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I feel like the pinnacle of shipping a non-canon ship or irl ship is that you no longer care if they are together romantically or not, as long as they are together; it’s fine. For as long as they are by each other’s side and as long as they have their inside jokes and little smiles around each other, it’s fine. 

There is no necessity for a public announcement or whatever, that doesn’t really matter. They are together and that’s what matters.

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Since I'm forever grateful for your "My Big Fat Russian Wedding" headcanons, what are your headcanons for "My Big Fat Japanese Wedding"?

I actually headcanon Yuuri’s family as being rather small, really just Yuuri and Mari and their parents. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a Big Fat Japanese Wedding. There was definitely a Big Fat Japanese Wedding.

The Big Fat Japanese Wedding happens because the entire town of Hasetsu takes it upon themselves to host a huge banquet-style wedding reception for Yuuri and Viktor. They’ve already been legally married, both in Russia and Japan–and had their Traditional Russian Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Courtesy of the Nikiforovs, but the people of Hasetsu (And Yuuri and Viktor for that matter) want nothing more than for the beginning of their lives together to be full of the blending of their cultures.

I’m not saying Surprise Wedding Party…but Surprise Wedding Party.

Yuuri watches his father and Mari carrying pounds upon pounds of fish through the onsen and he’s like “???? um ok” and Hiroko gives a halfassed explanation about a large group being booked for the coming week.

Yuuri is manning the front desk for a few hours and someone calls in asking what time the cake for the reception on Saturday should be delivered.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” says Yuuri, frowning at the schedule. “We don’t have a wedding scheduled this week.”

“Yuuri-kun? Is that you?”

“Yes,” Yuuri mumbles. “Masamune-sempai?” Masamune Kawasaki was a year above him in high school; Masamune-kun’s mother runs a patisserie on the other side of the river; everyone in Hasetsu buys their wedding and birthday cakes from her.


“Who was that?” Viktor asks, because he’s been spending his time lounging in front of the front desk and probably indulging some internal fantasy that he’s seducing the receptionist or something. Yuuri might be married to the man, that doesn’t mean he understands what goes on in his head.

“I think it was my old sempai,” Yuuri mutters, staring with a frown at the phone. “He said it wasn’t him, but it sounded just like him. How strange.”

Mari sends Viktor and Yuuri along on many a fool’s errand. There is an owner of a hardware store in Fukuoka who is still laughing about the time a white-haired foreigner came into his store and with the utmost confidence asked if he stocked left-handed screwdrivers in a heavy Kyushu accent.

The wedding itself is, as expected of a town like Hasetsu, large and noisy and flawlessly executed and literally everyone Yuuri has ever known is there. Even Phichit, who flew on a red eye from Bangkok to be there and even resisted Instagraming the whole thing these are the things I do for you Yuuri.

Secretly, Mama and Papa Katsuki know that their gift to Yuuri and Viktor wasn’t just the party–they have watched their son stress about two different legal wedding ceremonies and a religious ceremony in Russia and know that what he needs is a party he doesn’t have to worry about at all.

Also as a gift to their son, Mama and Papa Katsuki retire from the party early so that Yuuri feels comfortable cutting loose a little. Judging by the fact that Yuuri pitifully asks everyone to whisper the next morning, and that Viktor is wearing one of those flowy scarves to hide his neck, they figure their gift was a success. 

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Would you do a top 5 captain moments? Like of of any of the captains just being generally awesome?

Of course I can my bean! I don’t know if you meant just thing they did or my favorite captains’ interactions…either way, I’m going with the latter because we witnessed some really some iconic meetings indeed

1. “Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.” This whole scene shows how complex the relationship between Oikawa and Ushijima is. I don’t think Ushijima ever wanted to purposefully hurt Oikawa here, I think he said “you chose the wrong path” because he has this perfect idea in his mind of what Oikawa should have done to make his talent bloom. He saw his potential and thought that the only way for him to fully use it was to go to Shiratorizawa. At the same time, it shows how a great captain (the best captain, in my opinion) Oikawa is. His worthless pride made him choose friendship, teamwork and constant improvement over “certain victory”. Aoba Johsai is not Oikawa’s reign, it’s not his failed project. It’s the thing he’s the proudest of. It’s his home

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2. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but good work!”. This interaction between Daichi and Oikawa is just PRICELESS. I actually love the way Oikawa kinda respects Daichi. Even if we saw him being extra sassy with other captains, he takes the time to “compliment” him…and the flash back with Kuroo and Bokuto is another perfect interaction of his own. (how much would I’ve paid to have Oikawa in the summer training camp too tbh)

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p.s. canon even in irl life Haikyuu tbh 

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3. The Summer Training Camp Barbecue, aka “the pushy uncles” gang. RIP Tsukki but “you too Kenma, damn it!!!” will go down in history 

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4. “We won’t lose next time!” And the award for the best fake smile goes to both Kuroo and Daichi! Honestly this is just one but all their interactions are incredible, Kuroo looks like a cat who’s toying with a little bird…he enjoys harrassing him…so much…to much even? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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5. “Don’t be so tense, you guys still have next year!” Speaking of Oikawa being a little shit to other captains, his talk with Futakuchi before the Seijoh vs Dateko match got me on the floor. Futakuchi is all intense but Oikawa offered nothing but his fake smile and cheerfull attitude. That “I know right?” at the very end is the definition of savage. I love him. 

