canon ef s 18 55mm is


Rosson House, Phoenix by Trevor Huxham

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Hi ! Your pictures are stunningly beautiful , may i ask . Are kit lenses good ? I'm planning to get Canon d70 since i doesn't have those kind of money to buy expensive lenses , I want your opinion on kit lenses . Thanks

Hey, thank you :)
I started with the 18-55mm on my Canon rebel camera and still had some awesome shots. The quality wasn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to tolerate for a little while. It’s something to get started with at least.

My fave would be my 50mm f1.4 which was a little under $400 whereas the L-series is over $1K. Then there’s a 50 f1.8 for less than $150.
My 18-55 didn’t have a super low depth of field or f-stop, so that’s why I love the 50mm for my plant shots. Also make sure you get EF lenses (not EF-S) because if you ever upgrade to a full frame camera (such as the Canon Mark series or 6D) then the ef-s lenses won’t mount to the body. EF lenses mount to both cropped and full frame bodies. So if you’re getting a default/basic kit lens with the camera body, then it might be an EF-S lens anyway. But for future reference, stick to EF.


Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by David Stinner
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Colorful landscape taken from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery