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@eriecanary: I literally just found your comic and binge read all of it and? It’s so freaking cute? I love it and your art style so much I made a quick compilation of some of my favorite panels :D I either chose them for their cuteness or the amazingly hilarious faces. Like I swear Flowey makes some of the absolute best face ever. AAAAAA also your Underfell Pap is my favorite take on him ever!


Oh my! A new reader! Welcome, deary <3 Glad you like the comic! 

I can see many beautiful panels there <3 Wow, you sure took some effort on this, didn’t you? I’m flattered <3 I hope you’re not too sensitive and like what’s going to come! Thanks for sending!

Mr. & Mrs. Chilton : Love Letters No. 21 💞💌

In reply to the last letter by @locke-writes here (thanks to @ghostofachancewithyou for inspiring part of this)

Dearest sweet husband, 

I saved your letter from yesterday to read now, as I wait to go onstage for my new show. I knew I would love to read your reply darling, and it’s good I am in my dressing room alone as your beautiful words bring tears to my eyes. Although my cast mates all know I am crazy for you, and would not be surprised. Dear heart you make me so very happy. 

I am sure you are at the theatre by now, and were I not already in costume I would have to run out to kiss you. I love you more than I can put into words.

Frederick of course I remember that you wanted to marry me after our first date, sweetheart, you said it in your vows. I remember struggling to stay standing up- I was so overcome with love for you. For the fact that you knew even then. But you held me tight, kept me upright as you do every day with your love. 

I knew you were special dear, but I didn’t want to be too hopeful. How could I know the most wonderful man would want to be my husband? And yes you are my soulmate, I never want to be apart from you in this life or beyond. 

No, I didn’t know you bought my ring a month before my love. I am impressed you were able to keep it from me that long, I hope it didn’t give you too much stress. I am so glad you asked, I was so hoping you would. You needn’t fear Freddy, you are all I need. Just saying you love me is the sound of heaven, the greatest gift your love. 

I am a bit nervous to go onstage, and will have to end this letter soon.  Dear heart, I know no matter what you are always so supportive, oh how I hope I make you proud. I cannot wait to see your smiling face when I take my bow, and to have you take me in your arms afterwards. My nerves are calming a bit as I think of your embrace, my home.  I will see you very soon. 

Your forever hopelessly and happily in love wife, J.

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Eighteen months ago

You pay no attention to the beautiful halls of Rivendell as you run past. Of course, being a she-elf, you were not invited to the secret council of the ring, but word spreads fast. And the word had to do with your husband-to-be.

Finally, the courtyard is in your sights. (f/c) cloak billowing behind you as your elven feet run silently across the ground, you almost trip on your silver-white dress. If you were not Lady Arwen’s guard, then you would not have to wear these types of clothes.

You’re jerked out of your thoughts when you see the familiar blonde head of hair. “Legolas!” you yell, rushing forward. The prince turns just in time for you to rush into his arms, holding him close as you cry. He whispers to you softly in Elvish, telling you that everything is to be alright.

You pull away and look up at your fiancé, (e/c) eyes shining with tears. “You cannot go. Our wedding is next month. I cannot lose you–”

Legolas takes your face in his hands. “You will not lose me, I promise.” He sighs. “But we must delay the wedding.”

You choke on a sob. “Let me come with you.”

“No.” he says. “No, you can’t. I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t! I am a perfectly capable warrior–”

“–Which is why you must remain her to protect Lady Arwen.” Legolas interrupts, stroking his thumb over your cheek bone.

Silent tears streaming down your face, you lean into his touch, sensing the rest of the fellowship’s eyes on the both of you. But you do not care. Throwing your arms around Legolas’ neck, you stand as high as you can on your toes and kiss him with as much passion as possible. Your height difference is immense, so it’s very hard for you to kiss him.

Legolas wraps an arm around your waist, leaning down and kissing you back as well as making it easier for you to kiss him. After a minute, you both pull away. The blonde prince reluctantly releases you, pain shown blatantly in his blue eyes as he mounts his horse. He turns around once more, and you choke back another sob. You want to spare him of more pain.

“I’ll return before you know it.”

