I saw that he posted a picture of the city that’s really close to where I live on Instagram so naturally I flipped the fuck out and called one of my really close friends that loves him as well. She literally turned her car around and headed downtown, and I yelled at my dad to drive me the 30 minutes it takes to get downtown. 

Lydia (my friend), had been searching for literally 30 minutes already when I got downtown so she was sitting down and I ran up to her and told her we should go “on a mission” to find Mitchell. Literally 45 seconds later he’s walking past us and Lydia plucks up the courage to say “You’re Mitchell Davis right? Can we get hugs and pictures maybe?” and he agreed! 

He was so nice truly. He said he liked my shirt, took pictures on my iPhone, asked us to pose for his friend Brian’s polaroid camera which we both did and he gave us the polaroids. 

We left then but literally not a minute later they came BACK up the stairs and saw us again, asked for one more picture for THEM to keep (We were the only people that came up to them today) and our names (I also left my Twitter on there hehehe). Then we talked about how beautiful my city is and where we live, (he said to me “I hope I’m worth 30 minutes of driving” and I told him “Of course!” then his friend Brian said we’d be in his blog/video and that it was really awesome to meet us because they didn’t think anybody here would recognize them. 

We then said goodbye and let them have their peace, but in short, they were both SO nice, SO gracious, and SO awesome. 

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No one can deny how intense gyllenswift was. Still is tbh. Lol. And she did say she's only ever been in love ONE time and I mean she was talking about Jake. Bc you don't put yourself through all that hurt knowing you're going to probably get hurt if you don't love them to pieces. Gyllenswift was real. And gyllenswift happened at the wrong time. Just like haylor but I believe gyllenswift was meant to last. And they just found each other too early. Bc they are a perfect couple.

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what did you think of newsies? i really hope you liked it, it's the show that really got me into theater and i love it so much

I love Newsies! I saw Corey Cott in it, and of course he was spectacular. It’s very rare that the songs are my least favorite part of a musical, but tbh the only ones I’m super into are Watch What Happens, Something To Believe In, and Santa Fe. However, the choreography is just… astounding. Completely unbelievable. I cannot even believe how inventive it is.  

It’s a great show, and there’s so much energy in it, so much physicality, and I love the characters quite a lot.