canon emotionally


outside the surveillance room
pidge: what the heckie
hunk: are they stalking on them or something
coran: ah, the best way to bond

based on one of the headcanons in !!

Anatole: a married man who is implied in the book to abuse his own sister sexually and emotionally and canonically harasses and takes advantage of an impressionable young girl while lying to her and manipulating her the entire time before trying to kidnap her and then abandons her completely after ruining her, driving her to attempt suicide

Y'all: but he play violin

taako ships: a ranking from worst 2 best
  • taako/sazed: dreadful. awful. honestly, why would you even? why would you do that? don’t do that. hey. don’t do that. this has been a psa
  • taako/magic brian: maybe, if magic brian wasn’t such a JERK!!
  • taako/jenkins: i mean like………whatever floats your boat i guess?
  • taako/vogue elf guy: true neutral. not enough canon material to support or derail it. taako just digs that wonderland aesthetic 
  • taako/lucas: canon onesided horniness has to count for something
  • taako/magnus: good, but travis said magnus doesn’t want a relationship due to his past and also views taako and merle as brothers. taako n magnus are more like…..bro dudes who say the other has a nice ass sometimes, and that’s ideal
  • taako/klarg: pretty good, but since klarg is under a charm spell it’s not consensual at the moment. good as “klarg having a crush on taako and taako being super awkward about it” tho
  • taako/kravitz. perfect. good. pure. wholesome. the ultimate. the One True. healthy. non fetishized mlm. emotionally supportive. canon date. canon mutual feelings. canon tentacles. what more could you want in a ship, honestly

Not to ruin anybody’s fun but I don’t know where y'all are getting that Nursey is like, emotionally expressive? Canonically the only time he shows emotion is when he’s angry or excited about something. I don’t think he would ever talk about his crush with anyone, and if he did it would be Shitty because they’ve known each other the longest

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I'm so ready to punch Yoshihime oh my god pls let me fight this woman or take away her status just something pls

okay u don’t wanna get me into this fam like i have So Much Salt about the way this damn game handles the yoshihime situation

not only do you have terumune telling his son in his dying words to take care of his wife even though yoshihime has been canon emotionally abusing (and I think implied physical–don’t quote me on that, but I also wouldn’t be surprised lmfao) masamune his whole life, you then have MC who keeps encouraging him to “reconcile” with his mother. why are we writing a story about forgiving/accepting/going back to your abusers??? fuck off I don’t want to see anymore yoshihime unless it’s masamune denouncing her somehow I’m done lmfao

tl;dr stop making masamune go back to his abuser he doesn’t owe yoshihime shit

talk about a blessed image thanks u guys,,

ok like? i care for isabel and i want her 2 have feelings so here are some of my top Sad Isabel Feelings

  • isabel has scars on her stomach from the dog attack. she claims they dont bother her, and usually they don’t, but every once in a while they burn and are a constant reinforced reminder of a time she wasn’t strong enough
  • sometimes during private practice sessions she pushes herself too hard out of spite. spite for who? she doesnt care
  • grandpa associates negative emotions with weakness, and as a result she has serious trouble processing how she feels
  • numb 2 herself and trying to be tough so that she doesnt really? have insight to her own emotions
  • sometimes after argument sessions w grandpa she goes up to her room and punches a pillow and bites her hands
  • eightfold was her only real outlet for advice but guess who isnt around anymore
  • this isnt even a hc isabels canonically emotionally abused by her grandpa what the fuck
  • can isabel have someone who loves& cares abt her honestly

edit: forgot 1 

  • bc of grandpa she lowkey thinks violence keeps ppl in line but she secretly wants to fight him bit is afraid that hell turn on her like he does w spirits

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how is L x Light abusive?

Okay, I’d just like to draw a distinction here.

LxLight as a fandom pairing does not necessarily have to be abusive. There are many writers out thee who evolve their relationship past what it is in canon and take it into more positive territory. There are other authors who prefer the hateship dynamic and keep things abusive. One way or another, there is nothing wrong with liking the ship and I think characterizing it as purely an abusive ship is just not really fair. 

Separate from the fandom pairing of LxLight is how Light and L interact in canon. In the manga, their relationship is based around wanting to see the other dead. People can try to sugarcoat this all they like, but that is their goal at the end of the day. In order to achieve this goal, both L and Light do incredibly abusive things to one another – lying and manipulating each other barely touches the surface of it. L repeatedly violates Light’s personal rights by invading his privacy, detaining him without legal consel, denies him due process, psychologically tortures him to try and extract a confession from him through a combination of solitary confinement and daily interrogations, manipulates his dad to shoot him in the head in a fake execution, and then continues to have his freedoms restricted without any recourse to the law. In retaliation, Light punches L in the face on two separate occasions out of complete frustration with how he’s being treated. 

L and Light’s canon relationship is incredibly emotionally and occasionally even physically abusive. 

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mom lalonde was emotionally neglectful yes, but because she's an addict? and you're willingness to throw her under the bus instead of saying yes, in an alternate universe dirk was a violent child abuser, says a lot about what you think of addicts and women, and is kind of abuse apologism. its ok to like a character but seriously? no one is demonizing dirk. no one is saying hes the worst character ever. but you are so defense & such an ass about it. fucking ridiculous

I don’t think this hostility is at all merited, but sure, let’s go.

Mom Lalonde is canonically emotionally neglectful, yes. Glad you agree. In another universe, Dirk was obviously a violent child abuser. I don’t think I’ve ever indicated otherwise. I despise Bro Strider and I am glad he’s dead so Dave can move on as a person. The idea you have that I’m somehow erasing Bro’s crimes is absurd. 

My point is that Dirk gets burdened with Bro’s crimes (it used to be quite common to pass around the book 3 quote about Bro being abusive as proof that Dirk abused Jake) but if anything, Mom has had the opposite treatment.

Thankfully I think this is dying off, but you still see a lot of art where Mom is trying her best to connect with Rose and Rose just refuses to give her the time of day! Stuff where Mom is genuine and sweet instead of sort of passive aggressive (and yes, Mom is passive aggressive, and yes, Roxy is hella passive aggressive at her worst moments). Where the war between them was all in Rose’s head and Mom never intended any of it. 

Views on that are varied, but I don’t think it’s misogynist or abuse apologist to express that I wish Mom’s neglect and abuse got the same attention from fandom instead of being waved off because Roxy is usually a kind and generous person. Dirk is usually a bit overbearing, but he fiercely loves his friends and outright gives his life to save them in a gambit he’s not even sure will work. Yet people don’t decide that Bro was a saint who just wanted to help Dave and loved him – and as well they shouldn’t! That’d be fucking horrifying! 

But there’s a bit of benevolent misogyny at work in refusal to admit that a female character might have also been fucked up, instead treating her alcoholism and emotional neglect as “she did her best” and deciding that her daughter made up the passive-aggression all on her own and just didn’t understand. How isn’t that angle worrying to you?

My point isn’t “Bro is blameless” or even “Dirk could never do what Bro did.” Dirk could. His capability for shittiness makes his struggle to be good all the more meaningful. In the end, Dirk isn’t Bro, and that’s what counts. But shouldn’t we also hold this true for Roxy? Roxy overcomes her addiction and puts her passive aggressive tendencies and need for others to vindicate her by letting her help aside. Roxy grows as a person. That’s good. That’s wonderful. Erasing that Mom was an addict who was definitely at least a little paggro (the bronzed vacuum? the pillow? even if you think everything else was sincere, that stuff is over the top) erases how meaningful it is that Roxy overcame those struggles. 

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Future Rivals Victuuri is so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm sure Hailey will love it as much as the rest of us do!

Funnily enough, that was actually a canon verse ficlet. I know it’s strange to see me writing anything that isn’t Rivals but I wanted to do some canon stuff for a change. Although Rivals!Viktuuri get to pretty much exactly the same place emotionally as Canon!Viktuuri so you can take it as either 

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Something kind of following "an act of kindness" where Credence feels guilty that Newt doesn't want anything in return for all he's done and is doing for him. Credence gets kinda angsty and upset bc he can't believe anyone would do anything for him without wanting something back.

Credence was raised to help.

It was one of the only things he nearly enjoyed doing. Nearly. When he was making soup for the orphans, helping mend their clothes, soothing the ones who cried after Mary Lou’s sermons, that was when he felt some level of peace. Even when he was tasked with handing out flyers, or picking more up from the printers, he had his time to wander the city on his own.

He helps, he looks after things. This was the payment for the debt he had owed Mary Lou for taking him in.

Now, Credence knows he owed her nothing. Nothing but pain and fear. He understands that.

But he owes Newt. He understands that too.

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psst "parse is abusive" is like your opinion man (from an abuse survivor), people love enemies to lovers ships, Bitty originally had a whole list of reasons to hate Jack that he talked about with his blog and fun ships are gonna ship

it’s not an opinion it’s like… his role as a character in this comic

this isnt enemies to lovers its strangers to weird forced likely fetishization-based relationship where ½ is a canonical antagonist and emotionally manipulative person 

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Howdy! 1, 7, 9, 19 for Dragon Age? :D

Ahaha, you asked all the golden ticket questions. It’s no secret that I am extremely vocal about my controversial DA opinions, so here you go.

1. What OTPs in your fandom do you just not get?

Fenders, Fenhanders, and Handers.

Handers is canonically emotionally abusive and makes me so uncomfortable that I can’t even bear to watch the full romance on YouTube, let alone attempt to play it, and f!Handers is even worse with Anders’s misogyny mixed in.

And Fenders (and by extension Fenhanders or any other poly ship involving both Fenris and Anders) is even more abusive. Anders doesn’t think of Fenris as an actual person and continually dehumanizes and antagonizes him throughout the game. There is no possible way to get around this fact for any kind of healthy relationship,  and I have zero interest in any ship that toxic. Fenris has already spent too much of his life being treated as less than a person, and he absolutely does not need that from anyone else, let alone a significant other.

