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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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Heck yeah, friend (and thank you ;u;)! Two more cuties coming right up!!!


• Is high key very nervous, once S/o’s belly starts to show.
• “Oh god. I’m gonna be a father."™
• Is researching anything that he can get his hands on.
• S/o needs to step in and calm this poor man down.
• Lots of tight hugs.
• Is on top of S/o’s health.
• Knows an herbal remedy for EVERYTHING.
• As soon as this baby is born, "Heart-eyes Shimada,” shows up daily.
• How is this baby so cute??
• It’s kinda funny to watch this almost scary man gently bouncing this bubbly baby on his hip.
• Loves to feed the baby, sees it as bonding time.
• No one is allowed to hold the child when he’s around.
• The first teddy bear is a dragon plush, curtesy of Genji.
• Absolutely cannot change a diaper to save his life.

• “I heard listening to music will make it smarter!”
• His family is around S/o 24/7, taking care of everything for them.
• Will dedicate songs to his unborn child.
• Won’t. Stop. Buying. Frogs.
• The nursery is built to look like a pond.
• Almost cried over a pair of baby shoes (“I mean, they’re just so tiny! Our baby’s feet are gonna fit in there!”)
• Planed the baby shower.
• His whole family is there for the birth of this child.
• Cried when he holds them for the first time.
• Dedicates a whole album to his newborn baby.
• Takes photos of them in ridiculous outfits an posts them online.
• Shows off his kid whenever he has a chance.

Park Seo Joon cannot stop gushing about SISTAR's Hyorin: 'She is my diva'

Park Seo Joon has opened up about his bond with SISTAR’s Hyorin. The 27-year-old South Korean actor revealed that the two are good friends.

During an episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the host asked Seo Joon about his favorite girl group. He replied: “TWICE. I’m kidding, it’s SISTAR. I first saw them during their ‘Push Push’ days when I was in the army barracks. But at that time, I would have never guessed that we’d become close.”

“Whenever an album is released, I listen to everything, even the follow up tracks. I like the follow up tracks more than the title track. I’m thankful to have a friend like her,” he added.

Seo Joon continued: “She’s my diva. Hyorin is really the only friend I have that’s a girl. We’re close, so even my parents know her. They know about her appearances more than I do.”

Seo Joon and Hyorin began their friendship on the set of Dream High 2. The two played a couple in the KBS television drama series.

In 2013, Seo Joon gushed about the 25-year-old singer. He said: “Hyorin and I are close friends. She has an energetic personality and cool attitude. Even though she is younger than me, Hyorin has become a close friend and we are a good match together” while giving the thumbs up. He also stated, “Because Hyorin is a singer, she talks a lot about the world of singers. I don’t know too much about the music industry, but just listening to her talk about it is really fun and interesting.”

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I'm venting. My dad died on my 14th birthday due to dilated cardiomyopathy, so the left ventricle in his heart was majorly over sized. My birthday is next month. My younger sister just got the results from her Echo and her left ventricle is enlarged. They say it is too soon to tell, but after everything I can't stop thinking the worse. Plus I haven't gotten my echo done since he died. I'm panicking and trying hard not to by listening to the sad Harry styles songs on his album and drinking coffee

Ohhh sweet baby. This is so sad, and I wish I knew what to say to help. You and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers. I cannot imagine how you must feel.

The Music tag

Thank you bean for tagging me @keunakool imma finally starting to comeback haha so you dont have to worry anymore

rules: just add 5 questions of your own if you wanna lol

1. who is your favourite artist right now? - IU, I cannot stop listening to her new album. Everything about her recent albums has been amazing. I love the lyrics to her songs and the style and just sdbawhjb. Also LEE DAEHWI

2. who is your favourite artist of all times? -  ummmm not quite sure. Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons, and μ’s are all very high tho

3. genre you absolutely despise? - I don’t have any I despise. Though, I say I don’t enjoy hard hip hop/rap but like you’ll see over in the corner bopping hard when you put it on

4. genre you love? - Classical, Pop, Rock, Modern Classical, R&B, Soul, and many more

5. first song you learned by heart? - I can’t remember cause when I was a kid I used to pick up on lyrics to a song very quickly. Like when i was 3 I knew all the words to Crabbuckit by k-os

6. first song you learned by heart in foreign language? - Does the Greek national anthem count??

