canon cup

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Richard Bittle


Mr. Robert Zimmermann &

Mrs. Alicia Carter Zimmermann

invite you to celebrate

the marriage of their sons


Eric Richard Bittle Jr.


Jack Laurent Zimmermann


Saturday, the twenty-ninth of June

two thousand and nineteen

at eleven o’clock in the morning


Reception to follow

me, in my silk robe that closely resembles the altean one lance wears but with a big sign that reads “i love hunk” on the back, sipping tea from my porcelain “shayllura is canon” cup, while listening to a vinyl that consist of the lines “heh, like that?” “sharp work samurai” and “i’m with lance” playing on repeat, working on my ‘where is shiro and why shlav is totally a thing’ theory, lovingly gazing at the framed photo of all of the voltron girls that hangs above my bed and dedicatedly wiping off dust from my lance shrine : idk i’m not really that into voltron anymore lol


moments to remember by Rona Keller


afternoon light by *Caterina Neri
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It’s been a while since my last upload here.. sending love to you all ♥

Canon vs Fanon
  • Canon Maka: Easily frustrated but very intelligent and feisty. She cares a lot about her friends and tried to be the strongest person in every group
  • Fanon Maka: Overly intelligent, can't make mistakes. Also, her entire motivation has to do with her fluctuating cup size
  • Canon Soul: I care a lot about my friends, even if I tease them and always make sure Maka is safe
  • Fanon Soul: I aM a pARTY AnimAL heeeey
  • Canon Black⭐star: Arrogant but strong. Starts out annoying but develops into a trust worthy man.
  • Fanon Black⭐star: Can only speak in screams
  • Canon Tsubaki: Shy and sweet. Very emotional and overall the support
  • Fanon Tsubaki: boobs
  • Canon Kidd: Challenged by mental illness at times. Very order driven and a strong personality. Seeks the truth and attempts to do what's right, even when he must defy basic morals
  • Canon Liz: Her top priority is her younger sister. She's willing to do anything for her and a lot for Kidd, even if she doesn't want to admit it.
  • Canon Patty: Ditzy and light hearted. Sweet and loving but threatening when she needs to be. Childish but skillful
  • Fanon Liz and Patty: A single entity. Accessories for Kidd. Not even really their own people
  • Canon Crona: Emotional and physical abuse led to an emotionally unstable teen. Unpredictable with fluctuating morals. Very physically strong, but mentally weak