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Corpse Flower by Spikedluv

[2253w | Teen]

Stiles thinks that having sex with Derek will make him less distracting.

Note: I love the dialogue in this one, from Derek’s teasing to Stiles catching him out. Stiles is perfect and you can’t help but laugh at Derek attempting to cling onto his resolve and keep Stiles at arms length.

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There’s a saddening lack of books with pansexual/panromantic rep included in queer book recs, so I’ve compiled a list of books for us pans, that I will be continuously updating.

Some notes: I haven’t read the majority of these books, so I’m trusting the people who sent me recs and the research I’ve done. Some of the books are part of series, and I’m not sure if the pan character is in one or some/all books, so keep that in mind.

For each book I’ve put the genre, the names of the characters if I could find them, if it’s canon or implied/hinted, and a goodreads link.

Happy reading!


[14/15] Relationships Voted By My Followers

↳ “…I have no right to tell you how to live. So this is just… a wish of mine. Live your life… with pride.”

  • you: jake and amy are a good example of a great het couple!
  • me, an intellectual: jake peralta and amy santiago are both bisexual and therefore not a het couple