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I still can’t believe that Flint’s entire character, his whole persona, his ambitions, his entire life, is canonically based on his romantic love for another man. Literally everything that drives him stems from that love. Everything he’s trying to accomplish, everything he is. Captain Flint is literally a character created by a man who loved another man. And it’s canon.

Okay, Gone series appreciation post.

This series has:

- Canonically gay and lesbian lead characters

- Canonically black, Latino and Asian characters

- One of the most important people in their society is a black guy who got there by working hard

- Another is an undocumented Honduran immigrant who got there by just being awesome

- The most powerful character in it is autistic

- Canonically anorexic/bulimic/depressed lead supporting character who is also one of the most amazing people in the series

- Deals with loss and guilt

- One of the main themes is how society gets along as a whole and how everyone is important

- Has a terrorist group; shows their point of view but clearly demonstrates they’re in the wrong

- Deals with very real issues like alcoholism, drug abuse, weapon control, teen pregnancy etc

- Seriously, these books are awesome. I mean, there could still be more representation - I’m only halfway through Light so there’s still hope Brianna’s ace - but they are way ahead of so much other stuff right now.

- Read these books.


Lucci X Teresa (My OC) 

Her Teresa’s Backstory:
Teresa Namagucci is a “marine” (although she refuses to acknowledge herself as one unless its to benefit her, to the point she doesn’t even wear her uniform) who harbors a Crush on Rob Lucci, since she was a child, to the point she followed him to Water seven, where She frequented the Ship rights, just to catch a glimpse of Lucci, But as she visited day after day , she became more bold with her feelings, and often fed Hattori and played tricks on Lucci and Paulie. Teresa, while may look like a Simple and Average Girl, actually is very strong and Possesses the Hea Hea No Mi (Hair Hair Devil Fruit). This Fruit allows her to manipulate and absorb energy through her hair, Her follicles can go from long silky, and expanded to sharp and even detach and be used as daggers.
She’s always teasing Lucci and one of the few people who can call him “Kakko Gakki” or Big brat/kid. (even though it still makes him mad XD )
While She seems pretty overbearing and bratty hersel, she does understand Lucci’s Position and his need for Justice/ Blood and does her best not to interfere, and has even shown to offer her assistance as a willing participant if he ever wanted it,(including murder) as her Connections to Akainu, (being raised by and trained by Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu) She can get away with quite a bit but knows when she can and can’t get away with things.

She hates Spandam and actually blackmails him quite a bit to do menial labor for her.


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Kendra Young (for nikii-the-slayerette & ladiesorgtfo)

Remus Lupin always hid in huge jumpers and baggy jeans,until the summer, when he would lounge around the common room in tight t-shirts and shorts, showing off his broad shoulders and toned legs, causing Sirius to have minor heart attacks when he walked into the room. He wasn’t conventionally handsome - having a slight overbite, and he was thin and lanky, but that didn’t stop most of Gryffindor being half in love with him. His auburn hair was always messy and fluffy, impossibly soft and constantly falling in his eyes, urging Sirius to brush it off of his face. He was heavily freckled with wide, doe-like brown eyes, plump lips and high cheekbones. He had long, clever fingers and delicate hands that made Sirius weak at the knees, and a sharp tongue that was known to even make James Potter, The Straightest Straight To Ever Straight, swoon occasionally. He had a passion for chocolate and coffee that made Christmas and birthdays a challenge for the other marauders as they had all agreed that these presents were off limits, after first year, when Remus had received four of the same gift.

Sirius Black was short, but had the kind of big personality that made people forget that sometimes, until Remus leant an elbow on his head. His thick black hair fell just below his shoulders, but was usually tied up in a messy bun, (it was a joke between the marauders that anything could be lost inside of it, like Peter’s astronomy homework, Remus’s shoe, and James’s dignity). He had faint freckles on his cheeks and shoulders, and very pale skin that never seemed to tan or burn. He had calloused hands and toned muscles from years on the quidditch pitch, that made Remus blush deeply whenever they went swimming in the river near James’s house. He was often caught stealing other people’s things - like Peter’s brightly coloured socks and Lily’s eyeliner. He had a love for puns that made the other marauders cringe and often led to his bed getting filled with treacle.

Peter Pettigrew had sandy blonde hair that never seemed to do what he wanted, but stuck up at funny angles instead. He had blue eyes that the others swore were a normal size, and yet he always felt like they were too small for his face, until Sirius jinxed them to half the size, and he decided they were fine the way they were. He had an acute talent for thinking up pranks and discovering hiding places that was vital for life as a marauder. He was head of the gobstones club, and the chess club, but he didn’t understand how considering how many games he’d missed due to detentions - he suspected James and Sirius of coercing his teammates but didn’t want to risk losing the position by asking. He was short and stocky, and clearly not meant for riding a broom, but this didn’t stop him trying it every year, with the full support of his friends. Despite being clumsy and often tripping over his own feet, Peter was an exceptional dancer.

