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You're not the first person I see talking about how Magnus can read people very well. Why do you think that?

For me, it’s because Magnus in canon is extremely emotionally in touch with himself. When he closes himself off, he’s 100% aware that that’s what he’s doing. When he lets himself be vulnerable with Alec, he’s aware of that, too.  And as a result, I feel like he reads those emotions well on other people because he’s able to transfer those experiences over. 

Magnus also pinpoints people and situations in a snap. You see this most clearly with Alec, largely because Alec has so much trouble expressing himself in words. There are at least 2 instances in which Magnus completes Alec’s thoughts or simply understands what Alec is trying to stutter out (1x06 and 1x08). When Alec is interacting with his parents, Magnus knows exactly when to step away and when to step back in to intervene. We also see him read other people fairly well, too: he sees the way Jace and Simon interact for all of five seconds and he immediately calls them Clary’s boy toys. He knows the tension is about them vying for her attention. And while it seems obvious to us because we were along for the ride from the start, I can tell you that in real life situations, people with less observant skills totally miss these details. That whole, “Wait since when were they dating?” “Man, I didn’t know he liked her, too?” thing happens a lot.

I think, also, it’s because he’s very involved in politics. He deals with the Clave, negotiates contracts with his clients, handles other warlocks, liaisons with other Downworlders. Magnus holds a position where he has to be good at reading people or he would have never made it this far. Everything he does involves walking a careful line between making sure he doesn’t piss people off to the point where his reputation crashes and burns but also not letting anyone walk all over him or treat him with disrespect.

So yeah! That’s why I think Magnus has such a high emotional/social intelligence, and I also want to say it’s a large part of what’s allowed him to not only survive a world that doesn’t think people like him are worthwhile, but to be as successful as he can possibly be within it.

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In MOC, Lilita reminds me of my own mother. It's simultaneously uncomfortable and reassuring. Thank you for framing it in such an uncompromisingly negative way.

The relationship between Lilita and Carmilla is uncompromisingly bad and I fundamentally refuse to give any excuse for it. Full stop. It is toxic.

I write it to be an emotionally abusive relationship. It is based on a real life emotionally abusive relationship. I studied emotional abusive relationships. Carmilla and The Dean canon relationship is an emotionally abusive relationship (that i sometimes get angry feelings about how it was handled but we are dealing with that *deep breath aria*).

I don’t swear but I will here. I don’t care what the abuser’s situation is there is no fucking excuse for emotional abuse.

Because people who are abused have a tendency to make those excuses for the abuser, because people outside never see the abuse, because as soon as you leave your abuser will suddenly become nice. Because of these things, I refuse to give even an inch of positivity to that relationship.

I want people to know. Really know. Emotional abuse is uncompromisingly negative. Always. I will not compromise on that.

Chapter 1 of MoC was a lighthearted fake engagement au born in the panic depths of 30days but every chapter after has been written with the primary goal of depicting an emotionally abusive mother/daughter relationship. 

Everyone knows theoretically what physical abuse looks like. It’s bruises and sleepless nights and shown in a hundred different pieces of media. Maybe not well. But it’s there. The person being abused might not be ready to acknowledge their abuse, they might talk circles around it or make excuses, but they have media to depict them.

Emotional abuse though. Alone. Without the physical side combined with it.

Lilita’s voice is meant to be uncomfortable. It’s literally abusive. But.

I had to add the whole ‘lock your daughter in closet’ component to Carmilla’s abuse (even though I really didn’t want to) simply because people who hadn’t experienced emotional abuse first hand were not getting that the language alone was abuse. They thought that Carmilla’s reactions were fine. They thought Lilita was ‘just mean’ and I try to be a nice a person but I was ready to smash some heads together to make people see and scream, “this is why children stay in these kind of relationships for decades then carry this shit with them. No-one see them. They have no idea. This is abuse. Full stop.”

Outside of Mother Gothel in Tangled (bless Disney. for so many kids that movie is their first warning sign), I can’t think of one media piece that’s purely emotional manipulation and targeted to a YA audience where the parent is wrong and not excused by the end. Nothing for kids. You know, the children/teens/young adults actually in these situations with their parents and think it’s normal when it’s not. 

The ones who flinch because their parent folded a sock the wrong way or have a panic response to run and dry the dishes the moment they hear a parent start washing them or never have friends over because they don’t know their parents mood that day or moderate the amount of time they spend in their room so it’s the maximum amount they can avoid their parent but not so much that the parent invades their space because they never see them. It’s the kids who have this sense that they owe their parents, the kids whose parents ‘need’ them and they can never move out because ‘i don’t know what I’d do without you’ and mean it, the kids whose parents are apparently responsible for all their successes and the kids who beam when their parents give them praises like ‘glittering girl’ because they have been trained to make that their everything.

