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Feelings (PT Diaries, Episode 17)

Requested by @boo-boocmfHey, Marta I absolutely love the PT story with Evgeni Malkin and I was wondering if the next one could be where Y/n sees Geno in a different light (meaning in a romantic way) and she is very confused by it. Thanks love all blog.

A/N: Okay peeps, I’m ashamed about how bad this is. This was supposed to be a cute chapter and it turned out like shit. I’m so sorry.

Word count: 682

Warnings: short. one bad word. it’s awful.

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Go to bed, Geno.” I type, hitting send and resting my phone on my stomach.

I look at the TV in front of me, the girl and the guy in the movie are already kissing so I’ve missed a big chunk of the movie. I was having a me night when Geno texted me; I had taken a bubble bath, ordered takeout from my favorite place, poured a nice glass of wine and chosen a stupid romcom to watch. Geno just wanted to check the time he should be at pool tomorrow for his first swimming therapy session, but we have just kept texting for hours.

You go to bed.” His response to my text makes me chuckle. He is like a little kid sometimes.

I’m watching my movie.” I send back, taking a sip of wine while staring at the screen.

You are not watching it.” He just says.

Yes, I am.” I complain, trying to focus on the movie for two seconds before looking back at my phone.

Net, vy ne (No, you aren’t).” I roll my eyes, opening google translator and typing what he’s said.

Google translator is shit.”  I complain, trying to make any sense of the translation that it’s given to me.

Learn Russian.” He responds and I groan, giving up on whatever he has said before.

Go to bed or I’ll kick your ass tomorrow.” I type quickly, adding a couple of flexing arms emojis.

Geno doesn’t answer back for a few minutes, so maybe he’s doing what I’ve said after all. I drink up what it’s left of my wine and focus on the movie, trying to catch up with the plot of it. It isn’t that hard, it is the typical romcom where a girl meets a guy, they hate each other at first but then they fall in love. I’m starting to get into the movie when my phone vibrates against my stomach; I pick it up to find a selfie of Geno lying on his bed, shirtless.

Bed.” That’s the caption underneath the picture.

I shake my head, biting my lower lip before opening up my camera and taking a picture of my legs covered with a blanket and the TV.

Sleep.” It’s my caption.

He sends a bunch of sleeping emojis and I laugh, sending the same amount of waving hands and kissy faces.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” I send out and then realized it. I’m so fucked.

I drop my phone on my lap, looking at the wall but not really seeing anything. Realization has hit me like a train and now my mind is racing at a thousand miles per hour and I have no brakes to stop me; I actually can’t wait to see Geno. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that it isn’t the first time that it has happened… I’ve run to the rink on my days off because he got hurt, I’ve gone to the doctor with him, I’ve driven him home… and I didn’t have to do those things.

I’m overwhelmed but the amount of feelings that are washing over me like waves. What are those feelings? What am I feeling? It isn’t love, but it isn’t a friendship either and it absolutely isn’t a professional relationship, two people that are just coworkers don’t do what Geno and I do. But it is wrong.

“What the actual fuck, (y/n)?” I mutter to myself, trying to control my breathing, which has become erratic.

This whole thing is wrong. It is unprofessional. I cannot have feelings for a player. It is out of line. It could ruin everything I’ve worked for. It could ruin Geno’s career. It can make him feel uncomfortable. He probably doesn’t feel the same way.

I start pacing around, trying to shake the feelings out of my body like they are just dust, but I can’t. The whole thing is making me so anxious that I don’t see my phone lighting up with a text.

I can’t wait to see you too, (y/n).”

“I Don’t Think So.” - Jamie Benn

Requested - perhaps not but still worthy

Warnings - injury of the wild Benn


Your POV

Fast it all happened too fast, I was watching Jamie skate across the ice but the whistle blowed. Jamie was about to make his quick stop sticking his arm out to the glass until a Blue Jacket checked him into the glass forcing his arm to bend a way it is not supposed to.

The arena went silent I stood on my feet trying to make my way to him. His screams are the only thing going through the arena. I watched as they pulled him away and I ran to the locker room to go see him.

Crashing through the doors pushing through the people I finally saw Tyler as he stood outside of the emergency center.

“Is he okay?!” I said out of breath begging for better news that wasn’t there to give.

“His forearm snapped almost in half Werenski hit him too hard. He’s not doing so well.” As if on queue Jamie’s scream came from the room.

I pushed myself into the room ignoring Tyler’s calls. I watch them as they snap his arm back into place. Screaming rang through my ears and I couldn’t help but cry out to him running over by his side.

“Hey babe” he muttered as they set his arm onto the bed. I wiped his forehead of sweat running my fingers through his hair. I gave him an apologetic look as he watched a tear stream down my face.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him still running my fingers through his hair.

“Could be better, I need to go back out there.” He pleased looking at me.

“Ha no I don’t think so. You are not going out there until your arm is fixed.” I protested his requests. “I love you but it’s not happening.”

I walked out of the room when he decided to go sleep and get some rest. Tyler still waiting by the door the game was long over.

“He’s gonna be in a cast for a bit, he can practice but he cannot play understand Tyler?” I looked at Tyler demandingly “I trust you with this.”

“There’s no way is let him on the ice Y/N. you don’t have to worry about me.” I hugged Tyler thanking him and I let him go into the room to see his best friend.

