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It’s not ‘aphobic’ to acknowledge the desexualization of autistic people as a negative thing, if you’re an ace autistic and your first response to someone saying “Autistic/coded characters being either canonically asexual or widely interpreted as such is related to ableism and harmful” is to feel offended you need to step outside of yourself. This isn’t about you and your personal identity this is about the fact that autistic people are assumed to be asexual or aromantic or incapable of having these experiences.

When autistic people are desexualized and removed from their autonomy to the extent that it’s common belief that autistic people cannot or have no interest in engaging with sex or romance it is a problem and you need to think outside of your own feelings and how this affects us as a whole.

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Have some more of them then!

Because both of them probably didn’t slept a lot.

I’m so glad she beated Brendol’s abusive ass

And her training young Hux.

I am so glad my hc about her taking care of Armitage might be canon (maybe leading into an angsty relationship due to morale divergence and maybe a betrayal)! I’m so happy she’s still alive! 

I love Rae so much <3<3 and I hope people will join the hype train because she is probably one of the most fleshed out imperial characters in  all SW who might also be canonically bisexual since she talk about having no husband or wife waiting for her in Empire’s End.

 Please consider check out at least her wookiepedia page! She is so underrated and deserve all the art and fics!

How You Interact: Dark-Side Friends

Since you guys liked my last “How you interact” post, I feel like I should make another. I wanted to do one for Antisepticeye and Darkiplier since I very rarely see posts for these awesome characters. 
These head-canons are what I think Dark and Anti would be like as a friend. 
Hope you guys enjoy!!

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  • My God, you’ll never live peacefully again! Not that it’s a bad thing, but Anti loves to mess with you. 
  • Small pranks that involve misplaced objects. Bookmarks placed three pages back. Occasionally he’ll make your phone screen all static-y just because you’re ignoring him. 
  • He likes making your mornings just that little more crazy
    Late for work? It appears your car-keys have disappeared
    Rough night out? He’ll be nice and make you a coffee, with two spoonfuls of salt to make sure you get your sodium intake today. 
  • Anti finds your panicked/angry rants amusing. 
  • But you get him back. He doesn’t like being called by cute nicknames. 
  • “Aww, Green-Bean, don’t be so mean. I’m only trying to help” 
    “I will destroy everything you love, (Y/N)”
  • Anti likes to be the center of attention. If you’re working or studying, Anti will try his best to distract you.
    At first, it’ll be small things. Like calling out your name in a whiny, jittering voice, balls of paper being thrown at you. Sometimes he’ll mess with your sense of perception so you have to acknowledge him to tell him off.
  • You simply try to ignore him. It became a game between the two of you to see how long you can last. 
  • The record was ten minutes; but you had to stop since Anti started messing with your electronics. Flickering the lights and making you see double of everything and a loud buzzing sound almost burst your ear-drums. 
  • It gave you a migraine for the rest of the day.
  • Although Anti isn’t the affectionate type; he does small things that brighten your day. 
  • A single flower will appear on your desk. 
  • A batch of cookies with milk. 
  • Even little notes around the house in green writing.
  • When you ask him about it, he just shrugs. 
  • “Maybe a little ghost is playing tricks on you”
  • He’ll try to distract you with video games. You absolutely refuse to let him win at Mario Cart because you don’t want to see his cocky grin. 
  • Competitions between you are dangerous.
  • Lamps are smashed and the walls shake from you two yelling at each other. It’s surprisingly relaxing to come home and yell at something.
  • On really bad days, Anti will appear and disappear on your computer screen. Flashing a smile and making weird faces at you until you give up and allow yourself to laugh. 
  • “Anti, your blocking the screen” 
  • “P-Play with me, (Y/N). I’m bor-r-ed” 
  • On rainy days, when your marathoning a series, Anti will be in the background of the show; waving or dancing ridiculously. 
  • At serious scenes; he can usually be seen making outrageous faces at the actors. You can’t help but laugh,
  • Although you try to hate him, you can’t help but adore Anti. It’s a tiring and irritating friendship but you wouldn’t want anything to be different between the two of you.  

