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My grandma making traditional Jewish Iraqi dish.

The meal she’s preparing is called Bez-Belahem (or more commonly called Uroog), which is a very tasty kind of beef patties mixed with sweet vegetables and eggs.


One of my favorite things about photography is how many ways the same exact thing can be photographed to capture a completely different emotion. It’s honestly the freest I ever feel, just being outside messing around with the same subject two-thousand different ways.

-Cody Weber, Forgotten Iowa


Fayette, Iowa
Population: 1,338

“It was named after the Marquis de La Fayette, French hero of the American Revolutionary War. Fayette is the home of Upper Iowa University, a small private college. The Volga River State Recreation Area is located just north of Fayette, and many other parks and natural areas are nearby.”


Osceola, Iowa
Population: 4,929

“Osceola was named after a Seminole Indian leader of the same name.  Osceola is an anglicized form of Asiyahola; assi, from a ceremonial yaupon holy tea or “black drink” and yaholi, the name of a Creek god intoned when the drink was served.”


Marysville, Iowa
Population: 66

“There are numerous coal exposures on the banks of the branches of Cedar Creek both north and south of Marysville. In 1846, one exposure south of Marysville was found to be on fire, and this fire continued until June 1851, when heavy rains and flooding extinguished the fire.”


New Vienna, Iowa
Population: 407

“New Vienna was initially settled by a group of German immigrant families who were living in Ohio. These families had come to the area in search of farmland.One such family was that of William Steffen Sr. and his wife Mary. William and Mary were originally from Recklinghausen, in what today is Germany. They came to the United States and settled in Ohio. William and Mary and their children joined the other German immigrant families who came to New Vienna in the 1840s. The descendants of William and Mary number in the thousands today, and some of their descendants still live in New Vienna and surrounding areas.”


These photos were all taken within twenty-four hours of each other.  

You may or may not have noticed a slight lull with Forgotten Iowa here lately and this is precisely why.  It’s been impossible to gauge what crazy weather pattern we’re going to be experiencing at any given moment.  The entire month of March has been like this in our portion of Iowa.  If it’s not tornado-inducing thunderstorms, then it’s blizzards.  If not a blizzard, then it’s completely beautiful for three or four hours and all the birds come out at once.

It’s been incredibly difficult to plan around such extreme weather patterns, so we’ve just been wading it out until the seasons decide which one they want to be for a while.

Alki & Don Armeni Boat Ramp / Seattle, WA

Double Exposure Experiment!

If the Olympic Mountain Range was behind (East of) Seattle this is what it would look like (sort of).

The mountains were shot with the Canon 100-400 4.5-5.6L IS from Alki. I then walked over to the Don Armeni Boat Ramp area and shot the city with the Canon 24-70 f2.8L.

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More photos by John Westrock on Flickr.