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You bit your lips nervously. Picking up the fourth pregnancy test with trembling hands, once again it had the positive sign. Tears of happiness escaped your eyes that made its way slowly down your cheeks. The beating of your heart raced and right away you began preparations. You grabbed his camera and quickly took pictures of all four pregnancy test. Even though you weren’t showing, you took a picture of your stomach. 

You grabbed a scrapbook that has been collecting dust on one of the shelves and gently cleaned it. You reprinted some old pictures and slowly began making a time line of the journey you and Jihyun had together. Reminiscing the old memories you two had together caused more tears to stain your cheeks. From your first group photo to pictures of a simple coffee date. To your guys first festival together to the time he asked you to be his significant other. There were even random photos of the road trips that you two taken together. 

The last page had the pictures that you recently took. Under them you simply put ‘Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for being such an amazing soulmate. Thank you for allowing me into your heart and mind. I cannot wait to start new memories with you’.  

You smiled and hid the scrap book so Jihyun wouldn’t see it. Anticipation and anxiety filled your veins wondering how he was going to react. You wanted to remember his reaction forever so you hid his camera and put it on record. A few minutes later, Jihyun showed up from work and you ran to him to give him a welcome home kiss. You brought him to the perfect angle of where the camera was set up. 

You sat him down and told him to close his eyes. Quickly you ran to the scrapbook to place it in his large warm hands. He open them and his beautiful smile appeared. His fingers were delicate while turning the pages. He laughed about the memories and he never felt more alive while looking at the pictures. When he got to the last page, his perfect eyes shot wide open. His hands trembled and his face was tinted with pink. He dropped the book and picked you up in his arms. 

“Thank you for blessing me. Thank you for showing me how life can actually be beautiful. You are the reason why I went through all the surgeries and I’m glad I did. You are the strongest woman I have ever met.” he managed to say between cries. 

He let you down gently and made eye contact with your stomach. He picked up your shirt and gave it a long kiss. The smooching sound reminded you of the wedding bells that you heard on your wedding day. He traced your initials with his on your stomach with his fingertips. 

His beautiful mint orbs looked deep into yours, “I don’t deserve this, you are perfect for me. I am glad that there is something in this world that can finally show how much I am in love with you (y/n). You and this child will be the reason why I get up in the morning. Thank you for making me feel alive. Thank you for blessing me with your love. Thank you for giving me the honor of you carrying my child.” 

He stood up and gave you a deep passionate kiss.  

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Hello! I've only recently found your writing but I think it is fabulous! Could you please write how some of the men in the army would react if Corrin/Kamui (or gender less) got realllllyyy injured protecting them in battle? Preferably Xander, Leo, Takumi, Ryoma, Jakob, Niles, Kaze, etc. Pretty please and thank you!

Thank youu ;v;) And welcome! <3
I’ve never tried multiple approaches to a prompt before, *Camilla’s voice* let’s see how this goes!
… Wait, now that I think about it, that’s probably what the previous anon wanted, right? @_@ I’ll edit that now…


Even under Kamui’s command, Xander insisted on always stay at the front lines. “As crown prince, I cannot let others fulfill my duty of protecting my kingdom.” He replied every time she tried to talk him out.

That fight was no different. He was commanding the troops ordered to eliminate the enemy’s detachment before it reached the main force. Worried, Kamui rode beside him.

“This is simply a detachment, Kamui.” He said after spotting the enemy. “Our Commander should be preoccupied with the foe’s main force.”

Kamui snorted, speeding up her horse by his side. “You really don’t mean that, do you? Every fight is important if we’re to win this war.” She saw his smile, knowing she hit the mark. “You’re only trying to protect me.”

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From what we have seen so far ever since the Zou arc began, Zoro is always the first person to mention or notice anything related to Sanji. Though Zoro would never admit it, he obviously shares a very deep bond with the cook and trusts him completely to look after himself and their nakama no matter what.

In addition to that, after reading the recent chapters a thought occurred to me - what if all these panels showing Zoro's thoughts on Sanji are actually foreshadowings of Zoro’s future reactions to Sanji’s situation? Note that Zoro is the first to realize something’s off with Nami. It could be just that Oda chose Zoro out of the five Dressrosa Strawhats to show how keen and perceptive he could be when it comes to his nakama’s well-being, but this is the first moment we get to know something’s wrong with Sanji and Zoro being the first to grasp this seems… pretty significant. Shipping aside, those two share a very special (and exclusive) relationship with each other after all. 

