canon crossover is canon after all

Kiiinda thinking about trying out a The 100/Overwatch fandom fusion (only bc I love the idea of teenage mako of the sky ppl and his nasty grounder bf jamie lmfao)

// I love the concept of this AU and all the potential for crossovers that it opens up… but my soul glows yellow, if you know what I mean. I can’t bring myself to write Bill different enough from canon to call him an AU in anything but appearance and who he interacts with… then again I’ve always felt like AUs should retain the original spirit of their source material anyway.

That was one of my big complaints about the Undertale fandom, after all; complete and total disregard for established character traits, just slapping canon names on OCs… among other things.

Not sure if I want to change this up to a less of an AU, or if I’m just channeling the character’s desire to be what he once was again. …probably both.


spottedcharms  asked:

For your ML/Voltron crossover. Would Chat Noir and Ladybug's visors be tinted so they can see out of it but people can't see into it? Or would they still have the masks like canon? Or would they just forgo the secret identity and just use the nicknames for people who don't know them personally so their enemies can't go after their families? (I'm sorry but I love this crossover)

Well, let’s see. 


Or canon masks?

Or nicknames?

I dunno. They all have their perks

Fanfiction writers,

I know there are already many challenges and exchanges going on, but I created this two years ago and I decided to share it with you anyway. Because this is multifandom!

Starting 24 December and ending 1 January, write one fic/ficlet; there is a crossover on 1 Jan.


Fandoms: at least two, maximum is eight – the more the merrier, though

Pairings: again, 2-8+

  • Unlimited number of pairings, since multiple pairings in one work are possible. Optional, but welcome.
  • OT3s, platonic pairings, crossover pairings (in the crossover) possible.
  • You don’t have to write for pairings at all, it can as well be a bunch of friends at a party or something.
  • You can write one pairing in one fandom over and over again, but it’s better if you do more.

Ratings: all

Word count: 100-2,5K, crossover up to 5K

  • It can be a drabble, ficlet, or a full fanfic, but oneshot.
  • You can do multichapters too. However, another chapter isn’t considered as another work. It must be nine independent works altogether.
  • A chapter or sequel to already existing work does count.

Genres: fluff, humour, crack, Christmassy tropes, smut, angst, anything

Tags: tag your work with #9dayscwc2016 or #9dcwc within first five tags, you know the deal

  • If you have an AO3 account, better post it both here and there. Put it in this collection.
  • Consider creating a series for your works.

more info under cut

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anonymous asked:

Viva la Captain Hook Lana sank your crack ship and there's nothing u can do about it lmao

I see you’re trying to send the same dumb message to every Swen. At least you could try and change the crappy text because now everybody knows that you are just a dumbass who can’t think of other words to say.

You clearly don’t know what “crack ship” means.

Here, let me educate you.

“crack ship” definition:

1. “An unusual relationship of any kind of fandom (i.e. books, television shows, movies, ect.) that is unlikely to happen. In fact a person must be on crack to even support such a relationship.”

Does Swan Queen seem unusual to you? Two mothers of a son being together is unusual to you? Swan Queen is one of the biggest femsalsh fandoms. Do you think a crack ship would even be as popular as Swan Queen and have a real relationship like Swan Queen?

2. “A relationship between two characters from different fandoms (tv shows, films, books etc), that is impossible to achieve.”

Does it look to you like Emma and Regina are not from the same show?

3. “A crackship is a ship of two people that probably don’t know each other, but people would think they look good together.”

You think Emma and Regina don’t know each-other?

4. “Characters who are shipped together despite barely even having a relationship in canon. Sometimes they haven’t even met in canon. Sometimes they don’t even belong to the same ‘verse (that’s what Crossovers are for, after all) or to the same species. Sometimes they aren’t even both carbon-based lifeforms.”

Does this sound like Emma and Regina to you?

Here you have it. There is no definition on the whole internet that could say and prove that Swan Queen is a “crack ship”.

So what exactly makes you antis think that Swan Queen is a “crack ship? Oh, I know. YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC. Yes, you are. If you call Swan Queen a crack ship you are a homophobe. You are basically accusing Swen, which are mostly LGBT members, of being on crack for a shipping a ship that actually exists in canon, just because it is a same-sex ship. Would you call it a crack ship if it was a hetero ships? No, you wouldn’t, of course you wouldn’t. And saying “I am not homophobic” doesn’t change the fact that you truly are homophobic.

You think Lana sank our ship? Awww! Poor little anti doesn’t have any clue what they’re dealing with.
Lana and Jenn haven’t created Swan Queen, and she can’t sink it. A&E have not created Swan Queen, and they can’t sink it.

















Swan Queen can’t sink. Swan Queen was created by Swen. And as long as Swen are alive, as long as the Swan Queen fandom exists, Swan Queen will never sink. So you all antis better get used to the fact that Swan Queen will always be here.

Oh, your precious Killy Willy H00k is a misogynist and an abuser and still treats Emma and other women and her family as shit. So we are not jealous that your abusive ship is supposed to be canon. We do not see you as a threat, but it seems like you do see our ship as a threat, since you’re spreading this message everywhere.

Seriously, what are you thinking? Are you thinking at all? Do you think you are bothering us like this? Do you think we’ll somehow stop shipping Swan Queen because of this message?
Honestly you’re not bothering me at all. I love to laugh at haters like you because you are all so ridiculous.

And I wouldn’t even bother to reply to you but I did this so the OUAT fandom can shut up once and for all. And I’m gotta tag OUAT, yeah.

*gifs not mine*