James Potter’s hair was always a mess, and sat on the top of his head like a funny hat, making lily want to mess it up even further. Surprisingly, he was always on top o his homework, preferring to get it out of the way, in order to focus on planning the next prank, whereas Sirius liked to put it off until the morning it was due. His dark skin contrasted with his light hazel eyes, thanks to a combination of an Indian mother and a British father. He loved Quidditch enough to rival his infatuation with Lily Evans, and this resulted in strong, muscular arms and a stomach you could bounce a galleon off (this was discovered after Sirius told him it was impossible). His elbows were unbelievably pointy, and seemed to work their way into the ribs of everyone in Gryffindor at least once a week. He was ridiculously generous with his money, and was constantly giving the others small presents that made them want to slap him and hug him at the same time.

Lily Evans had long red hair that was found all over the common room, and the sharpest winged eyeliner in Hogwarts. Her chipped nail varnish was always brightly coloured, and contrasted with her pale, freckly skin. She have the best hugs in Gryffindor, but could be very cutting when she was provoked - by second year, the marauders knew never to target her or her friends in their pranks (except for Snape, obviously). She was incredibly intelligent, and was fascinated by lots of different things, this was one of the many things she bonded over with Remus. She was a brilliant musician, and often sang and danced with Marlene, Alice and Dorcas, inviting Peter occasionally when they discovered how talented he was, much to the chagrin of James. She smelled of the summer, even in the winter, and when she smiled, it lit up the room.

black-sun-dreamer a réagi à votre billet “Ichigo during the last arc =already in love with orihime”

You mean the Lost Agent arc?

The thousand year blood war arc actually . 

I think it went like this : 

first arc= lowkey crush like he find her pretty and funny but that’s it 

Soul society arc =real crush he begins to know her and think she is an amazing person 

Vizard arc = The crush is turning into something more but he doesn’t know it 

Hueco mundo arc = He’s in love with her but does not realize it yet because he is not accustomed to this feelings and he’d rather not think about this kind of stuff because he has crazy tons of self esteem issues because of his hollow and shit and he probably think he does not deserve her 

Timeskip = Slowly coming to the realization that  he does love her . Does not dwell on it because he feels worthless about the loss of his powers and feels he cannot protect her and is not good enough 

Last arc = regained his powers , is confident in himself, made peace with himself over his hollow and his powers . In this last arc he allows himself to reach out to her much more often . He consols her twice,he pulls her close to him to put her out of arms way, he’s kinda showing off when he show her his new hollow form ‘this time I’m still me’ , he smiles this big smile at her because his hollow is not a menace anymore nor for himself or for his friends , he asks her to protect him in battle because he knows how strong she has gotten BASICALLY I think in this last arc he let himself be in love with her because he dealt with his self esteem issues 


Harry Potter lady appreciation post tbh

Lily in her 80s nightmare wedding dress (plus rockin out w Sirius on her wedding night bc hell yeah), trying to push lady character silhouettes, and some extra Tonks (with an age AU Remadora)


Name: Sailor Eve (left)
Fav Color: Light orange
Sailor senshi?: Yes
Past: Born in Ethiopia. Moved to Japan at 17 yrs old to be reunited with her cousin. Saved by Usagi & learned how to defend herself.
Crush: Trunks (crossover)
Quotes(*bonus*): “Put that bleach down, beautiful girl. Why do you try so hard to be different? You’re already perfect, Melanin. (Puts her forehead on her cousin’s forehead) You have beautiful glowing skin & your hair is fierce. (Cries) I am so sorry, that I wasn’t here to give you the confidence you needed a long time ago”
“My cousin is pretty, period. Do not say that she is pretty for a black girl. That includes for me & every black girl in the world. DO NOT!!! You will feel our wrath”
“Magic, coconut, gold, & happiness are all I need in life”
“Purple lavender hair. Very pretty. You have amazing powers”
“I’m too magical for your bullcrap”