- bonus: Kuroo and Bokuto. Theirs are not simple interactions, they are the perfect picture of a power friendship. OYA OYA OYA! 

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since I have a new url and my style has changed in the while I thought it would be good to update my commission list!!

as always, my commission page (where I update the examples regularly too) is here.

other important info:
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HC's based on true events

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so me and my boyfriend are painfully MitJo on 90% of our days. and in being so, most of what we do in real life, we’ve been like ‘HUH maybe they’d do this or that’ so I wanted to share ~

Mitch is clingy. And when he’s clingy, he’ll tug on Joey’s shirt or whine to get his attention so that he can be clingy and cuddled. Most times, Mitch doesn’t wanna be touched. He’s still self conscious and dealing with his own personal problems, but when he wants it, he wants it and he’s going to let Joey know it. So when Joey does get around to paying attention, Mitch is just ON Joey immediately. Laying all over him with his lanky ass self, his head most of the time on Joey’s chest (“I’m listening to my favorite song right now”), his shoulder, his arm, or his … tum. And most often than not, Mitch just wants Joey to hug him, hold him, or play with his hair.

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ok, I give in. I’m purchasing the Dream Daddy game today. Y'all wanna help me decide who to do first run? It’s between Mat, Brian, and Damien.

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One of my anime-ignorant friends came across a picture of the Sannin I had open on my phone. You already know where this is going, don't you? "That woman with the black hair has amazing eye make up and eyes. What's her name?" 'Orochimaru'. "She's really pretty, but her her cheek bones stand out a lot in an unhealthy way, she should eat more." As IRL, as canon and fanon; I'm 100% certain. Sometimes, just. Life. I didn't even say that Orochi was male because honestly? I have my doubts. 1/2

Might be genderfluid or agender or I-give-no-fucks-about-gender-norms, but I’d totally hesitate before definitively saying Orochi is male and I don’t know if it’s *just* from canon and his male-to-female bodyhopping, his dress, his speech and his entire appearance in Mitsuki’s backstory or if part of it’s from fanon/your stuff in particular. But yeah: Orochimaru. Sex, probably male. Might be female if he wanted to fuck with some minds. Gender: mysterious and undefined. 100% Too Pretty though


I think it’s pretty much canon that Orochimaru is no-fucks-about-gender? I mean, he does insist that Mitsuki call him “parent” even when asked if he’s the mom or dad, and he’s equally comfortable possessing male and female bodies. What exactly that translates to is open to interpretation. 

“lets make headcanons that ‘fix’ the sexism of the sixties" 

or lets not in case they get popular and people new to the fandom confuse your headcanon for irl canon, and instead lets openly talk about the sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the other bigotry ingrained into the show because of the time period and environment it was written in, ya know, like adults.

like, stop fucking ignoring the problems and actively address them. Especially in a show that is ABOUT moving beyond and learning from our bigotry and prejudice, actively criticizing it can help future series or movies also learn from the problems and fix them.


the problem of having a baby-faced inquisitor

- age gaps as far as the eye can see

if ur gonna fall, fall spectacularly *picks Solas*

I’m treating you all to an updated tacky commissions collage because I love you! Get art, help me with my moving fund, everyone wins. :u

♥Humanoid, ✧animal✧, and ✧furry✧ characters are all fine. So are canon characters, OCs, and IRL animals/pets! I’ll work from visual reference and written descriptions!
★All prices are USD, payment accepted through Paypal. Listed prices apply to all character types. I’m happy to draw multiple characters in one piece, including couples- Each additional character will add the base price over again.
♥Find examples of simple backgrounds ✧here✧ and ✧here✧! Simple backgrounds add a flat $12 USD to the piece- If you’re not sure if your idea qualifies as “simple”, I’m happy to talk about it with you. Otherwise, I default to simple gradients and shapes, more or less like the images above. You can give me a color scheme, request a transparent BG, or leave it up to me.
★More is more! There’s no such thing as too much reference. If you have something particular in mind, talk to me about it! I included very basic examples for clarity’s sake, but I’m happy to do more dynamic and complex compositions. Give me a little bit of symbolism to work with and I’ll run with it!
✧Click me✧      ✧Click me✧      ✧Click me✧
♥Extremely detailed armor (Think WoW-level intensity) or additions (ie, a giant intricate bouquet) may be subject to additional charges. Again, if you’re not sure if something qualifies, ask. I’ll handle this on a case by case basis.
★If you’re interested in a ✧monochrome piece✧- IE, grayscale, sepia, etcetera, I’ll take $8 USD off the final price of your piece!
♥ If you have a hard deadline for your piece, let me know when you place your order!
★ If you need your piece cropped to certain proportions (ie, standard framing sizes) let me know when you place your order! Otherwise, I crop to whatever proportions look best. Similarly, if you plan to print your piece at a large size, let me know when you order so I can work in an appropriate resolution! Very high resolutions (for example, poster-sized) may be subject to additional charge. Otherwise, I default to digital viewing resolutions.


