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do you think ashrel and roiben would ever meet?

They do, actually!

In my canon worldstate Ashrel hunts Roiben down post-Trespasser, aiming to enlist his help in killing Solas. They end up a bit more than two people working towards a common goal, as you can see.

She is so in love

Jorah: “I’ll venture beyond the Wall!”
Dany: “Safe travels.”
Jon: “I’ll lead the expedition.”
Dany: *triggered* “I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LEAVE (me) !!”

"... Thank you, Mr Spock."

Mccoy: *gives cup to the pretty woman he’s trying to woo*
Spock: *gives cup to Jim*



Canon Boris: I’ll let you leave if I can have some soup, my dude.

list of reasons i find mihawk ridiculous

- he’s named Dracule and im p sure like half his personality is vampire aesthetic

- his name’s “hawk eyes” mihawk like he couldn’t emphasize HAWK enough

- sails all manner of dangerous seas in a coffin-shaped (and sized) boat to fit the vampire aesthetic

- the boats like literally just a chair in a coffin. there’s no oars or sails. how’s he steer? he just sit there and hope for the best? he’s got nowhere to store food for long journeys. how’s he even use that boat?

- lives alone on a scary island in a castle surrounded by blood thirsty monkeys, almost definitely to fit the vampire aesthetic

- i’m p sure it’s like eternally cloudy there or smth. whole place is surrounded by ruined towns and creepy forests and no other people. what’s he even do out there? i bet he’s reading cheesy vampire novels.

- leaves home for a while, returns to find two people he barely knows have taken up residence in his absence, barely cares

- one of the two people who took up residence in Mihawk’s castle is a guy who’s life mission is to beat Mihawk, he just lets the guy stay

- guy’s got like no friends. the closest he’s got to friends is like. Perona and Zoro who just kinda showed up at his house and Shanks who he mostly seems to like. tolerate

- he seems to find the concept of friendship scary as he’s got a quote where he says he finds Luffy’s ability to easily make friends to be terrifying. mihawk wtf

- chased down a pirate armada across two seas to destroy it just because he’s bored

- carries around two weapons, one being a big black sword the size of him and the other being a butterknife-sized version of that sword which he fights others with JUST bc he can to show off

- “you don’t need a canon to hunt rabbits” and you don’t need to be this over-the-top but here we are

- the butter knife is usually stored as a cross-shaped necklace, definitely to fit the vampire aesthetic

- fights a dude with the butter knife of death, and after deciding he likes the guy during the fight, does the guy the honor of finishing him off via cutting him the fuck in half with the giant sword

- i don’t have a way to end this list and im probably missing something but i’d like to say i love dracule mihawk

(thank you to @ayotofu for assistance on this list)

Is Bed Sharing Altruistic?

Part One of the Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt

In a rare twist of fate, Castiel was actually in the same vicinity as the Winchesters when another mass hunter’s gathering was announced. Evidently other hunters had no problem with networking. According to Mary, the gatherings happened at least once a month, with plenty of hunting tips, advice for hospitals that would look the other way with injuries and, more importantly, plenty of free beer.

While Dean still preferred to keep his distance, Sam rather enjoyed the few gatherings they’d manage to attend. In part because the guy geeked out over any transfer of knowledge, and in part because a certain Eileen was often present as well.

“Besides,” Sam argued as he packed his duffel, “It would be nice for other people to meet Cas for a change, being an angel and all.”

Dean glared. Sam had a good point. “Fine,” he muttered, before turning to Cas, who merely watched their conversation with confusion, “But we’re going to get you in some new clothes before we go.”

“Why?” Castiel tilted his head, protectively brushing his white and blue striped tie.

“Cuz we want you to come off as relatable,” Dean rolled his eyes, “And you aren’t doin’ that looking like an accountant. So.” He gestured vaguely with his hands in an attempt to make his point.

Castiel opened and closed his mouth, trying to come up with something to say before meekly poking his head into Sam’s closet instead. Sam chuckled, setting down a shirt he was folding. “You’ll have better luck wearing Dean’s stuff.”

With a very serious expression, Castiel emerged from the closet with a nod and wordlessly made his way into Dean’s room.

