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What... where did Twi's wings come from? Isn't she a unicorn?

Flashback post, happened before the scene on Day #227

Whenever I:

A. Draw the girls in their ‘canon clothes’
B. Daw SciTwi with her canon bang design
C. Draw SciTwi with wings

It will be in the past! In some of them it’s important to pay attention to details like that and the scenario that’s going on ^^ in this case, I don’t think it would’ve taken SciTwi 5+ years of visiting equestria to only see celestia raise the sun today, so it makes more sense it would be one of her first days there

Just Anime Con Things

-being hit in the face by someone’s wings in the dealer’s room

-having to move out of the hallway so that an unsuspecting child can take pictures with a group of furries

-buying anime merchandise for $45 dollars that you know you saw online for $20

-trying to compare the prices of pocky and hi-chew at every booth before you make your purchase

-seeing at least (1) person who does not look like they belong there in the slightest. and yet

-twelve flower crown hinatas

-people dressed in perfectly normal clothes + one attack on titan jacket

-entire booths in the artist’s alley dedicated to felt toys of food with “kawaii” eyes

-barefoot kaneki

-people changing their entire cosplays in the bathroom

-a congregation of kiritos 

-someone doing a sexy version of a pokemon

-”wow, that’s a lot of bill cypher”

-you can always recognize welcome to nightvale, even without canon designs for the characters

-vic marinara is there

Reasons to play Fire Emblem Echoes:

-it’s really really good, like 9.5/10 honestly, please play this game

-Berkut’s voice acting, jiminy chrystlermobile

-that legend of zelda simulator dungeon crawling tho 👀  👀  👀  👀  👀  👀  

-the voice acting in general is just 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌  phenomenal overall

-T H E   M U S I C ,   G O O D      G          O         D

-character designs are 12/10, no more creepy loli vibes and ladies have slightly less impractical armor (or at least its better than the previous two games)

-SO MANY GOOD FEMALE CHARACTERS. Like…ONE bad one and at least she doesn’t have a creepy/hyper-sexualized design

-CANON GAY CHARACTER (NOT TREATED LIKE GARBAGE)??? IN MY FIRE EMBLEM?????? (it’s more likely than you think!)


-The combat has been greatly simplified overall, but with the emphasis on terrain, it feels more challenging strategically, rather than simply overwhelming

-I forgot to mention the point-and-click aspects when you’re in a town, but THERE ARE AWESOME POINT-AND-CLICK ASPECTS WHEN YOU’RE IN A TOWN (you will love Alm and Celica’s goofy commentary in these segments, they are such dorks)

-The co-director literally grew up playing Gaiden with his father and was specifically chosen for that reason, so you KNOW this game has been handled with a great deal of passion and care, and it was evident long before I stumbled upon this fact

TL;DR: BLEASE BLAY FIRE EMBLEM ECHOES, u will not regretti spaghetti 🙏

“Different artists have different art styles and Rebecca wants to let them do the characters in their own styles” isn’t really an excuse for SU’s character inconsistencies in the show itself. Because there’re plenty of fanartists who draw characters in their own styles without making them look so inconsistent.

I’m gonna use my good friend @snowflake-owl‘s art as an example.

Here are different Peridots drawn by different artists

(pic cuourtesy of @tomatomagica)

Here is Snow’s Peridot

Despite being clearly done in her style, Peridot’s proportions are consistent with the canon design. It’s the same “model” with different art styles.