I also really dislike Solavellan, but it doesn’t send me into quite the same amount of seething rage as Fenders, Fenhanders, and Handers do.

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with mage!Hawke/Fenris. There are too many fan works where mage!Hawke doesn’t have any respect for Fenris’s boundaries, fears, and consent regarding magic (and anything where mage!Hawke talks down to Fenris in favor of supporting Anders infuriates me). I think it’s a difficult dynamic to pull off, and at this point there are only three people’s mage!Hawke/Fenris works I’m alright with reading.

I also have come to dislike blue!Hawke a lot, especially anything where blue!Hawke is also Pro-Mage. Give me a red Pro-Templar Hawke any day.

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

Well, this should come as a surprise to no-one, but I have never hated any character as much as I hate Anders. He is abusive, racist, sexist, misogynist, manipulative, arrogant, self-obsessed, antagonistic, degrading, rude, a murderer, a terrorist, and he sexually harasses multiple female characters as well as Sebastian. There is absolutely nothing likable about him. There is nothing defensible about him. I probably have a whole book’s worth of posts about why I hate him at this point, tbh.  I completely despise Anders.

I also really dislike Solas (lying, manipulative, racist, condescending, genocidal asshole) and Orsino (furthered the research of Quentin and admired his techniques in mutilating kidnapped and murdered women; pushed Meredith further and further to extremism by encouraging this kind of blood magic while going on and on that any blood magic was just paranoia on Meredith’s part, and while she was becoming increasingly paranoid from the red lyrium, Orsino certainly wasn’t helping matters).

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

I have to narrow it down to one? In this, the most toxic fandom I have ever encountered in all my years?

I absolutely hate how this fandom pushes a One True Narrative and harasses anyone who makes decisions or characters which don’t match up to this One And Only Canon Which Isn’t At All Like The Canon Of The Games Because Anything They Don’t Like Is Just Bad Writing. Like how Hawke can only be a purple Andy Dwyer-type idiot pro-mage mage who hates Cullen and thinks it’s just so funny when Anders argues with Fenris. No. I fucking hate that. Yes, I play with default appearance m!Hawke, but he is so far from Fandom Hawke ™. And I really, really hate this expectation that everyone HAS to side with the mages in all three games.

Thank you so much for the asks!

Salty Asks

but real talk i feel really sad for karamels…the way they defend mon-el: a canon disrespectful, misogynistic, emotionally abusive slave-owner, you gotta wonder what kind things they deem “okay” in the relationships they have in real life. yikes.

Honestly let people play around with canon and oc behaviour, let them be too sappy with their characters or too harsh, let them write in whatever way they want. If every single person wrote fic constrained by the rigid guidelines of canon and didn’t venture into unexplored territory bordering on oc, fic would be the most bland and repetitive format of fanwork. Let people write whatever the fuck they want, it’s not up to you to call them out for it.

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I am kinda fed of some ppl on twitter putting CS and SQ together and acting like both are losing Emma. It is not the same. CS are in the story and narrative, true love and married, that matters overall in story. Not some crackship and i wish ppl would stop doing that on twitter (as i said it is only some few of them, because it is not the same, we are losing alot us CS and Emma fans who love her entirely)

To be fair, for SQers who are ducklings, they’re losing Emma too. And while you’re right that SQ and CS are not the same within the canon of the show, emotionally, the experience may feel similar.

I have no respect for SQ antis who daily tweet Jmo a barrage of disrespect while screaming the “SWAN QUEEN IS ENDGAME” party line (same goes for those who persistently hate on Emma). But there are SQ ducklings and it’s that group I feel for.

Everyone’s getting screwed. Captain Swan, Rumbelle, Snowing, Regal Believer, SQ, Zelena stans, Ducklings….. EVERYONE. The list is endless. This entire situation, which we’ve all had to adjust to (or not) within the span of a WEEK, SUCKS. There’s no way around it. Whether I like the ship doesn’t alter that fact.

Yeah, in canon CS & SQ are apples & oranges. CSers had the best day of their shipping lives followed by their worst. And anyone who tries to minimize that pain is either deluded, an asshole, or both.

logan 👏 huntzberger 👏would 👏 want 👏 to 👏 know 👏about 👏 his 👏 kid 👏and 👏 be 👏 there 👏 for 👏 them 👏

  • Fanon Dean: flamboyantly bisexual, doting boyfriend who spends all his time eating pie and having kinky sex with Cas.
  • Canon Dean: emotionally-repressed, self-loathing, closeted bisexual who has a lot of feelings and doesn't know how to deal with them so he kills monsters.
  • Fanon Sam: Harmless nerdy moose-puppy.
  • Canon Sam: Traumatized, emotionally unstable ex-demon blood addict who is probably either soulless or possessed at any given time.
  • Fanon Cas: adorable helpless baby who spends all his time watching Netflix, stumbling around, and being cute.
  • Canon Cas: shell-shocked warrior of God who spends all his time being bullied by his asshole relatives, neglected by his boyfriend, and suffering.
  • Fanon Lucifer: Precious misunderstood angel.
  • Canon Lucifer: Actually literally Satan.