cannot wait until september

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Watching the new trailer is sort of like getting wet and fingered after cobwebs growing in your vagina after a 10 year abstinence. Finally! I cannot wait until September comes so I can get fully fucked. That trailer looks good.

I, um, well, uhhhhhhhhh……

Is this why Cait tweeted “wet” your appetite instead of “whet” your appetite? I thought it kinda odd someone who throws out words like comeuppance would not know the proper spelling of the word for stimulating ones appetite vs, well the other. 😏

No seriously who do I have to bribe to get a Ginger/Merlin fic? Is there anyone out there who don’t need to wait for a feel of Ginger’s character to write me some fluff or smut about them?

Took the time tonight to watch DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, the new Raven’s Home episode, AND the premiere of the new DuckTales. 

While the movie of DuckTales was… well, only mildly entertaining, the new Raven’s Home episode was just as good as the last few, and as for the new DuckTales…

I loved it! Guys, the new DuckTales is so much fun, I love it. Try and watch it when you get the chance! I think it’s a really fantastic reboot, and I cannot wait until the next episode airs in September!

Hi Taylor, It’s been a while since I wrote to you with an update on my life, so here goes nothing. I’m really stressing right now about school because college applications come out soon. I’m gonna be a senior in high school, so I have to worry about applications, graduation, and standardized tests while trying to stay sane (ha ha funny joke, right?). I just had my senior pictures taken, so that is one step closer to getting out of the hell hole people call high school. I know this year I’m going to need you more than ever, and I know you’ll always be here to cheer me up even where you’re not physically with me. I’m just going to thank you in advance for that. Over the past year, I’ve surrounded myself with so many good friends, you included of course, who love me like I love them, and it’s really comforting to know I have them on my side. I can go to them with anything, and that’s honestly one of the only reasons I’ve gotten through the stress that high school has caused me.

‘Fifteen’ has also gotten me through a lot these past 4 years: a guy, losing a close friend, and just realizing that there is always something better for me than what I’ve been through. I still remember listening to 'Fifteen’ on the bus ride for my very first day of freshman year, and little did I know it would….kind of….become a very identical story of mine involving a guy. (we can save that story for another day.)

Thank you for being one of the only constants in my life throughout high school, and thank you for always making my days brighter. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough for what you have done for me and the things you’ve said to me and the memories that we have made together. I’ll cherish you and your friendship forever.

I cannot wait until we can finally reunite in Nashville in September. I’m counting down the days. I love you always.

Abby :D

ps… yes it may look like i’m in a prison, perhaps. but i’m actually at a summer camp at a college. so its a college dorm room, (basically prison though)