cannot wait to see her in season three

Also based off the newest preview I cannot express to you how much this show murdered any and all desire I have to see Natalie and Will together.

I don’t care anymore. I could’ve seen it after the first couple of episodes in season one but he literally told her he couldn’t wait for her to heal after her husband’s death and they stopped writing friendly banter for them after like three episodes into season one so I’m not here for it.

Caution: Rant Ahead

After having watched 6x20 I am thoroughly pissed off. Julie fucking Plec played the Stelena fans like a violin. All of these hints, all of the references to Stelena that gave us hope. Guess what they meant? NOTHING. She fucking dragged us along because she could. 

Every little thing we clung to was just filler for her, she doesn’t give a shit that she is not doing the Stelena story justice. Yes I’m aware this a fucking tv show but you know what makes me angry is that she preaches about shit being organic and true to the characters but she wasn’t truthful to her characters at all. Stefan and Elena were supposed to find their way back to each other. 

Was she in so much fucking denial about Nina leaving that she refused to do anything about it all season 6?? I seriously cannot understand this woman. She has taken away the very thing that could have made this show come back full circle in an epic way. We have been waiting for three seasons to see Elena become human again and the moment fell flat. You wanna know why? The person who wanted it for her the most…wasn’t even fucking there. Stefan who fought so hard for her to be human again wasn’t there and I will never fucking forgive Julie Plec for what she has done.