“Falling”- Part 5

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Part 5

The section attendant’s instructions were a bit unclear but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to find my way down to where Andre was. Out in the concourse everyone buzzing and talking about Andre’s goal, I felt myself beaming just thinking about it and that I would get to see him soon enough. Hockey is pretty great, I am definitely a fan now, especially with a game like that as my first one. I see a tunnel that says “Player’s Entrance” so I figure that is how I get down to Andre and when I flash my pass to the officer he lets me go down. I go down the stairs and find myself in a little waiting like area, there is some other girls and kids down here as well as various members of the media milling around. A few of who I assumed were wives and girlfriends of the guys, were looking at me but didn’t say anything, doesn’t bother me though I’m just as stanger to them as they are to me.

Guys are slowly but surely trickling out of the locker room, but still no Andre. I swear like the whole team is gone and so are all the women, was he playing me? I tried to push that thought out of my head- he would never do that to me. My ex would sure, but Andre is the exact opposite of him. I see a tall guy, taller than Andre, come out of the room and he lock eyes with me. He comes towards me and introduces himself along the way, “You (Y/N)?” I nod my head, “Hey I’m Tom Wilson” he says putting out his hand out for me to shake, “I’m (Y/N) it’s nice to meet you!” I say smiling at him. Mentally taking note of what he looked like, beings as he is one of Andre’s best friends. “You’re probably waiting for Burky still right?” I try and stifle a laugh at his nickname of “Burky” and nod my head yes again, “yeah he had a whole big mess of media to talk to for netting the game winner, but he should be out soon. He was showering when I was coming out here, good news for you though cause otherwise he wouldn’t have smelled that great” he says laughing and I laugh too. “Oh thank God, I thought he like forgot about me or something” Tom waves his hand as if what I just said was ridiculous, “Absolutely not he’s been telling me and some of the guys all about you and how excited he was for you to be coming today, he’s the one who wanted me to come tell you he would be out soon”. I feel myself blush at his comments, Andre really told everyone about me? “Hey Wilson stop flirting with my girl” I hear Andre’s accent call out exiting the door, Tom and I both laugh, “Maybe if you weren’t such a pretty boy who took so long I wouldn’t have to” we all laugh, “I’m just playing Burky you played good tonight man, I’ll see you on the bus and give you guys some alone time” he says making a ridiculous kissing noise and he makes his way out of the arena.

Tom wasn’t kidding when he said Andre was a pretty boy. He had on an all black suit with a white shirt and red tie. His pants hung low but not too low, only emphasizing how tall he is. His red tie really brought out the brown in his eyes and the white looked perfect against his tan skin. It gives me flashbacks to our very first night together and how I can’t wait for another one like it, a sober one like it. He pulls me into a hug, “I’m so glad you came, and waited for me it usually isn’t this long” I pull back from him, “It’s okay! I had so much fun Andre, and you played amazing” I say standing on my tiptoes to kiss him. He returns the kiss, something about kissing Andre feels perfect. Like it finally feels right, and like the person on the other end of my kiss was actually falling for me too, something I haven’t felt in awhile.

“I wish I didn’t have to go on this trip” he says tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear, “I know me too, but it won’t be that long, and I promise I’ll watch all your games!” he smiles down at me and gives me another kiss. “You’re already a great hockey girlfriend that’s the kind of dedication I like to see” I laugh, but did he just say girlfriend? “Girlfriend” I say my voice cracking, I see him smirk and turn a little red himself, “I meant to ask you that before I said it but no time like the present! (Y/N) will you be my girlfriend?” my smile grows to probably the biggest I have ever smiled, “I would love to be your girlfriend Andre”. He puts his bag down and reaches into it pulling out a plastic bag, “I was hoping you would say yes, so I got you this” he says smiling handing me the bag. I reach into it seeing red fabric and pull out to find it is an Andre Burakovsky home Capitals jersey, “Oh my god! My favorite player how did you know!” I say causing him to laugh, “you like it?” he says flashing me his big brown eyes. “I love it Andre, thank you very much”.

He looks down at his watch and frowns, “I hate to do this, but I have to go” “Andre it’s okay, I understand, You’ll be back next week”. He leans down to give me another kiss, “And I can’t wait, we’re going to go on a real proper date so be ready” he says making me giggle, “Come on I’ll walk you out to your car before I go to the bus”.

Hand in hand we walk out of the arena, Andre’s hand is much bigger than mine but it feels so perfect, so secure. In my other hand i’m carrying the bag with my new jersey, “I thought you said you never got into the Capitals?” he says, “I really didn’t why?” “Well you have that shirt on” he says with a laugh, “I bought it this morning” I say laughing and blush a little bit. He throws his head back laughing, “You’re something else, I like it though. It looks good on you” he says with his classic lopsided grin. We were at my car now and I turn around to face him as he rests his arms around my waist. “Well now I have your jersey and you can get me more Caps stuff and then I’ll have everything I need for the games” he smiles, “That sounds like a good plan to me.”. He gives me one final kiss, a long one at that too. “I could do that all night, and when I get back I will” he says adding a wink, “but right now I have to go. Drive safely, text me when you get home and I’ll talk to you soon” I laugh, “Will do. I can’t wait til you get back, play good!”. He smiles and gives me on final peck before turning around to go.

I watch him as he walks away towards the team bus, my heart sinks a little that I know I won’t see him for a week. But he promised me a date as soon as he gets back, and that I cannot wait for.

To be continued.