Fratelli Barale, nel cuore del Barolo e oltre

Fratelli Barale, nel cuore del Barolo e oltre

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La cantina F.lli Barale è proprio nel centro del paese di Barolo, a pochi passi da piazza Cabutto, con l’ingresso nascosto sotto una volta ad arco, sulla destra. Arriviamo in un weekend denso, mentre le strade del borgo sono infittite dalle bancarelle del mercato, e in azienda ci attende Eleonora, gentile padrona di casa e figlia di Sergio Barale, che troviamo intento in una degustazione con un…

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#Brezza #Barbera 2010 #Cannubi this is 1 day old and it’s just perfect. I sold it at $38. Served at 65 Fahrenheit, it’s as fresh as a daisy. Sour cherry, cranberry, a little raspberry, pommergranite - fresh & # excellent still have 10 left on #charlemagnefinewines thanks ps I’ll be gone till march 22 place orders and I’ll fill on my return- buying wine in France


Cannubi – The Top of Barolo’s Real Estate Wish List

When it comes to elite vineyard real estate, Cannubi sits at the top of the list.  With the oldest still existing bottle dating back to 1752, this 15 hectare hill has a history as a prestigious location for Nebbiolo cultivation that predates the entire Barolo category.  Among its many attributes, Cannubi is the meeting point of soil from both the Tortonian and Helvetian periods, which contributes to Cannubi’s singular microclimate. 

Not surprisingly, the Cannubi cru’s handful of hectares is divided amongst several owners, but Damilano has recently pushed to have a stronger presence in the terroir.  The proud owner of two hectares, Damilano signed lease agreements in recent years and now controls 10 hectares of the cru.  Taking on such as large presence in Cannubi is not only a serious investment, but a serious stewardship commitment that Damilano does not take lightly. 

The prime real estate of Cannubi was a hot topic at Vinitaly this year.  Damilano winemaker Giuseppe Caviola, conducted a seminar on Cannubi, explaining the nuances of this appellation that make it so special and how he and the entire Damilano team are working not only to make wines that express the distinct personality of Cannubi, but preserve this special cru for the next generation. 

While this isn’t the full seminar, this video is a nice introduction to Cannubi in the words of some of the men who know it best, winemaker Gisueppe Caviola and agronomist Giampiero Romana.

#Brezza #Cannubi and #Sarmassa for those of you who don’t know are 2 plots in the Barolo area which grow beautiful fruit to make these 2 cru wines. These wines are very hard to get and I was limited to 24 bottles that’s 12 of each. Will be on my site shortly !! This is for your guide a great bottle of wine. And 2010 is a great year