cannot wait for the full

I took a moment to pause and started emotionally contemplating over the scenes of the ED of Ao no Exorcist because…



The moment I heard the words of the lyrics being played out while Fujimoto-san was zoomed in “Aishitai hito wo omoi” just made feel like I was shot by an arrow right in my friggin’ kokoro.


The allegory of this whole sequence was just a goddamn tearjerker.

And then we have Rin babymycinnamonroll showing his face of determination. I am just madly infatuated by the song and this image as if trying to make a statement that the precious boy wanted to “protect the ones he love with his own hands”

It’s just brilliant. So brilliant that I can’t free myself from drowning in the pool of snots and tears T_T

This might just be my exaggerating commentary but I honestly don’t care


Happy World Premiere Day of Viceroy’s House at the Berlinale to everyone who is going and meeting Gillian Anderson today! 

Happy first day of the Hell or Highwater US Tour to everyone who is going and meeting David Duchovny today!

I hope you all know the drill!


I cannot wait for my dash to be full of cute, sexy, sweaty David pictures and videos with a fair amount of perfection and class that Gillian will bring to the Berlinale. 

It’s been a long time since we had such a treat, so be nice, enjoy and have fun on this great day of February 😉😉

Zodiac Caricatures

Aries: Shows up wearing Armour, throws everything about and slams things down like a heavy metal drumming solo, turns into the hulk at one point.

Taurus: Never gets out of bed. Eats in bed. Eats a LOT in bed. Snuggles up to a designer handbag then falls asleep again.

Gemini: They are never still, bouncing this way and that leaving pranks everywhere. They speak so fast that it just becomes one long hum of trivia, insight and sometimes nonsense. Telling which is which can be difficult.

Cancer: Someone says hello and t’ey dive behind the sofa, peering out cautiously. They are approached so they burst into tears, then laughter, then tears again. 

Leo: They only communicate in lines from famous theater productions, especially Lion King. By the end of the day, people are sick of hearing about how they just cannot wait to be King. 

Virgo: They show up in a full bio-hazard body suit with a gas mask, and clean film the chair before they take a seat. When asked if they are feeling a little uptight, they respond with “not at all.”

Libra: They wander in as light and graceful as air, daintily using their limbs like that of a ballet. They smell like sugar and vanilla and by the end of the day, everyone is in love with them.

Scorpio: The coffin lid creaks open, and they let out a shriek that could only come from the innards of hell itself. The Sunlight burns their skin like that of a vampire. 

Sagittarius: They wander from town to town with only a sleeping bag and the stars above them. They don’t even have to eat, gaining nutrition through knowledge and laughter. 

Capricorn: Their reply to everything is a slightly disgruntled grumble and sarcastic comment. Even when people comment on how nice their cheekbones are, they look suspiciously at them and tut. 

Aquarius: Everyone else is asleep on Sunday morning, but Aquarius have signaled to the grays and been beamed up. Why gather rest when they can be part of an alien invasion, especially because this is unique and differs from everyone else. 

Pisces: They lounge about smoking Pot, wondering and coming out with synonysmously interesting but vague statements while looking like they haven’t slept in three days.  

The air rumbled, a deep, low thunder
and I am not sure what it is that shakes me–
The waves swaying me like a new born babe on a wicker cot,
Or am I displaced by the depths of the sky?
I search for paths off this road, there must be one
That will lose me to the sea
Because the heavens very rarely lets its hair down
Only once, when a full moon reigns the sky,
when a lone pilot takes his jet as closest as it can to the stars,
because it is lonely, with no one to share such wonder
with wishes and prayers and curses alike
May it be gods or aliens, their hands are too full
And the day cannot wait to wake
Still I would wait in my dreams, in silence
Come, don’t come
The sky can always find me in the sea
In the same way the shore glistens with salt at dusk
Mocking the stars in quiet reverie


Get Your Head Straight - Hours (Teaser)

We are a 5 piece Pop Punk band from Milton Keynes UK 

We cannot wait to share the full song with you,
Watch out for the music video!

Ichinen Cinnamon Rolls
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Yuuki Masashi
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Okumura Koushuu
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Seto Takuma
  • The SINNamonroll: Yui Kaoru

full offense i cannot wait to live w my bf and cook w him and go on long roadtrips w him and wake up to him everyday wearing his clothes, im so in love

Happy anniversary (four years!) to my favourite person in the whole world. I can’t believe it’s also been 8 months since we got engaged. I’m so proud of you for working so hard despite distance and despite having so many classes while having to work full-time. I cannot wait for the day where we can finally live together permanently. You’re so kind and generous and compassionate. It’s always a comfort to know you’re by my side. Thank you for navigating this weird and wonderful world with me. You’re the best and most supportive partner I could wish for, and I hope I can be the same for you for the rest of our lives. I love you. @joyful-beam


[MV] K.A.R.D - Don’t Recall

This is just… so fucking good. This was trending #1 worldwide on twitter basically my entire morning. If they get even a little domestic attention, and DSP plays it right, this group is a damn goldmine. This song is amazing. I want to marry Jiwoo’s voice. This beat is sick. I cannot wait to see the full choreo.

The inside of my class notes book. Divider pocket for loose notes and class/reading notes for each of my classes. Cannot wait until this is full. Made sure I noted the paper aims so I can check that I am on the right track while studying later.