It’s in the little things.

And sometimes it’s unintentionally done on the parents part. I don’t care. People try and excuse that shit all the time. Lilita thinks she’s doing it ‘out of love’ and ‘for Carmilla’s good’. They always have a ‘reason’.

there is no fucking excuse for emotional abuse.

The teens who sometimes get loud and angry because they know something is wrong but leave the conversation in tears only to have their parents ‘apologize’ to them by explaining why its the kids fault the parent was upset until the teen is drowning in guilt and swears to never speak back again. The ones who are tired of fighting so they drop their chin and curl their shoulders in and simply agree with whatever the parent said.

I have been so careful with my word choices for Lilita, my phrasing and follow-ups. I have been so careful with Carmilla’s responses and her journey trying to escape the relationship. I have been so careful with Laura’s interactions with Lilita and how she does it all wrong (so many “I” statements). I could write you an essay on it.

Cupcake. You may not want to hear this because no-one ever does and the denial state is real and long but if Lilita reminds you of your mother then I find it highly like that you are/were in an emotionally manipulative relationship. Probably emotionally abusive. 

Please get out. Please. I want nothing more than for you to learn how to heal.

And I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

But that is why I write this story over the other 72 fanfics that people keep begging me for. Is it perfect? Course not. But.

I write it for the quiet message in my inbox spoken in fear, the person who recognizes the words and the tone Lilita speaks and cries, the adults who suddenly recognize what they went through or who are so thankful that someone finally put it out there and they don’t feel alone from something that happened years ago.

So, cupcake, I can honestly say that I am so glad to hear that the story resonated with you even though I wish you never had live through something that makes it recognizable. It is my honour and my privilege to make sure the relationship is seen as nothing but negative. I’m so thankful that you took the time to thank me for it because Lilita’s head, her words, writing her, is not a place I like to be. 

But words have power. They are important. 

No-one knows that better then the people who were damaged by them. 

And remember, regardless of what any one ever tells you, you are someone stupendous and I will fight until you all believe that.

And if you’ve never experienced this relationship yourself, please, please, keep an eye on your friends/family. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. People rarely do.

If the only way to get this abuse read by the people who need it is to cover the story in high amount of shippers feels, happy to do so. Just another reason to love fanfic. 

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[Part 1] I ship NH but while I liked The Last, one point seemed kind of off to me. They said Naruto didn't notice his feelings for Hinata because he couldn't distinguish between material and romantic love, but is Naruto really quite that dense emotionally in canon? He's basically been using a version of "the power of love" (Talk no Jutsu) to win over his enemies over the course of the series (granted, it wasn't romantic love).

[Part 2] His character arc in the series also largely revolved around wanted to be loved and accepted, and successfully building genuine bonds with those around him, so it doesn’t seem that his understanding of human bonds (regardless of whether they’re romantic or not) would be that low, at least not at this point.

[Part 3] So while I could see him confusing - say - friendship, family and romantic love, I find it a bit out of character that he literally couldn’t tell the difference between loving food and loving someone (they mentioned this twice and he looked genuinely confused, so it seems the audience is supposed to take it literally?). What do you think about this, am I missing something here? It just kind of made me go “…?” during the film.

Oh trust me Anon, I know what you’re talking about. It also made me go “…?”, because I did feel the same regarding how he couldn’t have possibly been that dense. Especially with examples of how he didn’t buy Sakura’s fake confession at all, because he could just tell how she truly loved Sasuke romantically.

I think it would have been a far better explanation if they had just said that Naruto took Hinata’s confession platonically, so he thought she meant that she loved him as a friend. That would have been far more understandable than for it to be explained as him not being able to differentiate between loving a person, and loving friggin ramen.

