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Lol and apparently Lilywhisker, some poor random WindClan cat is also in the DF bc she “was angry that bc of her leg she was ‘useless’ and couldn’t accept her fate” despite the fact that never in TR she never did anything that implied that she was so super bitter about it that she deserved to go to cat hell but okay

Sex with Kit HCs

Request: “Hey! I was wondering about your head canons about sex with Kit Walker? (I love your blog btw, your writing is so good)” - Anon

“Can you do a sex with kit?” - Anon

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A/N: I’ve had that last one sitting in my inbox for about a week. I’m so sorry that everything is getting out a bit late. And where do I sign up for a Kit Walker? I’ll even take the alien part 😭😭😭

  • First off, hella foreplay
  • Like, annoyingly long foreplay
  • And then some more build-up with him fingering you
  • Because Kit’s a total butt/thighs guy
  • “princESS”
  • “baBY GIRL”
  • (light daddy kink?)
  • He’s usually very gentle, but sometimes it’s some A+ fucking
  • You’ve probably had sex while at the station
  • Especially while he was working on a car
  • And in the office area (is it called an office? idk)
  • As soon as he gets home at night, S-E-X
  • Nice, gentle, easy, sex*
  • And he’s great with pacing himself
  • And much like a few other characters, Kit isn’t into anything particularly worth noting
  • I think he’d want to try anal once or twice, though
  • But he wouldn’t EVER do anything you didn’t want to

* Easy, breezy, beautiful, cover-Kit

let’s keep it fun

let’s keep it fun by @grumpeaches

Author’s summary:

Chris and Eva are just friends. Who make out a lot. But sometimes friends do that.

(Or, the five times Chris and Eva hooked up, and the one time they didn’t.)

Yes, we know we’re an Evak library. This is Chris/Eva. Sorry not sorry.

I literally don’t know how I got to this fic, because I’ve never read anything else in this pairing, but I’m glad I did. The characters are so realistic and believable, and this fic managed to make me like Chris Schistad a LOT without being out of character. It’s very well-written, and just the perfect length, not to mention not at all angsty and guaranteed to make you smile. I’d recommend checking this out even if you don’t ship it–it’s a harmless, sweet little gem of a find.

If Jedi are into knitting..

Qui-Gon Jinn: would be the creator of a knitting gathering-thing, once a week in the gardens or near the lake. he always would say he did this because it’s a very meditative work, but secretly he’s into lace scarves and so on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: as a padawan, he was forced by Qui-Gon. he hated it because he was not that patient. later he realised how much he loves it. would try to force Anakin to the gathering, but… yeah.. no.

Master Yoda: totally into it, but because of his hands he’s incapable of holding the needles properly. so his works would be more a mess of yarn than wearable objects, but he loves it anyway.

Mace Windu: pretends to hate it, but goes to the gathering anyway because of Yoda. He doesn’t want to argue with him.

Ki-Adi Mundi: thinks this idea is rubbish. later he watches the other from afar and regrets it, but he’s too proud to ask if he still can join.

Aayla Secura: she doesn’t have the patience do to lots of patterns, lace or something like this, but she doesn’t want to give up because she doesn’t want “the boys” to be better. she trains lace patterns while knitting lots of warmers for her Lekku and Kits tentacles.

Kit Fisto: absolutely IN LOVE with the gathering, talks and talks and talks with the others and distracts them from the meditative part of this work. always smiling, helpful and knits the most difficult stuff. he loves to annoy Plo and tries to teach Secura patterns and such.

Plo Koon: after not able to stop Kit, he hides himself beside Shaak Ti. very quiet, not talking anything and not telling what he’s doing. he gives all his scarves, gloves, mittens and whatnot he’s doing to the younglings and padawans. they love him for this, above all when they need to head to Ilum or Hoth.

Shaak Ti: silent. not talking, kind of evil lookin’ when she’s behind her knitwork. no one wants to annoy her, not even Kit. So Plo is more than save when he sits beside her. like Plo, she kits just for others. at the beginning, she gives lots of her work to poor people she meets during missions, later while the clone wars her beanies are the best thing a clone could receive for under the helmet. and often there were contests among the clones, because she told one he would get a pair of nice socks if he’s good in his tests.

Anakin Skywalker: not doing it. absolutely not doing it. Obi-Wan always tries to make him trying to knit a scarf, but no. just no. later, he tries it because Padmé asked for it. after doing two baby-sized pairs of beanies and scarves, he stopped it. Senator Palpatine heard of it and casually mentioned once it would be ridiculous for warriors to sit in a garden and knit stuff.

Nasuca Faire (RP-OC of @lasuka-fair-winchester): as a Padawan, she doesn’t know what she should think of it. she’s very jumpy and doesn’t have any patience. After Obi-Wan told her some hints, she tries it and one day, like someone opened a knot, she gets a happy feeling while doing it. after this she gets more and more into it. Later, as a teacher for the younglings, the does the same like Shaak Ti - her knitworks are like a special honour for the students if they got some real good grades.

Kissa Soltam (my RP-OC): loves it. she isn’t able to do difficult patterns and freakes out when her works are unevenly. but not giving up and totally in love with special and delicate yarns. often breaks wooden needles accidentaly.

tbc… if u have requests, msg or /ask. if you do not share my opinion, tell me yours! <3

Wow, do you guys remember when Kit Fisto totally went with Aayla Secura to Felucia and they managed to escape Order 66, together? And like, how they absolutely got married when they realized that the Order was pretty much done with, and went into hiding? Then later they joined the Rebellion with their oldest kid and half the time, when they went off on missions, some poor Rebel was left to look after the younger ones, and had to figure out how to keep them from destroying the base with their Force powers? How Kit was an emissary to water-dwelling species and Aayla was a kickbutt undercover operative on occasion? You remember that? Yeah. Cause I do. 

That’s exactly how it happened. 

There’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. 

On Violet being Kit’s apprentice - 

Note: verse/idea isn’t mine it’s @elclest‘s and I think @thousandseye‘s but I was having Thoughts because it’s an interesting idea but lmk if you don’t want me to talk about it and I’ll delete this

Dewey never got to be a presence in the lives of the Baudelaires. No matter how much he might have wanted to, he was always a faceless figure who may have aided them as best he could behind the scenes but was never capable of doing enough for them.

So, if Kit became Violet’s mentor? He would take an interest. He wouldn’t get in the way, no, because it’s not his place; he trusts Kit. 

But, he also knows about Kit’s devotion to the cause. And he knows that that devotion, while it’s fine for Kit, might be a little much for a younger apprentice. Just because he loves Kit dearly doesn’t mean he’s blind to her faults. I do think he’d approach Violet at times to make sure she’s okay and just to… remind her, if he can, that there are good points to remaining gentle. That she doesn’t have to be the best volunteer the world has ever seen. She can just be a good one. 

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//xD I was going to do the muse wearing the other’s clothes, but I think that would work better if you sent it to me. Would make that pinup we talked about make sense. :3

A yawn and a groggy Kyrie slowly sat up, giving his ear a scratch.
“Fuuu..I’m sorry, Kit. I’m just dead tired from tonight. My bad.”

The other feline laughed softly and nodded. “Get on to bed then. I’ll wrap things up here so you can, okay?”