canon a 1 digital


I’m probably not gonna post any more Cryptrip art until after thesis gets started later this week but I am so proud of these weirdos that I wanted to post the turnabouts!


I’ve decided to do a giveaway because I’m moving in two months and I need to get rid of as much stuff as I can(:


1.Must be following me: I will be checking!

2.Please reblog this as much as you like. The more, the better chance you have. I will be using a likes do not count

3.Please make sure your ask is open so I can contact you if you won! If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, a new one will be chosen. I also will be shipping anywhere


1 Ipod Nano: $139

1 Canon EOS Rebel Film Camera: $125

1 Sony Cyber-shot digital camera 18.2 MP DSC-WX150: $159

1 Nikon Film Camera with rad neck strap: $199

1Pentax K1000 Film Camera: $100

1 set of 5 ombre nail polish: $10

1 Rimmel Green Eye Liner: $1.50

1 Fujifilm professional color film roll: $12

1 gold fashion watch: $25

3 pairs of high heel booties: $90 ($30 for each)

2 pairs of fashion sunglasses: $20 ($10 each)

12 Teen Vogue magazines: $60

12 T-shirts: $120

1 Juiced Berry Victoria Secret lotion: $12

1 Dark Kiss Bath & Body Works lotion: $12

 Total Value: $1,084

Contest ends on May 20th


17 y/o amateur photographer from New Zealand.

Photography has truly been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, rocking around with my disposable cameras everywhere I went.

The cameras I use:

  • Nikon D70 (digital)
  • Canon Av-1 (film)
  • Canon QL (film)

I capture what ever is beautiful to my eye, whether it’s landscapes, portraits or in the streets at night. 

Watch me chase my Photography dreams below