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M42 - Orion Nebula by Guillaume Seigneuret
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My Third attenpt. The famous great Orion Nebula and the running man. Done at Rians Camera : EOS 50D Lens : Tamron 150-600 @ f/6.3 Mount : Avalon Linear Subs : - 50 x 120" ISO 1600 - 25 x 45" ISO 1600 => Almost 2h integration No dark, no flat, no bias.

By Accident, on Purpose

Prompt: Oops
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters: Sesshoumaru, Higurashi Kagome
Setting: Canon Divergence
600 Words

There was a shuffle of footsteps in the next room. A sharp gasp.

Then, a breathless “No, no, no – crap”, followed immediately by the sound of something shattering.

Someone else, somewhere else, might have been alarmed by such sounds. 

But Sesshoumaru just looked up from his letter, his eyebrow arched, his lips twisted in resigned amusement. 

When your significant other happened to be one Higurashi Kagome, minor accidents were a given and oops was a word you rather quickly became desensitised to.

He set down his letter and got to his feet, stalking across the room to the doorway, so he could inspect the destruction his mate had wrought in her wake.

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Good Luck Charm

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Genre: Drama

Word Count: 600

TW: Canon typical threat of monsters

Summary: Good luck isn’t usually a weapon in the Winchesters repertoire, but sometimes it’s the simple things that bring it on the most.

A/N: Happy birthday @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps!! This is for her Elvis Challenge! I got the song Good Luck Charm and used it to write a headcanon I have always had about hunters and good luck. I hope you enjoy!

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platonic Hazel/Jason bonding over how much they just want Nico to be happy and Hazel just casually trying to set Jason and Nico up on a date bc "they're so cute together"

“Thank you.” Hazel smiles up at Jason when he sits the paper coffee cup down in front of her before taking a seat to her right. Jason isn’t sure when exactly these Monday meets had become a thing, but for almost a year now, Hazel and he would set a time almost every Monday to meet somewhere for coffee or lunch, talk and catch up. It started with Hazel asking for advice on Frank’s behalf, for updates on their Greek friends that Jason got around to seeing much more often than Hazel did, and eventually, they talked more and more about Nico too.

It wasn’t an instantaneous thing, but after the war ended and they all settled into their new duties, Nico and Jason slowly but surely had started spending more time together. Hazel was one of the first to notice, one of the first to send curious smiles in their direction and the first to make use of the budding friendship between the two. It wasn’t only her now who could keep an eye on Nico, but Jason too.

“You look like you need a break, Jason.” Hazel pipes up after a while of comfortable silence. “How much have you been working?”

“I’m taking a break right now.” He answers, trying for an amused smile that he knows will look a little exhausted. “Just had a very busy week. This one will be better, I might go out and watch a movie.”

Hazel nods approvingly and Jason can’t help feeling even fonder of her than normal. Despite him being older, taller and maybe more intimidating in the right light, Hazel is as protective of him as she is of her brother – and she won’t hesitate reminding either when they are overdoing it again.

“What do you want to see? Isn’t there a new Star movie coming out. Nico mentioned something.” Hazel folds her arms on the table and looks at Jason with the smile that she always wears now when they talk about her brother. Sometimes, he isn’t sure if it makes him feel more at ease or unsettles him deeply.

“Yeah that one. Percy forced me into a marathon to see the ones before a while ago.” Jason nods and hides from Hazel’s curious gaze by sipping at his coffee. The girl hums as if she knows anyway and Jason pointedly avoids meeting her eye.

“Why don’t you ask Nico to go with you? I know you like spending time together.” The suggestion is innocent enough, but there is something about the twinkle in Hazel’s eyes that makes Jason feel like she doesn’t mean it so innocently at all.

“You want me to ask your brother on a date?”

“Nico. We need to tell her.” Jason says quietly, gently and tugs Nico closer by their linked hands. Over the last year, Nico has grown to be almost the same height as Jason and moments like this, when it brings them almost nose to nose, Jason can’t bring himself to mind that he might be the smaller one soon.

“Did she tell you to ask me on a date again?” Nico replies, much more amused about the situation than Jason is. “Maybe you should follow her advice. It’s been a while since we went anywhere together. I know I tease you when you go all romantic on me, but I do actually like it.”

Nico shuffles closer, rests against Jason and leans his head against Jason’s shoulder. Instinctively, Jason winds his arm around Nico’s waist and tugs their sides flush together.

“The next time she asks…” Jason starts, unsure he should go on and risk the gentle mood.

“Tell her. That you took me on a date and that is was just as amazing as the first one.”


Tigres by Oric1
Via Flickr:
Tigres de Sibérie “Parc des félins” TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD A011