7. your favourite lyrics? - oh god, ummmmm idkkkk

8. favourite song? - currently, im jamming to one step, two steps oh my girl, everything iu has done, Remember apink, and she’s a baby by zico

9. what does music mean to you? (don’t be afraid to write a full essay if you wanna lol) - music has been apart of my entire life. it’s one of the biggest aspects that defines who i am. majority of the sports i play include music, like figure skating and dance. ive played multiple music instruments ever since i was very young, which are piano, violin, trumpet, guitar, and recorder. music connected me with my best friends. without music, kpop specifically, i wouldnt be friends with one of my best friends, and with two of my others music just made our relationship much stronger. even this year the two newest close friends ive made has been because of music. one being @keunakool who is very dear to me. music is my main source of escape from everyone and everything. music never fails to make me feel peaceful, happy, and energized. i literally cannot imagine my life without music. 

imma tag @knkruinedmylife @omgkth @756cm @kimyumbin @knockinknk @henmi @knkinky
No lie I'm a little obsessed with this new song from Hyukoh

My super NYC/post modern art co-teacher and I agree that:
1. Oh Hyuk is beautiful
2. the aesthetic THE AESTHETIC WE CANNOT
3. the Korean teachers think we crazy
4. in yet another instance of 🇺🇸#merica
5. evidently. in which we are like WHAT HE IS GORGEOUS NO?!?!?!
6. this whole album. love.

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It's nearly 1:30am here in nz and I've been listening to the album on repeat 😭😭💓 it has me shook

Ahhh. I honestly cannot wait to listen to it. I think tonight may lead to an all-nighter… When I start listening to it, I won’t be able to stop listening to it… xx

Many times, I have checked back on bands which had good singles and ended up loving a lot of their music. 

This happened again this week with Kings of Leon and I cannot stop listening to Aha Shake Heartbreak. This album came out before I ever even heard of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” and has a soft-loud rythm to it throughout. 

“Milk” stuck out to me for multiple reasons.

  1. My obsession with drinking milk
  2. The girl in this song hates milk
  3. Caleb Followill, lead singer, sounds like he’s pleading and howling for her to stay with simple, romantic lyrics which obviously make me want to sob
  4. The consistent beating drums and guitar riffs are also simple but lovely

It may be because I act like love doesn’t matter (when secretly I’m a sobbing, rom-com addict), or the lyrics which remind me of “10 things I hate about you” by describing little things lovers do but this song is one of their simpler, yet best songs. 

i’m listening to harry style’s album and it isn’t bad, but i cannot stop laughing about how many young one direction fans have always been like “FUCK THE BEATLES, ONE DIRECTION IS SO MUCH BETTER” when the beatles are so present in EVERY. SINGLE. SONG on this album. 

so much so in a few that it’s a wee bit more than influence, if you ask me…….. 

Made in the AM - One Direction

If you had told me five years ago that One Direction would release an album that felt timeless, I probably would have laughed and said “okay, sure yeah.” and then continued my dance party to What Makes You Beautiful.

But after four years of hard work, determination, and incredible writing sessions where they’ve allowed their musical influences to fully shine through, Made in the AM was born. 

Written almost entirely after Zayn Malik’s abrupt departure in March, this album has a fair few people who are just “casual” fans questioning why they were ever put under the boyband label, rather then be counted as a vocalist group, and the stigma around boybands prevents them from being taken seriously as musicians. Which, unfortunately, means that their music is written off as just basic pop when that’s not the case.

Which presents us with a problem: the majority of critics (and the majority of the population) are dismissive of them because they have an audience that is mainly female. The recent reviews haven’t been fair to the band, clearly echoing the thoughts and feelings of the reviewers. I in no way can give an unbiased review, however, I fell as though the Billboard review was absolutely disgusting, and did nothing but insult everything the band has built.

This album is their most classic, their most timeless, and I think that it could be here to stay, if people gave it the chance it deserves. It has something for everyone, and the entire record has clear influences that ring through. They’re incredible songwriters, they sing just as well as they write, and even though their sound individually is unique, they’re just as cohesive as a unit.

It also seems to have been written to showcase all of their vocals, rather than just focus on a certain few members. Part of me thinks that this is due to Zayn’s departure, because without him there’s more room on the tracks for everyone to have their own opportunity to shine. Specifically, Louis and Niall, who have both had their solo time cut short on previous albums.

If we’re going to compare and contrast these albums, we can also look at the structure of the tracks. Four and Midnight Memories were written for stadium play. Their tracks were big, entertaining, made for performing in the venues they were. This is totally different. These are songs they wanted to write, just so they could write them. Julian Bunetta, one of the main members on their songwriting team, said that they were very much aware that they were going on a break while writing, and it’s clear.

With all albums, though, there are tracks that don’t belong, so I’m not going to spending time talking about Drag Me Down (which is a track that should have been put on Four), Infinity (which I reviewed here) and Perfect (which is a Take Me Home era love song that’s not really a love song). Interestingly enough, they were placed at the beginning of the album instead of spread through out. It makes it easier to skip them to get to the good bits.

Hey Angel opens with a church-like organ (since I had a religious experience listening to this album, this makes sense), and then blends into a Verve-like power track that’s a strong opening, and sets the whole tone for the album. There was no other track they could have started this album with, and have it have the same effect that it does. Liam has chill-inducing backing vocals, and they sing through the chorus strongly. I’ll get back to you on a lyrical analysis.

End of the Day  took a bit of time to grow on me because of how it’s structured. It starts quickly, then the chorus turns into some sort of ballad. It’s an interesting listen, almost a bit jarring, but once you give it a bit of time it’s catchy, the hook sticks with you, and lyrically it’s a great track. I don’t think it’s my favourite, but it’s seriously catchy and the hook stays in your head for ages.

