canon 24mm f1.4


Yosemite National Park: Full Moon Snowshoeing

Last weekend we went to Yosemite National Park to go snowshoeing. All of these images are from that late night hike and all of these shots are lit only by the moonlight. Instead of using a tripod and long exposures which interfere with any kind of adventure I opted to use the new Sony A7S II camera, known for it’s insane lowlight capabilities. The camera was quite impressive and I was able to shoot some amazing stills and video (the video I’ll post on a later date). most of these shots are 1/60 of a second exposures and taken at 102,400asa all the way up to the camera’s maximum 409,600asa. The shots were taken with a Canon 24mm f1.4 lens. Even though the camera is amazing it’s autofocus with Canon lenses is horrible. Yes, Sony lenses focus quickly and accurately but I’m not a fan of their lenses yet. Regardless, I had a blast using this camera.


Bright Perseid Meteor by Kees Scherer
Via Flickr:
2016 aug 12 03:00hr. Canon 5Dmk2 with 24mm f1.4 @ f4. 120 second exposure iso1600 tracked. Calibrated with Darks, Flats and Bias in Deepskystacker and processed in Pixinsight. The following 6 images that i made show the dissolving smoke trail and i made a “video” that has to be watched in 720P :