Regarding the MJ casting rumors, because people keep asking my thoughts-

If the rumors are true (and that is still a big if, they haven’t been backed by any legitimate source yet) I can get into it. I haven’t seen Zendaya act in anything yet, but but from what I’ve seen of her in interviews, I can totally see MJ. Marvel hasn’t dropped the ball in terms of casting for a film yet, and I really doubt they cut corners on their flagship character’s franchise.

I love me some comic book MJ. And that version isn’t going anywhere (at least more than she already has, looking at you, Slott). Being a white redhead isn’t vital to the character, but the correct personality is- something we’ve yet to see with that character. I can’t wait to see Homecoming, and assuming the rumors are true, what Zendaya brings to the role of Mary Jane Watson.

But first, there is his first feature film lead in the film C.O.G. which opens in theaters on Friday (20 September).

‘This is the first time that I’ve ever been in every frame of a movie,’ Groff says. 'It’s a huge learning experience and I feel really proud of this movie because there’s like a level of relaxation and level of sort of openness that happens when you’re on set every day. For me, this movie was a turning point as an artist. It really taught me so much.’

In C.O.G., which stands for Child of God, Groff plays a recent Yale graduate, still largely closeted, who takes a bus across the country to Oregon to go off the grid and finds work at a apple farm.

The film is based on an adaptation of the David Sedaris short story from his book of collected essays, Naked. It marks the first time one of Sedaris’ stories was adapted for film.

Because the short story was based on Sedaris’ real life experience, Groff was hesitant to take on the role.

'I was really intrigued that it was the first David Sedaris story ever made into a film. I read the script and thought, “I’m nothing like David Sedaris and I can’t do an impression of him. This is all wrong for me.’

But director Kyle Patrick Alvarez, insisted on a meeting.

'When we sat down he said, "We’re doing a David Sedaris story but I don’t want to cast an actor that looks like him or is doing an impression of him. That’s just inviting critisicm that you don’t want. No one can do David Sedaris as well as David Sedaris.” So then I was really intrigued by Kyle’s vision.’

Groff said after watching Alvarez’s previous film Easy With Practice and realizing the passion the director had for C.O.G., 'I just sort of jumped into it.’




You guys, I am becoming obsessed with this trailer.