cannot wait to see it!

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You can do this! I am SO proud of you. And excited for you. And i love you and i cannot wait to see how everything goes. How's the airport? How are the kitties?

Eeee! Thank you, friend!

Airport is fine - a bit quiet.

Cats are doing as best as they can. They got on the plane with no mishaps! I however…

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What do you think of Moulin Rouge? Where do you think they can improve? What was your favourite part of the program?

I love it!!! It’s seriously perfect for them! Honestly I was worried since Moulin Rouge has been done many times but I kept an open mind and holy crap this program is amazing! I love the speed that they had and the lifts were amazing (I’m so glad they brought back the Carmen lift because that’s seriously just an incredible lift!)

Improvements… hm we didn’t get to see the whole program so maybe I’ll have something to say Saturday (after the free dance event). Of course, this is their first competition of the season and they will improve and work on this program so much before the Olympics!

I really really like the beginning of this program! The chemistry is absolutely sizzling and they look so fierce! Ah! I cannot wait to see the full program! 

Hi tay!! I just wanted to update you on my life a little bit!!
I started college last month, I’m currently in the nursing program at my dream school and so far it’s been challenging, but wonderful! Adjusting to living away from home has been great, although I do miss my family of course. I’m so happy you decided to release an album this year because I know it’s going to help me through every emotion I feel along this crazy adventure. Thank you for always having my back and loving me as much as I love you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, for both of us. I’m so proud of you! Miss you so much 💓
Baby tay


my completed shot for @tazanimated !!

there’s a lot of things I wish I could fix, but I’m so tired of staring at this thing!! 

I’m so glad that I got to be a part of this amazing project, and I cannot wait to see everyones hard work come together!

hope you guys enjoy! :D

in all seriousness, without getting into specific spoilers, I think the thing that bowls me over the most about the adventure zone is the absolute love and care you can feel in every single piece of it that comes out of it being a podcast medium.

like… we see Griffin talking on twitter about his adoration, and Justin and Clint busting at the seams trying not to talk about things that are coming, Travis fucking picking up woodworking to create the things his character does in canon to feel the emotional impact. Part of the reason this show has worked it’s way so into my heart is because of how much it’s so obvious the creators adore it, and the story they’re telling, and how much you can HEAR it as they perform their story.

The day I knew I was in on this podcast forever was absolutely at the end of Eleventh Hour, during the backstory episode. Magnus’ section of the episode was right before the ad break, and Griffin had an NPC describing how he could change his past, the worst mistakes of his life, and save the person closest to him, and as soon as he says “you can save them”, the mic picked up Travis making a small gasp in realization. Just one hitch of breath. That simple action has stuck with me for months, and it shines out in so many aspects of their vocal performance. You know things are about to get serious with Taako when Justin’s voice gets low, and flat, and directly to the point. There’s a way Clint breathes in and goes “well, you know…” when you just know things are about to get so real. And Griffin’s narration, the way his voice warbles with a little laugh when he’s delivering the one-two emotional punch.

I just… I adore seeing creators love their creations and these boys have gone above and beyond, especially this arc, to perform their characters to their fullest extent. I’m just so, so thankful of the dedication and craft they’ve brought to this show, and while I’m sad to see it go, I cannot wait to see how it ends.

  • them: whats your favorite movie trilogy?
  • me: Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) DIR. ZACHARY EDWARD SNYDER

GTKM Meme - [4/5] favorite relationships - Greg Lestrade & Molly Hooper (BBC Sherlock)

“What’s Lestrade’s ideal date?”

“Maybe Molly…if you look at Lestrade’s face [in A Scandal In Belgravia] when she takes her coat off when she comes to the party…I think Lestrade really fancies Molly.” - Rupert Graves (x