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  • I hope you like a friendship with a lot of flirting. Even though you two aren’t sexual towards each other, it doesn’t stop Dark from winking and speaking seductively towards you.
  • This makes people mistake you two as a couple. You don’t really complain, but sometimes Dark makes it difficult to make new friends. 
  • “You don’t need them, (Y/N). I’m all you need”
    “That would be true, if you could hold a decent conversation that wasn’t always about you” 
  • Dark likes to insult you. But you can see the hint of a smile whenever he says something. 
  • You throw it back at him with as much sarcasm as you can muster. He likes your sass. It challenges him to be on his game when he’s around you. 
  • You’ve witnessed his outbursts personally. But even though Dark has said some violent, horrible things about Mark; Dark is rather placid when you’re around him. 
  • He’s been pushed back and ignored for long periods of time, he likes to be around someone who acknowledges him. He doesn’t want his anger to frighten you away, but sometimes you do get caught in these outbursts. 
  • You wait patiently until he’s calmed down. Then make a little comment on the way his head jerks around. 
  • “So, do you get whiplash? Or are you like an owl under that suit?” 
    “Ask nicely and I’ll show you.”
  • Although he wouldn’t apologize, he is grateful you don’t ask about his behavior. Saves him from having to explain himself to a incompetent fool. ;) 
  • He also likes to play games. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re part of one until you find yourself in another dimension because you took a wrong turn. 
  • “Tsk, tsk. You should have taken a left, (Y/N). Now you have to try and escape the Third Circle of Hell to return to the bathroom.”
    “If you don’t send me back right now, I’ll show you all Nine Circles of Hell!” 
  • He’s rather affectionate towards you. He’ll give your hand a squeeze as he passes.
    If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a public place, Dark will come up behind you and place his hand on the small of your back.
  • But previous mistakes have taught you that this attention has a price. 
  • He’d never ask anything big of you. Usually he’ll ask you to drive him somewhere, or accompany him to a certain location. Sometimes you “treat” him to dinner on Tuesdays.
  • But you are still very careful of what you ask of Dark. He remembers even the smallest favors. 
  • There are times, however, where he does nice things out of nowhere. 
  • You had a bad day during a work-week and you crumpled under the pressure. Dark found you in a sobbing heap on your bed and sat beside you. His hand gripped your own and he consoled you through the tears. 
  • Once your tears were dried up, he ran you a bath and almost drowned you in rose scented bubbles. 
  • It had been a shock to you. But a nice shock.
  • In the middle of the night, while you’re walking through the house to get a glass of water. You sometimes find a glass of cool water waiting for you in the hallway. 
  • You mumble a thanks to the shadows and stumble back to bed. 
  • Sometimes you feel the blankets pull up under your chin on cold nights. 
  • Other times, Dark will wake you in the early hours of the morning because he was lacking intelligent conversation.
  • Dark also likes to give you nicknames. 
  • They’re small and almost demeaning, but you don’t really mind. It’s better than fool or imbecile. (A name a certain family member is called frequently)
  • “Kitten, have you seen my tie?”
    “You’re wearing it, Dark. Are you blind as well as emotionless?” 
  • It’s a weird friendship. One people would first look at and question. But the two of you have many fond memories and the laughter you two share are contagious. It’ll be hard to tear the two of you apart. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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you saved the dog but dumped EMOTIONAL DEVASTATION on us regardless u n b e l i e v a b l e

Saving Vicchan is the one single thing in the umfb&mha altered universe that is better for the characters than the canon timeline. The only thing. (because something good had to come out of all this angst!)

[fanfiction] Legacies

“You are our Will of Fire — you are our love.”

This story is mostly intended to be practice at writing young children, and specifically through their perspective (based on certain childhood memories of my own, in addition to my experiences working extensively with infants and toddlers as a daycare teacher, and also as a real-life tutor and teacher person xP), as well as my own personal contribution to the “what if Tenten was pregnant with Neji’s child when he died” AU scenario, in addition to a blatant need to see my favorite female Naruto character as a mother. Heh.