Anyway I can’t wait to see how Zoro will react after he hears what has happened to Sanji. Sanji’s much more emotional than Zoro so we’ve seen him worry about the marimo many many times, but the same cannot be said for the latter. I’d absolutely love to see Zoro return the ero cook’s favor this time around.  

The “Kung Food” Episode of ML is one of my favorites because...

1. We really get to see Marinette’s intelligence. She listens one time to a translator program and can get the pronunciations right within at least two tries. Yes, she may have grown up listening to her mom speak it from time to time which helps but she fits into this category where she herself has never really spoken the language. That’s huge.Second generation speakers like Mari often have difficulty with their parent’s original language.

2. We get to see a whole new side of the Cheng family. Before this episode, pretty much nothing was indicated about Mari’s legacy except from what we can see of her mother. Having her uncle show up gives us more to see and rely on; the way he reacted to Marinette means that even though she is half-French, he still considers her a part of the Cheng family. I cannot wait for the special episode where we’ll get to see her in China. My heart!  

3. We get to see the selflessness of Adrien. Sunshine boy comes running over to Marinette’s probably without a second thought as soon as her best friend asks him to because Mari needs a translator. We know he has a heart of gold but this shows us how big it really is.

4. We get to see a side of Adrien that normally doesn’t show. Must I really explain that little bow to Mari after offering his services? It’s quirky, cute, and completely out of his normally composed character.

5. We get to see the dynamics between Adrien and Chloe change a bit. Adrien, in the origins episode, says Chloe is his only friend. We’ve seen him excuse her behavior a lot of the time. Not this time. Adrien stands up to Chloe several times throughout the episode and calls her on her behavior.

6. We get to see Mari interact with Adrien without the standard flipping out! Anyone who’s anyone in this fandom knows how bad she is at speaking to him. Usually it becomes random blathering. Not this time. Yes, when he showed up she was a little star-eyed and same old Mari but the longer they were together, the more coherent sentences we got. Pretty much she’s speaking to him normally by the time they get to the hotel for the competition. Heck, she’s comfortable enough at the end to have lunch with him and her uncle which would have never happened on a regular day.

7. We get to really see Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting on the same level. Most times, it’s Ladybug sending Chat out to be a distractor while she sets up the final blow. The multiple baddies (henchmen) in this episode made it possible to see both of them fighting with the same skills and level that validates their partnership.

8. We get to see how really deep their partnership is. Chat Noir literally nods his head when he goes to combat Jagged Stone. Ladybug nods back. They don’t have to say anything because they’re already on the same wave length. Plus, don’t get me started on that sauve barricading of the door move they did. 100% in sync.


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Can I hear your thoughts about the last chapter? I know this is a rp blog but you have such a perfect grasp of Doflamingo that it feels like talking to the real one and I want to know how he felt when he killed Rosinante. Sorry and thanks for your time!

    Aw thank you omg. Why do you apologize tho? I can give it a try, but please remember this is my perception of him.

But well, in the first place Doffy is not a very emotionally stable character. He doesn’t know how to react to emotions in general, asides of his well known anger and amusement. Roci’s betrayal did hurt him, naturally. His own brother, someone he really cared about betraying his trust that way, lying for years with the sole purpose of stopping Doflamingo, with everything that implies.

External image

You can see him here just waiting for news, disappointed, deep in thought, sad. He gets to a point in which he decides not to feel anything, to leave the mind blank about everything that involves Rocinante because he cannot let feelings overwhelm him. He’s logical over emotional, but he feels betrayed and hurt all the same, he simply doesn’t know how to deal with it.

External image

He says nothing as he walks towards Roci. Exclamations? Probably he’s shocked by the state of Rocinante. He knew he had to face that moment since Vergo called him saying that Rocinante was a traitor. “It’s been half a year Corazón.” not Rocinante. Even if brothers Doflamingo is still the captain of the crew, and as his subordinate Roci would deserve a punishment for everything he did, but he’s pretty badly injured already so he really didn’t need to do anything.

