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Is Bed Sharing Altruistic?

Part One of the Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt

In a rare twist of fate, Castiel was actually in the same vicinity as the Winchesters when another mass hunter’s gathering was announced. Evidently other hunters had no problem with networking. According to Mary, the gatherings happened at least once a month, with plenty of hunting tips, advice for hospitals that would look the other way with injuries and, more importantly, plenty of free beer.

While Dean still preferred to keep his distance, Sam rather enjoyed the few gatherings they’d manage to attend. In part because the guy geeked out over any transfer of knowledge, and in part because a certain Eileen was often present as well.

“Besides,” Sam argued as he packed his duffel, “It would be nice for other people to meet Cas for a change, being an angel and all.”

Dean glared. Sam had a good point. “Fine,” he muttered, before turning to Cas, who merely watched their conversation with confusion, “But we’re going to get you in some new clothes before we go.”

“Why?” Castiel tilted his head, protectively brushing his white and blue striped tie.

“Cuz we want you to come off as relatable,” Dean rolled his eyes, “And you aren’t doin’ that looking like an accountant. So.” He gestured vaguely with his hands in an attempt to make his point.

Castiel opened and closed his mouth, trying to come up with something to say before meekly poking his head into Sam’s closet instead. Sam chuckled, setting down a shirt he was folding. “You’ll have better luck wearing Dean’s stuff.”

With a very serious expression, Castiel emerged from the closet with a nod and wordlessly made his way into Dean’s room.

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steve is the tallest and the lankiest of the trio but he doesnt give any shits and still likes to lay across the other twos laps nd shit just bc he can like “hi pay attention to me i love you” and ofc this only invites the other two to fuck up his hair nd shit but he still doesnt care bc he do love them

Everything Will Be Fine

Hey guys! So, here’s a little one-shot about “What if Amelia opened the door in the last scene?” and joined with this prompt here. It’s very small compared to the other ones I wrote, but I didn’t want to drag it that much, I wanted to go straight to “the talk” we want so much. So anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please give me your feedback :)

Owen sighed. He felt tired. Tired of searching, tired of waiting. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. Again. And just like the last time, there was nothing he could do about it.

After knocking on the door one last time, he slowly shook his head in disappointment and turned to leave, catching a glimpse of Stephanie Edwards standing on the other end of the hallway. But, before he could take a step further, Owen heard the door being unlocked behind him.

“Hi.” He heard her soft voice behind his back, stopping him on his tracks. It had been such a long time since he last heard that sound, that his heart skipped a beat in response.

Turning to look at her, Owen saw Amelia standing on the doorway with an exhausted and defeated look on her face.

“Hi.” He replied, but didn’t move an inch, not knowing what else to do.

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How the Stydia scene should have happened

“Remember I love you”

She nods, she will remember. She will, of course she will. This is Stiles. The boy that saved her, the boy that cared, still cares. The boy that unconditionally loves her, even after all the trials and tribulations.
He leaned in, wanting to feel her lips on his for one more time. One last time. She leans in too, wanting to remember his scent, the smell of his hair, the product he uses to wash his flannels, wanting to memerise the colour of his eyes, even in the dark car.
Just as his lips graze hers, his warm breathe condensating on her mouth, a gush of wind knocks the door on his side open. Lydia gasps, eyes wide and full of terror as she sees the boy - the boy she loves, be taken by something invisible. The door slams shut. Silence, deadly silence follows. Not even his car makes an odd sound, like it ususally does. 
Her cold fingers rub against her lips, tears dripping on them. 

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is starclan punishing forbidden lovers' kits a canon thing?? i hunted through the wikipedias but i couldn't find any mention of it, but i was curious ^^;

NO lol there was just an anon who was talking about how it was a recurring theme in warriors that the mother/kits suffer but the father is usually fine

like yellowfang has her 2 kits stillborn and then gives rise to brokenstar & his legacy and then has to kill brokenstar herself

mapleshade’s 3 kits all drowned and she was cast out completely even though her mate continued on with his life and no consequences happened to him

bluestar had to give up her kits and mosskit froze to death and she had to watch them grow up in another clan

silverstream died for no reason whatsoever 

leafpool’s kits hated her and she lost her medicine cat status 

like it’s a recurring theme that starclan (or the erins cough) seems to punish she-cats for having kits outside their clan, even though they don’t punish the fathers at all

omg ew i just saw my first magnus slut-shame post for the 17,000 lovers thing and i want to punch someone tbh. it does not matter how many people magnus has slept with and it absolutely has no bearing on whether he is a good person, is worthy of alec (yikes), etc. please. i’m so tired

(and okay, not to take away AT ALL from that first point but also..)

maybe consider: magnus is a huge liar??? like let’s be real his reaction to the potential for heartbreak is to go cold and sarcastic and he can build walls like nobody’s business. so how much of a leap is it that he saw the trajectory of their conversation and warning bells immediately went off in his head and he’s sitting there thinking ‘well if this is going to be what ends it then fine. i’ll give him a fucking number’ like?

worst of all he thinks he’s right all the way up until the moment that alec turns around and surprises him again. and i’m just? his voice gets so soft in that moment i can’t handle it

tl;dr - alec doesn’t care about magnus’s ‘number’ and neither should you

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Halo 2's cover art was made canon by Hunt The Truth though, as there was a whole section dedicated to how Ben took that photo and then ONI cropped it and edited out all of the bad stuff to make it propaganda.

I hear Ben actually took the pictures of chief in every single halo cover art somehow, he’s known as “the silent photographer”

My mom:Mary Winchester
  • Dean: Cas this is mom,Mary.
  • Cas: Nice to meet you,ma'am.
  • Mary: I should check is there anything to eat.
  • Cas and Dean start to talk not knowing that Mary hears them in the other room.
  • *Cas hugs Dean*
  • Dean: Put that thing back in,my mom is here.

canon: kylo ren hunted rey down, knocked her out, strapped her down, invaded her mind against her will (in an act that jj abrams refered to as a kind of mind rape), killed her father figure in front of her, severely injured her best friend in front of her, and tried to kill her

reylos: omg its not abuse bc they weren’t in a relationship uwu!! he carried her bridal style so that means that it’s true love uwu!!

Fourth Time’s a Charm

Hey guys! So, guess what? Me and my good friend @jordan202 have decided to do a fic collab! We wrote it together and this is what came out. Really hope you like it and please, let us know what you think!
The fic takes place right after Omelia’s last scene in 13x04.

Amelia held Owen close with her head nuzzled in the crook of his neck as she slowly breathed in and out, her heartbeat decreasing it’s pace, calming down after their heartfelt conversation.

Relief was Amelia’s most evident emotion in that moment. After opening up to Owen about Ryan and hearing him talk about his dark times too, she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. They hadn’t realized before, but now they were finally ready to trust each other fully and tell each other anything, clearly more intimate than they’ve ever been.

Staying in silence for a few minutes, the couple just enjoyed each other’s touches. Amelia kept caressing his hair and Owen stroked her back before he kissed her neck and backed away a bit to look her in the eyes, smiling as he admired every little detail on his wife’s face.

“So, how do you think our kids will be?” Amelia asked, lovingly stroking Owen’s cheek.

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