  • Fanon Dean: flamboyantly bisexual, doting boyfriend who spends all his time eating pie and having kinky sex with Cas.
  • Canon Dean: emotionally-repressed, self-loathing, closeted bisexual who has a lot of feelings and doesn't know how to deal with them so he kills monsters.
  • Fanon Sam: Harmless nerdy moose-puppy.
  • Canon Sam: Traumatized, emotionally unstable ex-demon blood addict who is probably either soulless or possessed at any given time.
  • Fanon Cas: adorable helpless baby who spends all his time watching Netflix, stumbling around, and being cute.
  • Canon Cas: shell-shocked warrior of God who spends all his time being bullied by his asshole relatives, neglected by his boyfriend, and suffering.
  • Fanon Lucifer: Precious misunderstood angel.
  • Canon Lucifer: Actually literally Satan.
  • couple in canon: *both emotionally brutal and wounded, incapable of interacting without inflicting psychic harm, doomed*
  • couple in fic: *lovey-dovey, gentle, considerate lovers who softly care for each other and cuddle for 3000 words*

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Blaming Sakura for Sasuke's behavior is just plain wrong. If anything, she played a big role in Sasuke trying to be a good person again. Like Naruto, Sakura didn't turn her back on Sasuke when everyone else did and she was always there for him. She never did anything but try to help him and she put her life on the line to do so. If it wasn't for Sakura, there's a good chance that Sasuke would still be in the darkness and the fact that people try to use that to make her look bad makes me sick tbh

Team “Sakura deserves better and sometimes she is written sloppily and she is not given the chance to live up to her potential and she does have faults as a person (but you know that’s ideal), but we shouldn’t forget all the cool and impressive stuff she does in canon both emotionally and physically” 2017 Fall Season, Senior Grade. 


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re: the ss discussion; I feel you guys are giving Sakura too much credit. I unfortunately see this a lot when it comes to criticism of Sakura's character, it's never her fault, it's always kishimoto's. but when discussing sasuke at the same time, all of his actions are his fault. It's not fair to blame the author for one character and refuse to give Sasuke the same benefit. Sasuke also isn't real, Sasuke's also at the whim of an author. Please be fair in this, Sakura's not perfect.

“Team “Sakura deserves better and sometimes she is written sloppily and she is not given the chance to live up to her potential and she does have faults as a person (but you know that’s ideal), but we shouldn’t forget all the cool and impressive stuff she does in canon both emotionally and physically” 2017 Fall Season, Senior Grade. ”

The reason I am reposting this is to emphasise the section about her having faults as a person. But, people have faults. People make mistakes. That is realistic. Especially in a fictional world like the Naruto universe. When you make mistakes the consequences are huge. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate her.

The distinction between someone blaming Kishimoto and a person blaming Sakura should be pretty clear:

Are we critiquing Sakura’s flaws and mistakes as a person? That’s on Sakura.

Are we critiquing Sakura’s flaws and inconsistencies as a created character in a fictional universe? That’s on Kishimoto.

If someone submitted a character, and gave them the a blue eyes white dragon neko bear fox summon, and I said, ‘hey maybe change that,’ I would be giving feedback on how the author could change the character, not telling their OC to stop.

If we are treating fictional characters like real people, we can blame them and hold them accountable for their actions. We can hate them. Dislike them. Love them.

But we can also forgive them. And I don’t think we should hold resentment about fictional people, any longer than we would a real person. I’d argue we should probably hold onto it even less, if at all.

I love Sasuke too. I’ll defend Sasuke. I’ll be 78 years old cosplaying Sasuke. And I’ll blame Kishimoto for injustices in his character as readily as I will for Sakura, but I think she’s a better example in this discussion. Because she has been subject to harsh criticism by the fandom.

But by our standards, Sasuke has done some really trashy things.

Want to talk about a character I irrationally hate? Meet me in the comment section for Knuckles the Echidna hate.

Ok but

Hannibal is giving us a slow-build queer romance

That has been going for three seasons

And does not involve either party in any kind of stereotype or constantly mentioning/displaying their sexuality by being attracted to various other people as if non-straight characters have to constantly reaffirm that they are, in fact, not straight

It’s been in subtext for three seasons

The cast and crew have been making constant references to it on social media/at cons/etc

And instead of making fun of it, laughing at it, or slapping a giant red “NO HOMO” sticker on it

They developed it

Despite both parties being in previous relationships and even being married

Despite never showing explicit sexual attraction to other men

Despite never having some big coming out moment

This is not a relationship based on sex or anything physical

It’s a slow-build romance, wherein both parties have been implied to feel a strong emotional pull to eachother

And now, even if Will never reciprocates, the canon aspect is still there that Hannibal is in love with Will

We have a canon, slow build, emotionally driven, same sex ship, wherein our only question is if Will reciprocates Hannibal’s canon feelings

This is what we all want

Destiel, Sterek, whatever you ship, this is what fans are talking about, respecting and developing a RELATIONSHIP between two men (or women) the same way a heterosexual slow-build romance would be respected and developed

And I am just extremely sad to see it end right after we got here

Thank you Bryan Fuller and the Hannibal team for giving us a relationship that’s been so well respected instead of teasing, baiting, or laughing

Thank you for Hannigram

How much do we know about MCU James Buchanan Barnes, really? 

