls of the people were needed to give the Millennium Items their magical properties. To accomplish this, Akhenaden had them sedated so they wouldn’t struggle and dropped them in one by one as Bakura watched them drown and burn to death in the metal.

(Alternative head canon is that the medicine used for sedation was opium. Being a powerful drug that allowed for Egyptians to perform surgeries, it was the perfect choice and allowed for the victims to stay alive long enough for their inevitable demise. A terrible twist, however, is that opium is also a well known ingredient in morphine, which is a well known treatment for chronic pain. So, if any of the victims were “lucky”, the agony they felt may have been lessened by the effects of the opium.)

(This head canon is only supported by the Japanese anime. If you listen closely, you can hear the screams of the victims coincide with the bodies dropping in.)