Where The Knights Bloom [AU]

‘What was that?’

A little warmth tugged at the back of your mind and beckoned to your heart. It felt like it originated towards the back of the mansion, where the garden was located. The air was crisp and sweet, and the sun showing its’ lazy unwillingness by hanging low in the sky. Its’ warmth was direct and gentle. This gave a nice contrast to the chilly air of the morning, and was probably the reason why a new creature aroused for the first time.

There, towards the very back corner, in a very small plot that was lovingly taken care of, although obviously not as often visited as the other plots, was but a single, old, clay pot. A large one, at that. From the soil peeked something peculiar. It was the visor of a black helm looking up to the sky. When it saw you, it gave a small whimper.

As you reached down to gently touch it, it seemed to strain helplessly in a feeble attempt to nuzzle at your fingertips. It felt cold, and it probably didn’t help that this shivering pot had a shadow casting over it. An old, moss-covered wall was being incredibly rude and blocking the morning sun from ever reaching this… sprout? Again in shivered and pressed against your fingertips. Thankfully it seemed pretty healthy–or at least with the best judgement on how the front of a well-kept helm should look. No scratches, dents, and what looked like a partially buried plume showed a radiant red. Even dew droplets gathered here and there within the delicate designs that were masterly folded–err… grown?… Either way, they looked quite pretty there, until the little thing noticed them.

The next thing you knew it started to wiggle its’ little head against the pressure of the earth around it, and managed to cause the droplets to disappear into the visor’s deep, black holes. The creature paused and the visor wiggled a little. It was happily sipping on the water droplets that dropped on whatever face it might have had in there.

After you took the time to pull the pot into the sun, it seemed like the wee thing instantly calmed from its’ shivering. You could see it do the universal getting-into-my-cozy-position wiggle before falling into a sleep.

Quietly, you lift yourself from a knelt position and retreated back into the mansion to let it rest. From there, you returned back to the small vault of books you have been often visiting for the last few months. After all, it took a lot of studying to learn how your family of ancient origin grew and polished their own knights. A curious hobby to be sure, and a unique one at that, but these home grown creatures of plated metal proved to be incredibly loyal to their caretakers and incredibly fierce against their caretaker’s rivals. Slave Knights, as your family as often referred to them.


Time passed, and many times has your faithful little knight been made to transfer into a larger pot, until eventually it graduated to be planted directly into the ground. Feeding off of the nutrients of the ground that surround it, the love nature gave to it from above, and especially the love, affection, and even the blood you released from your fingertips and wrists, it grew to be large and craving to be in your presence whenever possible. Not your attention, however. Oh no, it knew your attention was far too precious for it to ever try to hog it for its’ own. It merely wanted to be forever at your side.

It came time when this Slave Knight seemed about ready to stand above ground. By now, it protruded out of the ground by the shoulders up, although its’ shoulders was tangled in its’ own roots and vines.

With the help of your manservants, the knight was dug up, all the small roots and other protruding plants removed from his body, and his armour cleaned and polished into a splendid shine. However, the poor thing was stuck in a kneeling position before you. Judging by how he flinched and wavered, not only was he embarrassed, but he was also trying his very best to raise himself to his feet for the first time. After all, he had never used most of his body’s muscles before. 

Eventually he managed, although he shifted and shook in his unbalanced ness.

 You ask, “He, suddenly?” Well. He’s out of the ground. Do you really need to ask?

Shakily, he lifted an arm towards you. It rose to gently touch and brush your cheek. Rather forward, yes, but it was customary for them to do this. You see, the way they perceive the world is completely different from us with eyes. He, on the other hand, knew only of your voice and your hands. This was the best way for his mind to fashion a face to go with that voice.

After a moment or so, the knight lowered himself to one knee before you. Quietly, he stayed there with his head bent down. Unknown to you, he was filled with joy and happiness to finally be at your side. If he were able to shed tears, he would certainly be doing so right now.

“I… I-am… here… for you, my Master.”

With a simple smile you brought your hands together. A ring on one hand’s thumb was fashioned into the shape of a claw, which you let dig into the palm of your other hand. Bending over, you presented your now slightly pooling hand before him, which he eagerly, although politely, took into his own hands and lapped at your sweet blood there.