External image

His expression. I particularly like this panel since he’s staring directly at Rocinante. If he had been incredulous before now he had no other option but to believe it’s real. The pain, sadness and disappointment are hidden underneath his solemn expression. What is he thinking? Probably something among the lines of ‘and you were the enemy all this time’ and that indeed tastes very bitter.

External image

Rocinante is the first one that pulls the gun. Doffy hadn’t done anything yet. No guns, no using his strings, nothing but to say that it had been half year. Roci’s reaction surprises him, but he does nothing yet. Then Rocinante gives his marine code and begins to say that he had infiltrated to stop the tragedy Doffy was about to cause. In one of the first panels of the page you can see a tiny flashback of Sengoku and Roci in which Roci just cries as Sengoku says’ you got no family, huh?’ implying that it was Rocinante the one that didn’t consider Doffy a part of his family any longer. Apparently the perception Roci has from his brother is that he’s just a monster, pure evil. But well, back to Doflamingo’s thoughts.

“I’m sorry I lied. I didn’t want you to hate me.” Doflamingo is confused because that’s a very stupid thing to say while pointing the other with a gun.

External image
He doesn’t buy Roci’s words that weren’t even directed at him in the beginning, but to Law and simply says that he just wants Roci to answer two questions. One, where is the fruit and the second one where is Law. He gives a shit about Law, he wants him back into his crew. All that BEFORE knowing he had eaten the Ope Ope Fruit.

External image
Then this. One the one hand yes, Doffy still wants to live forever but I honestly think he went out of his way purposely by saying it because he wanted to hurt Rocinante.

External image
He finally draws the gun and points at Rocinante. But ‘extra work’ does that mean he wasn’t planning to educate Law before that. Well. Important thing here: Doflamingo’s arm is shaking. Unlike Roci’s.

External image

Doffy spats the “A lot like father”, no need to say why he hated his father I think.

External image
Those words are like a punch in the guts for him. Doffy was already quite on the edge, but this is is the last straw: 
External image

Rocinante saying that Law is free, Rocinante choosing Law above him and the whole Donquixote Family. His own brother, that supposedly always hated kids,  was willing to turn him in and the whole Donquixote family with him. Betraying everyone and trying to save a kid that had been doomed in the beginning, a kid for whom Doffy had great plans and a kid that now has the fruit he wanted. Roci complicated everything and he was a trechearous little shit, so he shoots. 

External image

5 times. AND DOFLAMINGO IS SHAKING AFTER HE SHOOTS. But he doesn’t show any other emotion. He has other things to think about like all the marines around, Law in one of the marine ships and he has to make sure the family can escape the island. About Roci? He would deal with what he did later, once the crew was out of danger in the solitude of his room. He has a lot to think about and probably he would do so with a few bottles of wine.

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how you imagine the relationship of hiccup and astrid will develop in the 3rd and 4th season of dragons? or how they will become a couple?

Thanks for the fun question! I guess we will see in a few months, but it’s always fun to guess and see how wrong I am hahahaha.

So Hiccup and Astrid have had a crush on each other for a loooooooong time, and it has crept into their relationship more than once beginning when they are but teenagers. We see kisses when they are fifteen and when they are sixteen, but there are noticeable times their body language points out they are noooot quite a couple yet. The most obvious example is how Hiccup and Astrid, after realizing they are holding each other, scoot away during “Animal House.” Thus, though they have feelings for one another that have been developing and deepening over time, they have not verbally dealt with the issue yet.

By Season 3 of Dragons, the fact they care for each other, and on more than a platonic level, is something the two of them can no longer just keep to the background. They have to discuss it. I feel like the relationship will officially happen and they become a romantic couple because they have already been acting like one. They just finally get the courage up to talk about it rather than dancing around the truth and make the title official. I am guessing that Hiccup will be the awkward one who brings up the conversation first, for Astrid is a woman of action rather than words.

I am less sure about whether Hiccup or Astrid will tell the gang about the official hook-up, though. I can see that going either way. And I can see it be a more comical scene than anything else.

Some people will have been expecting Hiccstrid to officially get together forever. Gobber will have zero surprise. He was astute enough way back when Hiccup was fifteen to notice the boy staring after Astrid. He will react to the news with, “Finally,” or some other equivalent. 

