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since I have a new url and my style has changed in the while I thought it would be good to update my commission list!!

as always, my commission page (where I update the examples regularly too) is here.

other important info:
the prices are listed in u.s. dollar
> files are sent via email/discord/skype/rly whatever
> I’ll give you the commission/upload it when I Receive the payment
things I can draw:
Ocs || Canon Characters || IRL people || Furries
Gore || Body horror || PDA stuff
things I can’t/won’t draw:

if the thing you have in mind isn’t listed above,
or if you are interested in a commission
send me an ask or message me in the IM-chat!!

reblogs are appreciated!!

“lets make headcanons that ‘fix’ the sexism of the sixties" 

or lets not in case they get popular and people new to the fandom confuse your headcanon for irl canon, and instead lets openly talk about the sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the other bigotry ingrained into the show because of the time period and environment it was written in, ya know, like adults.

like, stop fucking ignoring the problems and actively address them. Especially in a show that is ABOUT moving beyond and learning from our bigotry and prejudice, actively criticizing it can help future series or movies also learn from the problems and fix them.

I’m treating you all to an updated tacky commissions collage because I love you! Get art, help me with my moving fund, everyone wins. :u

♥Humanoid, ✧animal✧, and ✧furry✧ characters are all fine. So are canon characters, OCs, and IRL animals/pets! I’ll work from visual reference and written descriptions!
★All prices are USD, payment accepted through Paypal. Listed prices apply to all character types. I’m happy to draw multiple characters in one piece, including couples- Each additional character will add the base price over again.
♥Find examples of simple backgrounds ✧here✧ and ✧here✧! Simple backgrounds add a flat $12 USD to the piece- If you’re not sure if your idea qualifies as “simple”, I’m happy to talk about it with you. Otherwise, I default to simple gradients and shapes, more or less like the images above. You can give me a color scheme, request a transparent BG, or leave it up to me.
★More is more! There’s no such thing as too much reference. If you have something particular in mind, talk to me about it! I included very basic examples for clarity’s sake, but I’m happy to do more dynamic and complex compositions. Give me a little bit of symbolism to work with and I’ll run with it!
✧Click me✧      ✧Click me✧      ✧Click me✧
♥Extremely detailed armor (Think WoW-level intensity) or additions (ie, a giant intricate bouquet) may be subject to additional charges. Again, if you’re not sure if something qualifies, ask. I’ll handle this on a case by case basis.
★If you’re interested in a ✧monochrome piece✧- IE, grayscale, sepia, etcetera, I’ll take $8 USD off the final price of your piece!
♥ If you have a hard deadline for your piece, let me know when you place your order!
★ If you need your piece cropped to certain proportions (ie, standard framing sizes) let me know when you place your order! Otherwise, I crop to whatever proportions look best. Similarly, if you plan to print your piece at a large size, let me know when you order so I can work in an appropriate resolution! Very high resolutions (for example, poster-sized) may be subject to additional charge. Otherwise, I default to digital viewing resolutions.


i’m doing faux-traditional “pencil” sketches for $15 again too! click me!

Aesthetic for a non-canon SHSL Crime Novelist who was proud of his parents, Takumi Hijirihara and Shuuji Fujigawa, being former serial killers with quotes, books and weapons in greyscale with some red! - Mod Ibuki!

my #1 problem with all cp fancasts: not muscly enough!!! none of these boys could play hockey. where are the beefy arms. the broad shoulders. does it even matter if the jack fancast is a dreamboat if he couldn’t literally lift shitty up and throw him on his bed?? hM??

repost , don’t reblog !  take the quiz here.

you are 32% slytherin, 26% gryffindor, 24% ravenclaw, and 18% hufflepuff!

you are relentless in your pursuit of success, making you a perfect fit for slytherin, but your willingness to take risks makes you somewhat compatible with the typical traits of gryffindor house. people who don’t know you well are often intimidated by your reserved demeanour, and you have very few close friends. you are loyal to few, and definitely prioritise personal success over close relationships.

your slight compatibility with ravenclaw house hints at an appreciation for knowledge and wisdom, though they are not priorities for you.

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Stimboard for a non-canon empress with black and red themes!

Aaa I hope this will suffice! I was going through making it and I realized I wasn’t 100% sure if this is what you meant by weapons, but if you need me to change anything please let me know! This was really fun though, and I hope you enjoy it!

-Mod Tamaki