Present Day

Legolas sits alone at a table in the castle, watching as the people celebrate. The four hobbits are dancing, but he can tell something is wrong with Frodo. He bears a scar that will never heal. Aragorn and Arwen haven’t been able to keep off of each other, and have been dancing for the past three hours.The elven prince smiles at their happiness, wishing that his own lover were here.

“Where is your lass, elf?” Gimli asks as he sits next to Legolas at the table.

The elf looks down. “I know not. Arwen would not tell me.”

Gimli smiles. “That means she’s alright and well. You should go to her.”


“Go to her. Travel to Rivendell and reunite with her. You deserve it after all you’ve done for everyone here.” Gimli says.

Legolas smiles. “You have to kind a heart to not have a lover to call your own, mellon.”

“Oh, just go, elf. I’ll tell the king you give your regards.” Gimli sounds angry, but Legolas can see the faint tint of pink on his cheeks.

The prince stands and says, “Thank you.” Then he turns toward the gigantic double doors at the front of the hall. Suddenly, the doors open loudly, and Legolas instinctively reaches for weapons that aren’t there. When he sees who’s at the door, he straightens up, shocked.

You stand at the door, white-silver dress and (f/c) cloak on, just like the last time he saw you. Pulling your hood down, it seems you haven’t caught sight of your love yet. Legolas rushes forward silently, praying you would see him coming.

Walking forward ever so slightly, you are met face to face with your love. “It took eighteen months, and it would have been even more if I hadn’t come.” you say, arms hanging at your sides.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how long this quest would take.” he says, blue eyes boring into (e/c) ones.

You stand in silence, just looking at each other silently. Then, as if on cue, you both reach for each other frantically. Your hands find their way behind Legolas’ head, and his arms encircle your waist, pulling you flush against his muscular torso.

Your lips are locked for the longest time, the kiss making up for all the ones the eighteen month journey took away from you both. Finally, you both pull away, breathing heavily.

Smiling widely, you throw your arms around his neck in a hug. Legolas bends down and buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the sweet smell of your (h/l), (h/c) hair.

He knew he was never going to leave your side again.

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Would you maybe want to do a "skincare routine" post? Your skin is really great and you're really beautiful and i for one would love to know how you take care of your face :)

UMMMM I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL LIFE u rly think my skin is nice?!?!(( 😱😱😱😱😱😱 im dead that’s so sweet ahdkabjdks thank u so much and of course i’ll do a skincare routine post for y'all if u want!! it’ll have to wait until i’m back home though (✿◠‿◠)

Texas Gothic
  • there is a barn at your grandmother’s house. you’ve never seen the back of the barn. no matter how far you walk into it, you have never seem the back of the barn
  • a man in a truck drives by you at night. he says something indistinguishable. you cannot remember the man’s face. only a void.
  • you walk into a whataburger after midnight. it’s empty. it’s silent. there is only one other man, sitting in a booth. he has not moved since you arrived. he has not breathed.
  • you sit on a leather couch in the home of a family whose name you can’t remember. there are 15 metal crosses on the wall. you look again, there are 16 metal crosses. then 17. you stare out the window and pretend not to notice.
  • the trees in the parking lot sit dormant, still as photographs. suddenly they erupt: thousands of birds swarm out. there are more birds than could possibly fit in one tree. no one knows where they come from, no one knows what they want. they continue to spill out of the trees.
  • at night you hear the sounds. the crashing sounds like giant footsteps. you’ve never brought it up. neither has anyone else. you wonder if you imagined them. you hear them again the next night.
Imagine falling for Juice but you have history with Kozik

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*trying this out for the first time; so don’t hate on this imagine too much pls.
*warning; kind of a smut. Rated R.

part one

You have been friends with Jax and Opie since high school, so being around the clubhouse and the guys is completely normal for you. .. you consider them family as do they. More so Gemma, she pretty much raised you seeing how your mother was a junkie and you could never rely on her and you never knew your father. ..