Name: Melanin Glo’
Fav Color: Pink
Sailor Senshi?: Yes
Past: Left Ethiopia to Japan when her mother married a Japanese tourist. Became insecure all of her life bc she was always teased for her skin tone & her mother bleached herself. Excelled in Japanese & taught Eve how to communicate well.
Quotes(*bonus*): “It’s just not fair!!! I was always bullied for been too dark and worst of all, my mom bleached her own skin. I used to look up to her bc we had the same complexion. I don’t who to look up to now. Why? I’ve always thought if I bleach myself, then everyone would treat me fair”
“My cousin said I’m already beautiful. For the first time in my life, no one had ever called me that. I thought she would call me ugly like everyone but this is so weird”
“It took me many years to accept the color I’m in. Eve is my guardian angel. My older cousin, guiding me to confidence & beauty”
“You’re right, I am dark skin, but that does not stop me from achieving my goals. You see me as ugly, but I see myself more than that. A melanin goddess I should say. My skin glows when the sun is out, but you will have to stay in the shadow”
“I’m beauty, I’m grace, this girl can slay in your face with beautiful magic”
Crush: Saphir

What the SU fandom needs to realize
  • Bad part of the fandom: Garnet is black omg if u don't say she's black ur a racist and no white people can cosplay her!!! PoC representation!!!! But black ppl can cosplay pearl uwu <3
  • Garnet: An alien, black coded based on her looks, can change her looks at any given moment if she wanted to, has a red color scheme that became more purple when she refused, is a rock
  • Jenny: A human, black, very much black, can change her appearance like any other person, but still will be black because she was born that way, still very black, will be black for her entire life, an actual poc

Name: Yorkie
Fav Color: Pink-Red
Abilities: Good at spiking and tossing.
Past: Learned how to play volleyball at 9 yrs old in NY. Went to Japan for her great-grandmother’s funeral at 17 yrs old. One day, she played volleyball in the beach & met Bokuto who got distracted by her body.
Quotes(*bonus*): “I saw you staring at me. What do you like more, my body or my skills?”
“I do 100 squats almost everyday and listen to Rihanna”
“I’m a New York girl. I’ll show everywhere you wanna go”
“My great-grandmother died here. She wanted me & my family to travel here to see the funeral. She was always generous and believed that each of us can be successful. That was my #1 fan who always encouraged me to play volleyball good”
“Wanna hook up? Just me & you”
“That was amazing what you just did. (Blushes) I wasn’t talking about yesterday….you freaky boy. (Gasps) You’re must really be in the mood” (flirting with Bokuto)


this is bleugorskis fault. she sends me super happy regulus/sirius brotherly love headcanons and i turn them into this. thanks, satan.

Sirius leaves, and everything begins to fade.

Loneliness permeates, resentment swells, rage and despair and confusion all coalesce—it’s like drowning and it’s like flying and Regulus relives the harrowing screech of his mother’s voice and the booming thud of the front door being slammed shut and it echoes, it echoes, it echoes, it echoes in the darkness of his bedroom as the clock strikes midnight and it echoes in the shadowy cobwebbed corners of the attic as he watches Kreacher pack up Sirius’s books and Sirius’s clothes and Sirius’s contradictory sanctimonious Gryffindor bullshit

Sirius leaves, and everything begins to splinter.

Words like ‘permanent’ and ‘forever’ suddenly turn mealy and sour in Regulus’s mouth—Sirius defines ‘right’ the same way their parents define ‘wrong’, and Regulus doesn’t like the taste of either, doesn’t like how one is saccharine sweet on the pebbled tip of his tongue and the other is rough and coarse and so uncomfortably, unpleasantly unfamiliar that it’s a wonder he can even recognize it. Because he hears ‘Pureblood’ and immediately thinks ‘agenda’ and he has to shake his head, shake himself, go down to stare at the ugly black scorch mark on the family tapestry and clench his jaw and then—and then—and then he has to put his fist through the drywall next to his wardrobe and he has to cover it up with a Slytherin Quidditch banner and he has to acknowledge that his reflection in the bathroom mirror later that night has never looked like more of a lie

Sirius leaves, and everything begins to collapse.

The skull with the serpent tattoo on Bellatrix’s forearm writhes and pulses with magic, hisses in impossible time to the jarring, arrhythmic beat of a Crucio scream and an Imperio whimper—and Regulus observes how her pupils dilate into needlepoints with each surge of power and how her teeth glint like razorblades with each flash of light and it isn’t the spice-warm cocoon of his parents’ approval and it isn’t the intermittent joy of his mother’s perfume-hazy embrace and it isn’t about reordering the world, no, it can’t be, not when it’s chaos and it’s toxic and it’s frightening and it makes his gut contract and his tonsils flutter and his pulse race with the abruptly nauseating understanding that Sirius had escaped joining this, yes, but he would never escape fighting it—

Sirius leaves, and everything begins to end.

anonymous asked:

