Fauna: Howlers

Howlers ( Or Canoids, or Dog-Things, or Hunde) were pets once…or so they say. People kept these things as companions. The used to be smaller, friendly, and cuter. When the world died, radiation and toxic air wreaked havoc on the world’s canis lupis familiaris population. Puppies were coming out of the womb skinless, manylimbed, hairless, bony, or all of the above. Only dogs with beneficial mutations survived. These ‘Howlers’ grew wild like their ancestors.

A trait most common among howlers is the ability to draw their water from….other sources. When in a waterless environment for a prolonged period of time, Howlers can slake their thirst by drinking the blood of their kills. 

And yes, war-tribes have tried to domesticate them. Attempts have proven difficult.