Others, though, will not be expecting it. By “others” I mean Snotlout, who has the ability of a tree stump to detect returned romantic interest - or at least, he keeps trying to gain love even when romantic interest clearly is not reciprocated. Snotlout flirted with Astrid when she was fifteen and sixteen, after all, for a very long time, even when it was probably more than obvious she was more interested in Hiccup (you mean like the entire first two seasons of Dragons???). In a similar way, Snotlout still keeps on pushing for romantic attention past hope in HTTYD 2 with Ruffnut. So if anyone is going to be surprised about official!Hiccstrid, it is going to be Snotlout. I can imagine him making some disappointed comment to the other youths in the Dragon Academy, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut responding with, essentially, a “Well, duhhhhh, Snotlout,” comment. 

The other Dragon Academy reaction option, given how the scriptwriters handle Ruffnut and Tuffnut, is to have them be pretty baffled or slow about it, too. But SOMEONE is going to have a “Wait, what?” reaction even if official!Hiccstrid is OBVIOUS in the coming.

It will be most interesting to see how Stoick responds. Parents reacting to their kids in a relationship is ALWAYS interesting, after all! We cannot just SAY he will be calling her his “future daughter-in-law” right away or act as exuberantly as we see in HTTYD 2, given that opinions of children’s significant others can morph over time. Still, I am guessing, given the fact that Astrid kisses Hiccup in front of Stoick in HTTYD 1 and he just smiles away, that Stoick will totally be on board with his son getting together with Astrid. He will be pleased. 

I hope that they do something funny about Stoick’s pleasure. Have him give Hiccup a nice long talk about how to date a lady properly. Talk a little bit too loudly and too frequently about his son’s girlfriend to the point he embarrasses Hiccup. Ask Hiccup awkward relationship questions. If the scriptwriters are feeling devious, maybe even slip in a hilarious vague sexual inference or double entendre. SOMETHING to make Hiccup squirm.

The Hiccstrid episode will last an entire episode and be the entire focus - or one of the two main focuses - in said episode. It will also happen near the beginning of the season so that they have time to develop it through the other seasons.

So then… how does it develop through the next two seasons beyond the get-together?

I imagine there will be teasing and times alone akin to what happens at the start of HTTYD 2, albeit in a less dynamic manner. I also wonder if they will have another argument, perhaps near the end of Season 3, between the two of them. A new relationship and the kinks it can have is pretty good story material, after all, and I suspect the writers will use it.

Overall, though, I think the relationship overall will be supportive. Astrid and Hiccup have been a “team” throughout Riders and Defenders of Berk, and they treat each other as equals in HTTYD 2. I would imagine they would have a decently smooth, supporting relationship given what we have already seen of them during their past platonic times together.

And there will be more than one kiss in Seasons 3 and 4, versus the one kiss that happens in the first two seasons. There will not be toooo many, but there will certainly be enough to show they are in a relationship! Woohoo!

Imagine you have a professor called Sebastian Stan at university

‘I know it is a silly homework, but for next class you are going to write an essay about your weekend. Yes, it seems we are in high school but it may be easier for you to apply the vocabulary you have learned on this kind of essay. Ok, that is all for today. See you on Monday.’ Says Professor Stan.

It is Friday, finally, and your classes are over. All you can think about is the party you have tomorrow. 

University is consuming you, literally. When  you were in high school you 'enjoyed more life’ if that could be said: you went out more. But now, you want your degree as soon as possible. Therefore, you are really focus on your studies and you do not go out much. However, tomorrow is one of your best friends’ birthday. Not only are you going to the party because she is your friend, but also because the parties she throws are awesome. There are lots of people in there and there is her oldest brother too. Yes, he is cute, but for you is like an older brother. You even know some of his friends due to you have spent time with them. You like boys: they are not as problematic as girls and they are so funny.


You are wearing an off the shoulder top and a skirt, and you paint your lips dark red. You are a pretty girl, but today you look completely different than any other day.

'Hi, Emma. Happy birthday!’

'Hey, Y/N. Thank you. How much I missed you! Look at you, I did not know my best friend hides a hot girl in her. You look awesome.’

