canon fd 35mm f2

Does anyone have a Canon FD 35mm F2 lens that they’re trying to sell or trade? I shoot with a 28mm and a 50mm but I always find myself switching back and forth between the two. I think shooting with a Canon FD 35mm F2 would suit me perfect but I can’t seem to find one anywhere in the L.A area. If anyone has one PLEASE hit me up. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.


Creative Torment by Marco Antonio Sariñana
Via Flickr:
To all of the creatives I’ve met and to those I’ve yet to meet……..Sometimes life kicks our ass, or at least we think it does because it feels that way. Sometimes there truly are “bad” things that haunt us but in my life, I find that many times when I feel an intense pain, it’s because there is something beautiful that can only manifest itself through my expression…… it’s trapped by my insecurities or unwillingness to change and committ. The longer I neglect to express it, the more it torments me until I give it release by acting upon my intuition. While my skills are not what that creativity requires of me, for the first time in my life I’m hopeful. I’m also really grateful for the creative and beautiful souls I’m encoutering in my life. I thank you for the kidness you’ve shown me…. Your commitment to growth inspires me.