canon eos xs

Anyone interested in buying a Canon EOS XS SLR camera?

I’ll include an 18-55mm lens, lens cap, camera strap, a 4 GB memory card, the Canon battery pack and the battery wall charger…. Everything I got when I bought it.

I’ve only used it to take about 200 pictures since I got it like two years back, and I really just don’t ever use it anymore. It’s in perfect condition, and I can show you some pictures I have taken with it, if that helps.

Price is negotiable. Send me a message if you’re interested.

may consider shipping outside of the US. Let’s talk about it.


I have been listening to HAIM all week and of course the new Pharrell album which is incredible (you can listen to the whole album on iTunes radio, totally suggest you to listen to it because I am hooked). 

I honestly don’t remember which event or where I was going when I wore this outfit but I found it in my camera and I thought I should post it!

I have an old Canon EOS Rebel XS camera I got when Circuit City was closing for an extremely cheap price and decided it was time to use it for my style post. 

Outfit: Blouse & embroidered Boots from Forever21, Necklace from BONDHARDWARE, leather pants from H&M.