Just think about the road trip for a second…like really think about it. Taylor PUT A YELLOW FLOWER in karlie’s hair, karlie hugged taylor from behind with ZERO space in between, she kissed Taylor on the cheek (the photo is allegedly HANGING ON TAY’S WALL), they went to a hotel made for couples, they wrote karlie <3 taylor in the sand, taylor captioned one of the photos with a lyric from one of her SONGS ABOUT LOVE

Being John’s Sister (And Dating Sherlock) Would Involve...

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[Just dating Sherlock is here]

Being John’s sister (and dating Sherlock) would involve:

  • When Sherlock and yourself first told John (well, more like John walked in on you two snuggling and reading together in bed, and you both had to awkwardly explain it), he didn’t quite believe. (He still can’t really get his head around it.)
  • John being really protective over you, and threatening Sherlock with your least favourite speech- the ‘I’m going to hurt you if you hurt her’ big brother speech.
  • Your brother being uncomfortable when you act ‘couple-y’ with Sherlock; he even left the room once. While Sherlock was surprised, you just laughed, shaking your head at how immature your brother was. His reaction doesn’t stop you acting ‘couple-y’ with Sherlock. (It actually does the opposite.)
  • John purposely sitting in between you and Sherlock in taxis, restaurant, and couches -whenever he can- to prevent Sherlock from holding your hand, and to annoy you.
  • Frequently going on cases with them, and John complaining about how he feels like a ‘third wheel.’ You tell him to stop being so dramatic. 
Being Eggsy’s Partner In Kingsman Would Involve...

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Being Eggsy’s partner in Kingsman would involve:

  • Saving his ass on missions- all the time. Him pretending that he’s still suave and cool. (He does appreciate you being there on mission to help him when he needs it, though.)
  • Going under cover with him, and complimenting on the outfits that Kingsman makes him wear. He just glares at you, saying that yours as just as… stylish.
  • Training with him- guns, theory, hand-to-hand combat: everything.
  • Making the best friend you’ve ever had, despite the fact that you had a love-hate relationship at first. (Eggsy and yourself, even though you get along now, couldn’t stand each other once. He was too relaxed, you worried too much- it really wasn’t a good combination, until you learned to balance each other out.)
  • Having inside jokes with him. Annoying the other agents at Kingsman with your inside jokes. (You think they’re funny- they don’t.)
  • Keeping a tally of all the places you’ve been with him. (Although you aren’t really meant to keep records of your missions -what with them being confidential and everything- you can’t help but keep photos of you and Eggsy, or tourist destinations, of the places the missions have taken you.)
  • Doing anything to protect each other.

ifellforanamazinggrayson asked:

Is it canon that Jasons eyes go from blue to green? The over all question did he ever have green eyes or us that a fan made thing?

His eyes are canonically blue. So are Bruce’s. So are Dick’s. So are Tim’s. So are Steph’s. So are Cass’s. So are Damian’s. So are mine. So are my neighbor’s. So are my dog’s. So are yours.

There are only blue eyes. Every eye everywhere is blue.

I wonder if there are any Dalish who revere Andraste. And I don’t mean remember her as a historical figure, or they honor her memory because of the service she did them – I wonder if there’s a Dalish clan out there who worship her, because they believe that one of the Creators, Mythal or Sylaise, managed to slip free of her prison and take human form. Surely a goddess would be wise enough to see that an enemy as great as the Tevinter Imperium could only be fought with their own weapons? They tell stories of Shartan meeting Andraste for the first time and kneeling before her, because he was the only one who ever perceived her true nature – or so they both believed.

But on the eve of her triumph, Andraste was betrayed by her human husband, who wasn’t actually a human at all, but the Dread Wolf in disguise. It had amused him to let the goddess believe she could free her people, but in that moment he shattered her hopes and dragged her back to her prison in the Beyond, leaving her only a small window so she could see how her people fared, alone again and without guidance…

The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter:

Peering in, we could see that the only light in the room came from a dull blue flame which flickered from a small brass tripod in the centre. It threw a livid, unnatural circle upon the floor, while in the shadows beyond we saw the vague loom of two figures which crouched against the wall. From the open door there reeked a horrible poisonous exhalation which set us gasping and coughing. Holmes rushed to the top of the stairs to draw in the fresh air, and then, dashing into the room, he threw up the window and hurled the brazen tripod out into the garden.

“We can enter in a minute,” he gasped, darting out again. “Where is a candle? I doubt if we could strike a match in that atmosphere. Hold the light at the door and we shall get them out, Mycroft. Now!”

“Mycroft, you hold the light while we do the thing”–totally canon.