'Oh, just shut up.’

You give Emma, your best friend, her present and talk for a while in her bedroom. Then she tells you: 'come on, let’s go to the living room. There is my brother with the guys.’

'Nick, look who is here.’ Emma says.

'Hey Y/N! How are you?’

'Hi Nick! Hi guys! I missed you!’

Fortunately, the relationship between you and the guys has not changed, even though you have not seen them for a while. You talk and joke as if you still see each other every day.  

Emma leaves you with the boys as she is with her other friends. You are comfortable around them as you can talk about anything with them: about sports, about life, they even warn you about other guys. You love them, you really do.

'I will be here in a minute guys. Dean is coming with a fried.  I am going to wait for him outside.’ Nick tells you.

You continue talking with the rest.

'Do you know what happened to Sam while he was playing Pokemon Go, Y/N? He falled into the water.’ Alex tells you.

'Whaaaat? Ahahaha. Come on guys, you are grown up to play that game. God, how much I missed your stories.’ You say.

'Well, that game makes me remember my childhood. I like it guys, what can I say? Sam confesses.

'Hi guys! Hey, it is so good to see you Y/N!’ Dean says.

'Dean! Hi! Look at you, you look so good.’

'Thank you! You too. I must confess you are awesome tonight, Y/N. Guys, he is a friend of mine. You met him the other day. I think you do not know him yet, Y/N.’

You are checking your phone while Dean is talking, as soon as he wants to present you his friend, you look at him again.

'Y/N, this is Sebastian.’

You cannot believe what you see. Your professor at the party. Your professor in your environment, in your world. 

'Hi’ you say in a lower voice, surprised.

He seems surprised too.

'Hi, how are you?’ Sebastian says.

They sit down by your side. Oh, my God. You do not know what to do. His presence surprises you and you do not know how to act, react. Luckily, Nick says: 'I am going to buy more ice, guys.’ Immediately you tell Nick: 'wait, I am going with you.’

It is no weird that you go alone with Nick to somewhere. He is like your older brother so, it is very common for you two, even for Emma.

Being away from  the party for a while makes you feel good. In fact, it is great because you can talk to Nick. He has been a great support for you. He is the brother you never had. You two know each other so well. It is fantastic to know someone like him.

After half and hour, you return to the party. Now, you get into the house through the patio. You see that Nick’s friends and Emma are playing drinking games. You can control yourself with alcohol, it is not that once you drink, you cannot stop. So, you decide to join them. 

'Guys, I am in.’ You say.

'Ok, Y/N. Tell me, higher or lower?’ Emma tells you.


'Nope. You loss.’

'Oh, I need more practice. I lost my ability in these games.’ You drink a glass of beer.

You play for about 15 minutes and then, you decide to get in the house again. While you were out with Nick, you decided to stay calm. Your professor Sebastian is the intruder here. This is your environment, your world, not his. Therefore, you decided to enjoy the night as he was not there. 

You sit on the couch again with the other boys and of course, Sebastian is there. He seems he is having fun. That is another thing you like about men: it is so easy for them to integrate and to be integrated to a new group. 

'Hey, Y/N. We were talking about you.’ Sam tells you.

'What? What are you talking about?’

'Well, we were telling Sebastian about all the crazy things you have done together with us.’

'I do not think he is interested in knowing that stuffs.’ Why the fuck are you talking to him about you?!? Obviously, they do not know he is your professor. Much better.

'Hey no, it is fine. It seems you are cool.’ Sebastian tells you and he smiles at you.

'She is really cool. You better know her, Sebastian. She is even a nerd.’ Dean says.

Oh, as if Sebastian does not know that. 

After a while, the four of you: Sam, Dean, Sebastian and you decide to go to the front yard. You sit on the entrance stairs. Ten minutes passed when Nick appears and says: 'Sam, Dean come a minute, please.’

Ha ha ha. What a joke. It seems they know he is your professor and it seems they know you think he is hot (as the rest of your class.) 

You start talking to break the ice. 'So, when did you meet the boys? I am sorry you have to listen to all that stories that you do not even care.’

'I met them in Dean’s birthday. And it is ok, really. Of course it is weird to see how different you are here from university.’

'Oh, is that good or bad, Professor?’