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steve is the tallest and the lankiest of the trio but he doesnt give any shits and still likes to lay across the other twos laps nd shit just bc he can like “hi pay attention to me i love you” and ofc this only invites the other two to fuck up his hair nd shit but he still doesnt care bc he do love them

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Can you imagine Alec buying Magnus flowers? Not knowing how many to get or what kind so just being like fuck it, and buying like 4 bouquets so that when he walks into Magnus' loft he's completely hidden behind them. Magnus deciding they need to be preserved and using magic to prevent them wilting not realising Alec will just keep buying them bc now he knows Magnus likes them - their loft now has more flowers than most florists.

okay but like. this is definitely a thing that happens??? because not only does magnus love them every single time but arguably alec actually loves them even more?? you’re not allowed to have flowers or plants at the institute unless they’re useful and medicinal herbs aren’t always the prettiest, but alec would still spend hours in the greenhouse helping to cultivate them, loving the process of watching something new and good sprout from the earth. but mundane flowers? big and colorful and sweet-smelling and grown for no other purpose than to brighten someone’s day, to add a bit of color and life to someone’s home?? you bet your ass he brings magnus flowers every single day and when he finally moves into the loft he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he sees on the dresser across the room are the flowers he bought for their first date, perfectly preserved by magnus’s magic (what a sap) and for the first time in a long time alec knows he’s really home

How can anyone expect me to ship Call and Tamara when Aaron and Call have all the lines, the moments, the dynamics, the chemistry and the settings that literally destroy me, maim me, shatter me. They’re just so shippable and I’m a sucker for their type of relationship, plus they are the embodiment of many tropes that I love aksddhjsksjdhjks.

But I just know that Callmara is going to be endgame and Calron will remain as one of my unrealized OTP’s. *SCREAMS INTO THE VOID*


me: i love all damens equally

@wrathofthebitchqueen: *gives damen cool tattoos and c l a w s c a r s*

me, sweating: some damens,,,,,, are more equal than others

Everything Will Be Fine

Hey guys! So, here’s a little one-shot about “What if Amelia opened the door in the last scene?” and joined with this prompt here. It’s very small compared to the other ones I wrote, but I didn’t want to drag it that much, I wanted to go straight to “the talk” we want so much. So anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please give me your feedback :)

Owen sighed. He felt tired. Tired of searching, tired of waiting. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. Again. And just like the last time, there was nothing he could do about it.

After knocking on the door one last time, he slowly shook his head in disappointment and turned to leave, catching a glimpse of Stephanie Edwards standing on the other end of the hallway. But, before he could take a step further, Owen heard the door being unlocked behind him.

“Hi.” He heard her soft voice behind his back, stopping him on his tracks. It had been such a long time since he last heard that sound, that his heart skipped a beat in response.

Turning to look at her, Owen saw Amelia standing on the doorway with an exhausted and defeated look on her face.

“Hi.” He replied, but didn’t move an inch, not knowing what else to do.

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So dude-babe! I know you wanted pain but I have a funny malec headcanon for you first. Another game like their phone name one is the one where Magnus will magically poof Alec's shirt off. It started small where Alec would be getting dressed and just as he shirt comes on Magnus poofs it off. First he'd just take it and play keep away. Then he started moving it around the loft. It's escalated a bit. Alec has to be creative if he wants to get dressed and leave home on time now.

“Magnus, I have to go,” Alec says with a sigh, though he can feel the smile that’s threatening to betray him.

“Oh no,” Magnus says, voice dropping in faux concern as Alec emerges from the bedroom. “You seem to have lost your shirt.”

“Funny,” Alec deadpans, “because I could’ve sworn I just put it on.”

Magnus closes the distance between them and places a hand on Alec’s chest, still wearing his faux frown.

“Sounds like we may have a poltergeist,“ Magnus says. His hand traces subtle patterns where it rests over Alec’s heart. Alec doesn’t miss Magnus’s split second smirk when he feels it pick up under his touch.

Alec rolls his eyes and moves his own hand up to cover Magnus’s.

“I have to be to the institute in twenty minutes,” he says firmly.

“Then you should probably get dressed,” Magnus replies with an innocent smile.

Alec rolls his eyes again, but can’t help pressing a kiss to Magnus’s palm before he drops his hand to head back into the bedroom.

He grabs another t-shirt out of his drawer in Magnus’s dresser and has just barely pulled it over his head when it too disappears in a crackle of blue magic.