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I wonder…

If maybe this is Fergus seeing Claire for the first time the day after her night at the brothel with Jamie.

Just lookit his face! Like he’d just spotted her standing off to the side (with her not even realizing yet that Jamie was talking to Fergus)

Then he just walks away from Jamie mid-sentence, and we get:

Milady!” he was repeating in tones of rapture. “Milady! You have come back! A miracle! God has restored you!”

He looked up at me, smiling as tears streamed down his face. He had large white perfect teeth. Suddenly memory stirred and shifted, showing me the outlines of an urchin’s face beneath the man’s bold visage.

“Fergus!” I said. “Fergus, is that really you? Get up, for God’s sake—let me see you!”

He rose to his feet, but didn’t pause to let me inspect him. He gathered me into a rib-cracking hug, and I clutched him in return, pounding his back in the excitement of seeing him again. He had been ten or so when I last saw him, just before Culloden. Now he was a man, and the stubble of his beard rasped against my cheek.

“I thought I was seeing a ghost!” he exclaimed. “It is really you, then?”

“Yes, it’s me,” I assured him.

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Low key hope Julian and Emma die in QoAaD like BRO that would really shape the story Ok but like what if Christina, Mark or Kieran die AAAA OR TAVVY OR MAGNUS OR TESSA IM SCREAMING I CANT WAIT

the emotional fallout would be terrible but I really want drama™ and a dramatic story, although I low key think Julian will die (and possibly come back to life) but that’s the same thing that happened to jace so idk if she’d use the same story twice?? probably not, and then I end up going in a circle of theories again aghh

  • eva: so if we update the fic every two weeks instead, we might be able to build up a little bit of a chapter buffer! and that would give me time to do the edits and the cover without overloading on pressure!
  • me: yeah that's really smart!! let's do it!
  • me: ....
  • me: [spends the free week crying about our newest characters and writing everything but the next chapter]
  • me: hmm. failed step one