Sebastian laughs. 'Really? Are you going to call me 'professor’ here? So I will call you Ms. Y/L/N’

'Ok, I do not call you 'professor’ and you do not call me by my surname. It sounds awful. I think you learn my surname because I practically live in your office during your office hours. Well, I live in most professors’ offices.’

'Yeah, because of that and because of your grades. You never forget a brilliant student.’ He keeps looking at you while he smiles.

'Well, thank you.’ You feel a little nervous but as soon as the conversation goes on, your nerves disappear completely. The last thing you would imagine was you talking with a professor at a party about life. It is a relax chat: you talk about series, movies, you even mention some of your old boyfriend stories and Sebastian, his girlfriend stories. You get to know that he is single. How is it possible?!? 

After half and hour, you decide that it is time to go. 

'I have to go too. I can take you home.’ Sebastian tells you.

'I do not think it is the right thing.' 

'Come on, what could happen? Suppose I am just a friend tonight. I am not your professor now. Come on.’

You bit your lip nervously. 'Ok. Ok. I am going to say goodbye to the rest.’

You get in his car and you feel good. You are calm as if Sebastian were just another of Nick’s friends. 

You continue talking as before and you even laugh. 

'Razorblade’ by The Strokes is in the radio. You ask Sebastian: 'can I raise the volume? I love this song!’

'Of course, I was about to do that. You like The Strokes? I like them too.Oh men, You are perfect.’

You just laugh and say: 'I love them. Well, you have good taste in music then.’

The rest of the trip you talk about music. Finally, you get to your building.

'Well, here we are.’ Sebastian says.

'Thank you for the ride. The last thing I expected was seeing you in a party and talking to you so friendly.’

'Yeah, the same happened to me.’

You two look at each other and you smile. All of a sudden, Sebastian kisses you and you kiss him back. This is different from alcohol. You can control yourself with alcohol, but now you can’t control yourself. As soon as you realize, you are sit in his lap. He leaves you a trail of kisses along your neck. 'You are so beautiful’ Sebastian whispers in your ear. God, this feels so good. However, you 'wake’ from this dream and you say: 'no, no. This is a mistake.’ You get out of the car as fast as you can. 'Thank you, Sebastian. I had a great night, but this should not happen.’


Monday morning. You are in Professor Stan’s class with your head down, trying not to make eye contact with him. You did not even look at him when you went to his desk to hand in your essay. The essay you have to do about your weekend. 

When the class is over and just a few still remain in the class, Sebastian tells you: 'Ms Y/L/N, come to my office, please. I need to talk to you about the essay you hand in at the beginning of the class. I think  there are some things that can be improved about your essay and about your weekend, for what I can read’ When you look at him, he winks at you. 

Sebastian, Professor Sebastian. How should you call him now? The only thing you know for sure is that he is going to drive you crazy and you like it.
Donald Trump Cannot Be President of the United States
The time has come for voters to decide what it truly means to be an American.

It’s easy to make fun of the hats.

It’s not so easy to contemplate what makes so many people think America’s greatness is in desperate need of reformation, or what would make them turn to someone like Donald Trump to make it a reality.

America has flaws as deep as its founding, when the men who laid down basic principles of human rights – principles that have endured 240 years – were fed and clothed by human beings they owned. That paradox still defines the fault lines of our nation, and it’s along those lines we are drawing the ugliest election in modern history.

It isn’t just economic anxiety or trade deals or the opioid epidemic driving the mostly white, mostly male movement behind Trump’s campaign. It is the existential fear of displacement from a world that has slowly – too slowly, for too long – been chipping away at white male supremacy.

The “grab ‘em by the pussy” moment was disastrous for Trump’s campaign; it reinforced the defining narrative of his sexism. But it drew his strongest supporters even closer to him, because it reminded them of the world they’re losing. They want to live in an America where they can grab women by the pussy and brag about it to their friends. They want to casually use the n-word – just for the bad ones; they’re not racist! – without being set upon by the PC police. They want what’s coming to them, what’s owed them.

And they are willing to burn down the world to get it.

Donald Trump is the worst major-party candidate for president in American history. This is not a close call. By virtually any measure, he is unfit to lead a Cub Scout troop, let alone the nation with the world’s most powerful military.