The past few months you and Juice have been getting rather cozy and lets face it, your not complaining one bit. As you were exiting the clubhouse, Juice comes out of know where. “ Hey y/n/ “ juice obviously out of breath. You were startled because there was absolutely no one on the lot, you quickly turned and said; “ Jesus Christ Juice, you scared the shit outta me “
Juice with that dorky little grin, stops in front of you, “ sorry darlin, didn’t mean to scare you. “ You giggled and asked him “ whats up? “ Juice seemed a little overly excited and nervous but he managed to get the words out . “ y/n, um .. would you like to do something with tonight ? “ you looked at Juice, because he was so nervous that his eyes kept darting from his feet back to your face and with a big smile you said; “ about damn time you ask out. “ Juices eyes looked up at you and he smiled but before he could answer you asked him “ so what you have in mind? “ you had that little deviant grin and lifted your brow. Juice a tad surprised by your actions but he liked how forward you were.

You decided to leave your car and hop on Juice’s bike, he got on putting on his helmet and passed you his spare. You started putting it on, and you straddled the Harley and you wrapped your arms tightly around Juice’s waist. He flustered at the idea of you holding onto him so tightly but he looked down at your hands and over his shoulder to see you behind him, smiling. .. he looked ahead with such joy and satisfaction. As the two of you left TM and heading to your house, your enjoying the thundering roar of the Harley’s engine and the cold crisp wind that was hitting your face, the warmth of Juice’s body against yours was so intoxicating you felt like you were in a dream. ..

Snapping back into reality you noticed you were coming onto your street and soon enough you were pulling into your driveway. Juice cutting the engine and you got off, Juice and you walked towards your front door .. You both were nervous only because this would be the first time the two of you would be completely alone, you offered Juice a beer. Juice walked over to your living room, you opening your beer and taking a drink followed and asked him; “ what you in the mood to watch ? “ Juice looking at pictures that were hanging on the wall. Pictures of club members old and young and of course your family, Opie,Jax, Gemma and Clay. .

Juice said while still scanning the wall, “ you’ve been part of the MC for a long time. “ you replied after taking a seat on the couch, beer in hand; “ yeah, their my family, my only family. practically raised me. “ u said with a little giggle. .. Juice still scanning the wall and noticed a picture of you and Kozik with his arm around you, Juice pointed out and said. “ you and kozik were a thing? “ he turned and looked at you with a puzzled look. .. You totally forgot about that picture and jumped up off the couch and walked up to that picture and removed it. You walked back the kitchen with the photo in hand towards the trash can, you opened the lid and tossed the photo in the trash, as you were doing that you told Juice who was still looking at you all confused; “ nothing but ancient history, “ Juice didn’t know exactly what to say but you can see that it bothered him.

Few minutes of silent went by and you couldn’t bare the silence anymore so you just blurted out. “ does this change our plans ?! “ Juice surprised at how you broke the silence, he looked at you and than he eventually asked you; “ were you guys a thing? or just a hook up? “ You really didn’t want to answer but if you wanted this thing with Juice to work you had to tell him. You took a deep breath and exhaled, “ well, we hooked up a lot yes. . it wasn’t suppose to anything serious but we did that for awhile and he took off, end of story. “ You looked down, and Juice could see that it was painful for you too talk about your past especially about Kozik. You were young and he broke your heart, but all that was ancient history. Juice clearing his voice before asking you, “ uhm, do you still love him? “ You looked at Juice, and you were a very blunt person and didn’t want to keep any secrets from him so you told him, your voice cracking as you spoke softly, “ i did… but i don’t anymore. “

You moved closer to Juice, placing your hand in his .. he clenched your hand, as you did his. He said to you, “ y/n .. i’d never hurt you. “ Your eyes welling up, you couldn’t resist him anymore, you leaned into Juice pressing your lips against his. He instantly kissed you back, you parted only for a second only to realize that this felt so right; Juice pulled you onto his lap, his hands running up and down your lower back, grazing the side of your thighs. .. he lightly pulls your hair to make your head tilt upward so he could kiss your neck, as hes nipping and kissing your neck you release a soft, delicate moan and he reaches for the buttons on your shirt and rips it off like it was nothing. You and juice smile at his gesture, and he picks you up .. your legs wrapped around his waist, your never felt so weightless before. .. once you got to the bedroom, juice plants your feet and you take off his cut, he pulls off his shirt, your undoing your belt and slide your jeans to the floor and sit on the bed.

