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This was such an awesome theater experience getting the chance to watch it for literally the very first time with other people who grew up with the Digimon dub, and to see the trailer now as if it’s still the first time is amazing to me.

For those of you who have yet to see it you are in for something special.

I cannot wait to own this, and see the other films dubbed.


David Tennant and Ben Miller

They play brothers in What We Did On Our Holiday, and I seem to have a healthy supply of photos with the two of them together from the past few years.  Looks like fun!

David’s just an incredible actor, isn’t he?  He’s absolutely brilliant.  I had lots of rows with him in the film which was great fun.  A lot of the film is improvised, so that was especially good fun because he’s also very, very funny. He’s got a really wicked sense of humor, and he’s very sharp and he’s very quick as well.  You watch him acting and you think, “God David Tennant’s good, isn’t he?”

I loved rowing with David Tennant, it was really good fun because he always had a better comeback than I did - whatever I said, he would top it and that’s the kind of argument you want to have, where the other person won’t back down.  He was just fantastic.

          - Ben Miller talking about What We Did on our Holiday
             (video source [X])


I’ve only got a week and two days of GCSE’s left! I’m very joyful about this, I can’t wait for the summer and free time to spend learning about things I enjoy.

Can anyone recommend any books to read this summer? I have The Handmaid’s Tale, Jane Eyre and The Goldfinch on my to read list so far. I’ve read hardly any YA fiction, so if anyone could recommend some, I’d be grateful! (I love the Raven Cycle, does anyone know any other books a bit like that?)

Today, after my English language exam (😬) I revised computing, first at home then at Costa. Apparently after five years of the subject I still can’t spell machine or binary 😂. My exam is tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to being able to say goodbye to it, it’s a subject which, while I find interesting, I’ve been dreading. Above you can see some of the notes I made/am in the process of making today. I’ve been listening to the Wonder Woman soundtrack and now cannot wait to see the film! (Hopefully I’m going on Friday as a break from revision.)

If you had an exam today, I hope it went well! Otherwise, I hope you had good days!

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I hate Woder Woman since I was a kid.

Okay…thanks for telling me that. I, meanwhile, really like her and cannot wait to see the film in 2 hours.


THE HANDMAIDEN by PARK Chan-wook | Official International Trailer [HD]

‘The film, adapted from the Welsh novel “Fingersmith,” is the tale of a young maid who is hired to seduce a rich heiress, only to fall in love with her. Together the two women plot their revenge on the men who tried to destroy them. ‘

O my god, It looks so great so far…

Cannot wait to see this film as I’m a huge fan of fingersmith. 

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I cannot wait for Spider-Man 2 to begin filming so we finally see the cast (and Tom+Z) back together. I miss them so much lol

Same… too much drought

I love watching men get mad at the new Ghostbusters film and its supposed portrayal of the male characters. What’s that? You’re upset that the one main male character is a sexy secretary who is not very smart and is only there to be eye candy? Oh no what must that be like? It’s totally not something that women have been dealing with since the dawn of film. I, for one, cannot wait to see four badass and funny women kick some butt and show Hollywood that female led movies can do well.

Okay, but like, John Lloyd Young is a 38-year-old man and I just watched him believably play Frankie Valli from the age of 16 (SIXTEEN FFS!!) to late-50s.


I have such a big crush on him right now. Like, definitely a little bit in love.

So I probably should not be as emotionally invested in this whole situation as I am, but seeing two groups that have inspired me so much combine, and knowing that something I said could have helped that, is one of the best things I’ve heard all year. Jon Schneck, a member of my favorite band of all time (literally), Relient K and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, posted on Facebook a while back that he was looking for actors in the Nashville area. I saw that someone else had told him to contact Olan Rogers (olanrogers) and immediately seconded their reccomendation. Well today it was announced that Olan auditioned and earned the part in the film Jon was working on. I know that I don’t really know either of them personally, but watching two people who have majorly influenced me team up is just plain exciting. So I just want to take a moment to say to Jon, thanks. Thank you for continuing to be creative and helping give other young artists in Nashville opportunities. And to Olan, I want to express how extremely happy I am to see this happen for you. You have taught so many young people to believe in themselves and not to compromise. I admire you so much for all that you do. You prove that being a good person truly pays off, as it should. I cannot wait to road trip to Nashville just to see this film when its finished if there is a showing.

(Side Note: This film is about Walt Disney so that is just adding to my excitement!!!)