For the sake of reference: according to the approximate canon timeline, roughly fifteen years pass between the end of the Fourth Shinobi War andBoruto. I’ve written this fic to those estimations, albeit over the course of an indeterminate period of time, so if things aren’t particularly clear, I apologize — and you can also blame Kishimoto (and, okay, me as well) for all the vagueness. Heh.

Anyway. This was written mostly for my own gratification, and posted mostly because I got sick of looking at it and forgot exactly where I wanted to go with this (although I’m vaguely tempted to come back to this idea/glorified OC at a later date, if there’s enough interest). I sort of lost steam with what I wanted to do with it, though, so. Yeah. Don’t read too much into it — even so, please leave a review or comment in your wake if you can! Feedback is always appreciated.

Apologies again for the lack of a coherent story and whatnot — as I mentioned previously, this was originally intended to be a much larger and over-arching piece, but, well. Clearly that did not happen at all. Heh. I might come back to this idea again, one day, but for now, who knows? At any rate, thank you again for reading.

12022017 | 3022 | one-shot | canon-divergent | AO3 | FFN

Nana is named for the day of her birth: the seventh day of the seventh month of the year.

That day, people come, and people go; Nana is too young to remember. When at least she and Mother are left alone in the quiet of the sterile white hospital room, the night sky is the color of a fresh bruise, and it is as though all the stars in heaven are shining down upon them with cold fire and distant pride.

Only hours old, and unaware of the circumstances of her birth, Nana says nothing, and merely continues to suckle at her mother’s breast in simple content.

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tbh I believe in the vld crew,, klance is super likely to happen imo, esp bc of jeremy spilling the beans, talking about their dynamic, all those subtle moments, vld crew exploring sexuality, lots of canon LGBT characters lately, slow burn romance-i might just be reaching but idk, there's always 78 episodes to wait n see lol don't lose hope elsa

i’ll never do don’t worry you can always come to me for that good reach

i also just love when people involve in argument that idol industry is super strict about appearance as if it doesn’t go directly agaisnt the canon in which love live’s characters are ordinary random high schoolers 

as far as i’m concerned normal high schoolers don’t look like super models lol

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Hi, I'm new. I was wondering if there was any certain place I could find info on your AUs (If they're yours... ._. Like I said, I'm new) (But yeah, I felt obligated to come after someone reposted your ask with the dab >_< IT WAS DRAWN SO FRIKIN' WELL T^T) But if you could tell me where to find info on your sanses and peoplez that would be great coz they seem really cool :3

Hello there, New Sunshine! ^w^ If you want to learn bits and pieces about my AU, you can go to my DeviantArt page! You can also find info of Curse!TK(the skelly doing the dab) Here since he is a separate character from the canon AU. XD Imma messy Artist and I been meaning to organize all my stuff so y’all don’t get confused when finding info of my AU…..

and LOL! Thank you! In all honesty, I never expected @comyet to reblog my post! X’D HECK, I didn’t even know that a dab CAN be well-drawn! I just draw it for fun! X’D But really, I’m happy you enjoy my content! Q//w//Q and thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog! It really means a lot to me! <3

also if it isn’t already clear by now, i fully endorse roleplayers who write canon characters that like to joke and say ‘i love my oc’ because……… fandoms and certain branches of story and who knows who else can just demolish your dreams and grossly misrepresent or misinterpret your favorite character and sometimes you put so much effort into a canon character on a blog that they just BECOME your own. your child. like. acd wrote my boy right here, and then sh/er/lo/ck fandom jerkoffs make him this half-baked, sex-crazed thug with zero substance and/or any sense of distinctiveness, so i take him and write him and now he’s my child and he IS basically my oc. so i am 100000% in support of writers that love a character so much, they make them their own. you WRITE those ocs, babes.