It’s worth going back and reading the transcripts of his debates with Hillary Clinton just to remember how he speaks when he’s answering questions off the cuff. It’s breathtaking how incapable he is of forming a single coherent thought. The expectations for him were so low that there was little to no coverage of his failure over four-and-a-half hours to say anything intelligent about any issue important to the American people. He meanders, he interrupts, and he whines. He is uninformed and unprepared.

Trump’s values are, in a word, deplorable. He launched his campaign calling Mexican immigrants rapists, issued a call for a ban on immigration by Muslims, and said women should be punished for getting an abortion. He lies, constantly, about everything. He stokes anger and fear and even violence among his supporters. He nurtures their very worst instincts.

He brags he has the best temperament, but that’s nonsense. He’s lashed out and punched down, attacking the parents of a dead soldier, a former beauty pageant winner who gained weight, countless reporters and anyone he perceives as insulting him.

It is impossible to predict exactly how deep a disaster Donald Trump’s presidency would be, but there’s no limit to the potential for horror. Think how much we still don’t know about Trump – how he hasn’t released his taxes, how many women there likely are who haven’t come forward – and you can imagine the scandals and corruption that lie in wait. Consider how thin his policy knowledge is and how impulsively he reacts to insults, and imagine his twitchy little fingers on the nuclear button.

Donald Trump cannot be president of the United States.

And while Trump has a considerable movement of supporters who see him as a great conquering hero, who believe every word of his lies, no matter how outlandish and easily disproven, there are many people, even at this late hour, who are torn about whether they can support him. Maybe they’re deeply conservative Republicans who despise what they believe Clinton would do to the country. Maybe they’re independents who see constant stories about her emails and have genuine fears about her judgment.

But now is the moment for every last American to decide what it truly means to be a citizen. You can be reluctant about Hillary Clinton. You don’t even have to vote for her (though I did, without doubt or hesitation).

What you cannot do is vote for Donald Trump and pretend that this is just another election, and he is just another candidate. It is your minimum duty as a citizen not to support a racist, sexist, unqualified, dishonest, corrupt manchild who celebrates everything that’s ugly about America and not a single thing that’s great about it.

No matter how left out or left behind you feel, voting for Trump is nothing short of a moral failure. It’s a vicious act against the human beings, mostly women and people of color, who would suffer miserably under his presidency.

It’s an act of violence against America itself, whose greatness has always been about progressing from more oppression to less – slowly, sometimes haltingly, but forward.

The promise on those red hats is to turn back in the other direction. The greatness they sell is a lie.


i mean like if he’s taking that much offense to her taking credit for her work i cannot wait to see how he reacts when album six is finally dropped

Flux Buddies Spoilers!!

On mobile so no read more sozzle


Anyway, our skype group kind of knew about the Echo skin early because aeverelle saw it change yesterday and told us about it but can we just talk about how she’s using a peridot gem because sapphire’s don’t spawn in that mod pack? I kept hoping Lalna would notice it (and I still hope he will) because that’s a pretty dead giveaway.
Also, Echo totally tag locked him when he was searching through the last chest in the last room they were in which means they have his blood and that’s terrifying (not to mention Echo got out of him some defense plans I mean really Lalna, how could you give those thing away) and why the heck did none of the monsters attack her? That scares me more than anything I’ve seen about her up until this point tbh. What did Lalnable do to her?? And is that Flux real? It sure looks a lot better than Lalnable’s so I’m going to go with yes for now (also 10 points to Kim for her A+ voice acting. I loved her Echo voice and she’s acting exactly how I always hoped she would)
And I know that I personally cannot wait to see Lalna’s reaction when he figures out that Nano is trapped in that tower. I’ve always wanted to see how he would react to it being her that was kidnapped (also forever laughing at the fact that both Lalnable and Echo assume that they are a couple and make references to it while they are impersonating them. I LOVE IT)

I really cannot wait to see how Daryl reacts to the ‘easter egg in episode 6′ that reminds him of carol because after seeing how he reacted to the Alexandria sign with so much distress my mind will not stop with all the possibilities… like what if he gets emotional or something and just can’t make it back to Carol fast enough in order to protect her and run into her arms (again) and profess his love for her…