canon 5d mk11


To all followers with camera knowledge! I have recently been looking into buying a DSLR (mainly for film work rather than photography) and my question to you is,

Do you think that the Canon 550d is a good step before getting a Canon 5d mkII?

My main reason for asking is the price as you will know, the difference is HUGE. Any other input is fully welcomed! Won’t be looking to buy until after Christmas so I have quite a while to think about it

Hi my name is Steve i live in Suffolk UK, i enjoy the outdoor life visiting local reserves taking my Canon 5D mk11 fitted with 100/400 zoom lens with me most times, I have been fortunate by having Barn Owls hunting around the surrounding fields where i live and enjoy watching them through my lens. I have a Flickr page where i show most of my photos many thanks to all who view and happy snapping !

My regular Tumblr blog is called -“It was just a feeling ….”.Magical Malecon. This photo was taken on the Malecon in Havana. I felt so inspired by the drama of the waves.

I am fairly new to photography. I have been learning for about two years and hope to improve each time I go away on a trip or shoot in London. I have a Canon 5d Mk11 and various lenses mostly prime. I love all sorts of photography but my passion is shooting people. Landscape shots are unusual for me but I am enjoying having a go.