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apparently, in addition being a dinosaur enthusiast, tsukki’s also a fish nerd and he is absolutely 100% embarrassed af about it (as he should be, the nerd)



Tsukki trying to be subtle about his feelings


in which Yamaguchi receives his first confession letter from a girl and tells Tsukishima he plans to accept the confession, but Tsukishima subtly tries to suggest another option.

I’m kinda pissed they cut off in the anime the fact that Shirabu studied so damn hard to get into Shiratorizawa for Ushijima’s sake even though his grades were already okay. Because he didn’t get a scholarship he had to struggle even harder to get into Shiratorizawa FOR USHIJIMA. Also the fact that Shirabu changed his assertive playing style just to match Ushijima and make sure people only noticed Ushijima. Like man that made me really fall in love with Shirabu and UshiShira.

lbr tsukishima is that kid that’ll drop some real depressing and worrying shit at a really late night practice session and then the next day be like *shoving feelings into The Pit* “SO that happened…. haha… bite my ass king… noTHING is wrong everything is fINE… ooh look nishinoya-san is doing something again gonna checkitoutbye.”


I’m sorry but could we treasure this moment? Hinata being terrified about serving because he knows he sucks and it’s an important point and Kags…damn Kags gives him back his confidence, reassuring him with a little gesture that Hinata immediately understands. Look at Hinata’s face, from “I’m going to fuck up” to “It’s going in for sure.” I don’t know why, but in Kageyama’s gesture I read “Until I’m here, you’re invincible” and it seems that Hinata reads it too. And he trusts Kageyama about it, he always does.