That moment when you call out white ppl for writing song lyrics from a black artist as 'erasure' but you draw a canon Asian character black,, yikes dude

i have this thing to tell you about called mixed people,

Name: Juju Rosenberg
Fav Color: Black
Stand: SweetSexySavage (Kehlani album): Can create fake shadows on any surface(walls,floors, etc). If a person touches it, then they will get sucked inside and won’t be able to get out. In there, the person will see black hands & Juju awaiting.
Past: Adopted by Janice & transformed into a vampire at 5 in Egypt (End of Part 3). Developed her stand when she fought a bully in middle school. Very petty with Rohan bc he was rude to her when they first met in Japan.
Quotes(*bonus*): “Janice found me dying. I guess she saw a part of herself in me. She gave me her blood to live longer & I accepted. Fuck death, live longer until you tired of breathing”
“I keep seeing Janice praying to a painting of a white man. Lord Dio? Whoever he was, he seemed evil”
“Look here, player. I’m your auntie now. You better listen to me or else I’ll break your wrist” (threatening her adoptive nephew)
“Girls, I will be you grandauntie. It sounds weird. I’m only in my late teens. I was adopted by your ancestor”
“Jol was very beautiful. Mama, what happened to her? Did you killed her?”
“Listen here pencil dick!!! Don’t be so rude to your fans who have shown loyalty since day 1” (talking to Rohan)
“All these pencils but you can’t get straight to the point?”
“All these pictures but you can’t draw to the conclusion? Pathetic”
“All these erasers but you can’t fix your own mistakes?”
“I Juju, don’t have time for your bullshit”
“At least my eyebrows are sharper than your pencils. What? Is the great Rohan getting mad?”
“You touched my own shadow & got sucked into this black room. This is my stand’s ability. No one can help you get out. The only way ouy is to defeat me”
“You’re trash & I’m full of money stash”
“Stop saying me & Rohan would be a couple!!! No the fuck not! I think the fuck not! (Blushes)”
“I like guys who are mean & petty like me”
“Did you saw my thoughts, Rohan? (Blushes) You can say whatever. I’m a sore loser who can’t even control her own feelings toward the person she likes”


Name: Megz Lovu (left)
Fav Color: White
Hobbies: Running in track & fields and daydreaming
Past: Born 8 months bc her mother was bitten by a vampire & had to cut her stomach open to prevent the transformation. Adopted right after her mother’s death by a male vampire. Forced by her adoptive father to feed him her own blood in high school bc he wants to dominate her when older.
Quotes(*bonus*): “My vampire father was very nice & generous to me when I was a child, but when I became older, he became ruthless & evil. He didn’t want to hurt me as a child bc I was still developing. Now, he doesn’t see me as his own daughter anymore, but as food”
“It hurts that my own father told me that I was adopted just to give service. Was this all a lie? Why? I have no true family at all”
“My father wants me to marry Kaname bc he is a vampire & has stronger blood than him.. I cannot disobey my father bc I’m weak”
“I just found out that monster was the same man who made my mother killed herself. My own adoptive father!!!”
“I run in track & field bc I love to run for freedom. Free from giving. Free from negativity. Free for me & what I believe”
Crush: Kaname

Name: Valeria
Fav Color: Dark Red
Weapon: Crossbow
Past: Conceived from rape by an evil vampire. Always physically abused by her auntie who hates the vampire race. Mother trained her to be a cold vampire hunter & dispatched her auntie for being abusive & unloving.
Quotes(*bonus*): “Mommy just…. chopped up her own sister. She took this to another level. I guess mommy found out that her sister wasn’t a nice auntie after all”
“I’m half vampire half human. You’re adoptive father is my biological father. That would make me your adoptive sister” (meeting Megz)
“You think you can run faster than me? The half vampire half human? Oh please you think you can handle it?” (Racing her sister)
“Oh my gosh, I just love Zero. He’s just so breathtaking. There’s something so mysterious about him I can’t figure out. What is he?
Crush: Zero

There’s a big difference between making black characters and making characters who happen to have black skin. There’s a big difference between using black faceclaims and using faceclaims who have ‘black-ish’ features. This is not helping our representation at all.

It’s one thing to rejoice, 'Oh wouldn’t it be cool if this canon character was black!?’ than to use this idea as a meaningful part of the characterization.

No, black people are not all the same in the lifestyles we lead, ways we speak, or the hobbies we enjoy. Yet, our culture will be intact with us in some form. In the way the world universally perceives us, in small ways like ways we style our hair, even in the ways our family dynamics are.  

This is why its important to do more with your character than list the fact they’re Black on their bio.