Juice demands , “ take your underwear off “ you smile and say, “ why don’t you? “ you put your foot on his chest. .. he smiles and he continues to remove his jeans then his boxers then he slides his hand from your foot up your leg and slowly down the side your thighs, he runs his fingers across the top of your panties and pulls down. .. once removed, he climbs on top of you kissing you and grabs hold of your wrists just tightly enough so you cant budge, your body is quivering with the eagerness of how you much you want him, his kisses extend lower and once he hits your thighs you arch your back and exhale, biting your lip you push his head down; he continues to kiss you and once you cannot take it anymore you pull him up towards are your face and kiss him and tell him, “ i want you, baby “ biting his lip he grabs himself and enters into you… you both gasp with stimulation, his thrusts start of slow, and kisses you passionately and you grab his back, fingers scratching and pulling him closer you tell him in a moan, “ harder, baby “ his thrusts increase and get harder, the both of you sounded out of breath but he lets out a groan, you know hes enjoying himself as you are, just before you climax, you grab the sheet of your bed, his hand finds yours, entangled together Juice thrusts and you both have reached your limit and he collapses onto you huffing and puffing, he rolls over to the side of you. He pulls you closer to him, he puts his arm around and your finger is tracing his chest.

You say to him, “ So is this what you had in mind? “ you both giggle and he says, “ i actually thought netflix “ you give him a light punch and he pulls your face to his and says, “ all seriousness though, this was an amazing night, beautiful “ you smiled at him and gave him a kiss.

destinyapocalypse replied to your post “thesnowmage replied to your post “Can I just say how much it pisses…”

I get really upset when people throw the word abusive about their relationship. Like…how???? He never does anything that the Inquisitor doesn’t initiate herself.

Yeah he never makes her choose between him and being Dalish. He never says ‘ewww, yeah, I can’t date you until you let me get rid of those tattoos. They’re kinda evil :/ ‘ He came into the romance with her first, then told her much later. Funny how people leave that part out when shitting on him for telling her about the vallaslin. If it was really about control or manipulation, he would have said it before he ever kissed her. But he didn’t. And he wouldn’t have.

And another thing. Solas offers four times for her to leave the relationship, then once more during Trespasser. That is literally every romance scene plus one extra after the Fade kiss (I count choosing not to kiss him as an option to leave. He obviously sidestepped with his dialogue to give her room to back away) No other romance does this. He literally gives her full control in continuing the relationship at every turn.  Which is part of the reason he has such a hard time, because he keeps trying to give her a way out and she says ‘no, I want to be with you’ and it floors him every time.

I honestly think when people call him abusive or manipulative they don’t understand how to deal with a forceful personality. Because he does have one. I’ve met another man like him that will sit there and tell you stories and share his opinions about everything under the sun (coincidentally, my friend is also an old man). Your job is to absorb, digest, and choose what you want to keep for your own benefit. You cannot take everything at face value, not because he’s not honest, but because there’s so much of him in everything he says. You have to choose what suits you. And if you don’t know how, someone like Solas is going to seem overbearing. He doesn’t say things the way he does to force people to change, he says it because he believes every word so strongly he can’t help but put all of himself behind it.

I’m sorry. This turned into a rant.

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prompt for rebelcaptain: one of them is injured after battle and the other is really worried and takes care of him/her

Okay I got into some medical stuff here so I hope it’s not absolutely terrible. The Star Wars wiki has really been my best friend for the past couple of days. Please let me know what you think! It may not be my best but I’m still adjusting to the pairing and the setting.


Extraction wouldn’t come for days. They were deep undercover, only supposed to watch and listen. Then Cassian was recognized by one of his old contacts and all hell broke loose. Now Jyn was kneeling next to him in a dirty alley where she managed to drag him so that they wouldn’t be found. There was a gash in his side and it was all she could do to keep pressure on it as warm blood covered her hands.

“Stay with me,” she begged before fishing the comlink out of her pocket. “K-2?”

There was nothing but static on the other end.

“K-2 come in! We need help!”

More static and then she heard the droid respond.

“I’m tracking your location now. Where is Cassian?”

“He’s here,” Jyn said, her fear spiking as she saw his eyes slipping closed. “He’s hurt. You need to hurry.”

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what I've learned from Ferguson

I cannot even imagine the courage it takes to stand your ground and face fully armed riot police with tanks, guns and tear gas who do not value your life and will shoot you in a second. Black people in America have historically been and continue to be among the bravest of this world.