canon 18 55


In the snow

Yesterday it started snowing right before I had to head to class. It doesn’t snow very often here and when it does it usually doesn’t stick, so just in case I took my camera with me. By the time I left the uni it had turned into a proper snowstorm! Unfortunately it was already past 4 which means it was getting dark, but I decided to walk through the botanics for some photos anyway. I used long shutter speeds so I could keep my ISO low, allowing me to brighten them a bit in lightroom afterwards. I love this beautiful city, and even more so in the snow!
Shot in Glasgow, UK, with a Canon 600D and an 18-55mm lens.


Super VW Festival 2016 by Thibault Le Mer
Via Flickr:
30 & 31 Juillet 2016 Canon 600D EF-S 18-55 mm / 55-250 mm + CameraRaw


Edinburgh Castle. da Adriana De Carne