Based on what?

For as much fanwork and meta as he’s inspired, he remains enigmatic in canon. Barnes is emotionally important in CA:FA, but receives relatively little screen time before he dies; he’s very much a secondary character. In CA:WS he’s brainwashed and gets maybe 9 lines – half of those are screamed. We can’t rely on the comics because these are clearly different characters: MCU Bucky has a different history than any of the comics Buckys, and MCU Winter Soldier appears not only to be stripped of memory like his 616 counterpart, but also a greater degree of his personality and agency. Cracks in his conditioning are beginning to show by the end of the film, but we don’t know how he’s changed or how he’ll continue to change following the events of Cap 2.

It’s startling to realize how many hours of thought, dozens of AUs and headcanons, pages of fancomics, reams of art, and millions of words of fic are all based on very little conclusive information. The fandom around Bucky Barnes is fraught with unconfirmed assumptions, and no one has access to more details or insight than the next person.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy wildly different interpretations of the character (so long as they remain internally consistent and are justified within the text), because while these extrapolations may not be consistent with one another, any one of them may be consistent with canon when your canon is as open-ended as this. 

CA: Civil War is going to be fascinating, because there are so many possible options, I genuinely don’t know where the character might be taken. I hope the narrative is half as interested in exploring those questions as I am. Who the hell is Bucky?

The Joint Logistical Course (of Sherlock)

Unless you’ve followed me for at least a year, you might not know that I don’t *need* canon Johnlock to happen, emotionally, not in any explicit fashion. I have simply analyzed the show to conclude it *is*, in fact, happening, and it is the authorial intent. It is a reading of the show and a predictive claim based on evidence. It’s not about my feelings, my needs, my convictions about Sherlock and John in the abstract or about what makes a good story. BBC Sherlock would not suck if there was no canon Johnlock, simply because there is (in every way that counts narratively– which is what I care about) *already* canon Johnlock.

In a sense, you can– and logically, should– really talk about any part of the show, analyzed or acted or commented upon by casual viewers, creators or by analytical fan commentaries, in the light of canon Johnlock. That is, given that the premise is that the show is about John and Sherlock and their (romantic and other) relationship. Johnlock is omnipresent, and TJLC’s major conclusion is simply that it’s by design. That’s all it means. Here is Johnlock (many people agree): we’re just saying it’s by design. Why? Because (the claim goes) the writers are competent. They mean to do the things that they do. There’s a unified reasoning to the choices made by the writers, actors, costumers, composers, and on and on.

The idea that what we see now is ‘by design’ and not just randomly thrown in (why not, right?) is what necessitates an explicit romantic/sexual conclusion. When design enters the building, one’s logical analysis stops being holistic and starts being logistical: where is this going? When will it get there? What’s needed for that logical result to occur, plot-wise?

TJLC, as a fan theory, is about logistics. That’s it, that’s what it’s about. That’s really why I don’t spend much time thinking about TJLC explicitly anymore, actually, I just think of Johnlock, or ‘the romance’ or 'the narrative arc’. It’s the baseline level of my understanding of literally everything that goes on in regards to BBC Sherlock, rather than some kind of optional add-on theory. It’s not optional because TJLC is just the logistical method by which one can best make sense of the authorially intended narrative of BBC Sherlock. That’s why, it’s not that 'this is TJLC stuff’ and 'this is other/casual viewer/gen/shippy Johnlock stuff’. Literally everything happens by way of (but not *because* of) canon Johnlock, and nothing hurts.

So it’s canon that Wesley was emotionally and verbally abused by his father, but there’s been a lot of speculation among the fandom about whether or not any of the abuse was physical. I’m almost certain it was, based on the way Wesley handles pain.

Everyone talks about how much of a wimp Wesley was in his early days, but honestly he was pretty resilient even from the beginning. Usually when he’s freaking out, it’s about the possibility of being hurt, like when Balthazar threatens to torture him, or when Faith throws her knife uncomfortably close to his head. When he actually is hurt, most of the time he doesn’t react to it much. The only time we really see him complaining about being in pain is after the battle in Graduation Day, Part 2.

I mean yeesh, in Consequences, Faith punches and headbutts Wesley before escaping from the back of the truck. This is Faith we’re talking about; she’s not exactly known for holding back. So Wesley takes two hits from a pissed off Slayer at full strength, and we never see him show the slightest reaction to the pain. He walks into the library later with a huge shiner on the side of his face, and he never even acknowledges it.

This is a guy who is used to being hit.