If I could Fly is the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard. There’s so much importance in it, and it shows how much love Harry Styles has in his heart. It’s incredible that he can put himself into a situation so well, and then manage to write their version of Journey’s Faithfully. I actually haven’t heard a love song quite like this in such a long time. Every lyric is beautiful, and paired with their vocals, no other band could have done this song and had it come out as special.

Long Way Down makes me hope to god that Noel Gallagher is shitting himself because of how much this track feels like Oasis. Maybe not lyrically, but the backing track and vocals are strikingly similar to that of Champagne Supernova, and it has this slow build throughout the track that just gets you. Niall and Louis’ vocals are heavily showcased, which is an amazing thing, because they practically own the song. The structure is the coolest part, though. You’ve got that slow, slow, slow build and then it’s at it’s peak and then at the end it just drops off into nothing.

Never Enough is such a tune. Like this song is such a tune, it’s amazing. It’s so fun and something you just want to dance to. I don’t know what makes it so good, it just is. Like it is just a great song, and their vocals are so good. If I had to give an influence for it, it would be Fleetwood Mac meets Phil Collins, probably. It’s got the underlying drumbeats and the trumpets of Fleetwood Mac, but then it’s got the upbeat nature of Phil Collins’ In the Jungle.

Olivia, the perfect mix between The Beatles’ Penny Lane and Elenore by the Turtles, is the most classic rock feeling track on the album. It’s got a happy, uplifting feeling and the most cheerful lyrics. The strings were done at Abbey Road, which is amazing in itself, and it opens with a bit of talking, like they’re discussing the technicalities of the track. Harry’s vocals also fit so well, he’s got this smooth voice that just sort of floats on the track.

What a Feeling is my personal favourite on the album, and I absolutely cannot get enough. It’s got an amazing, sexy, groove to it, and I think that comes from the Fleetwood Mac influence, but that’s not even what stands out. What stands out is their stacked harmonies on the chorus, and the lyrics. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who’s been gone for ages, and they finally get back to the one they’ve been missing and how good that feels, and the song gives you that feeling. It makes your heart swell and you stop in your tracks to give it a listen. 

Love You Goodbye could be counted amongst generic break up songs with more of a personal touch. The lyrics do a much better job at painting a picture of how you feel when you see an ex -or even a person you used to be friends with- again. It throws you into this world of not knowing where the lines blur, how it feels to be nothing to someone who was once your everything. (louis’ high note though???)

I Want to Write You A Song is probably the cutest, simplest song on the album, but the lyrics hold so much meaning. It’s also the coolest, production wise, because if you listen close enough you can hear a pencil scratching on paper, and you can hear the slide on the guitar strings (which is something I absolutely love). Their vocals are also so soft, and so loving, it’s just a warm feeling in your chest, something that makes you want to settle down in front of a fire and have someone play it for you on a guitar.

History is one of the coolest songs, lyrically, because it seems like it’s having three conversations at the same time but they’re all saying the same thing. The first version of the conversation, would be the band amongst themselves. The second version, would be the fans talking to the band. The third version is the dialogue between the band and the fans, and how we’re a team and we’re in this together and we’re gonna hold on because together we’re unstoppable.

Temporary Fix has more of an upbeat nature, but it’s so obviously an answer to Alive and No Control. It’s basically telling the story of a friends with benefits situation, and it does all of this without degrading the female catalyst in this relationship or whatever it is. There’s so many songs that slut-shame, and this one just isn’t like that. It also isn’t a song that talks about the friendzone, it’s not about pressuring anyone into anything. It’s just a song about two people having casual sex because they want to.

Walking in the Wind was heavily influenced by Paul Simon’s Graceland, and you can immediately tell that much. I think, though, it’s one of those songs you want to play while you’re driving in a car in the summertime with the top down and your best friend is next to you laughing. I get a lot of feeling when I hear this song, and I think that’s the only way I can describe it. I can only really tell you how it makes me feel because it’s one of the ones you just have to hear.

Wolves is a song that i absolutely love. It’s got a really great groove to it, and it’s another one of the songs where they stack their harmonies and showcase their vocals individually and as a group. It’s got a slowed-down “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” feel, and you just want to be able to dance to it. Another thing about it that’s really awesome is the “Oooo’s” spread throughout the chorus and backing vocals because it’s like they tried to sound like wolves during the track.

AM is my absolute favourite, and it’s because it’s simple, but the lyrics hold so much for me. This song is friends sitting in a room and starting out by shit talking, and then everything turns into the Big Things in life. It’s the nights you’re up and don’t want to go to bed because you don’t want to have to stop talking, especially after everything you’ve been saying to each other. It’s the hopes and dreams of a drunken mind coming to life. It’s everything a twenty something needs.

This album was the perfect way to end an incredible five year trek, and the promise of better things to come when they’re refreshed and back to writing and recording in 2017. I’m so excited to hear what else they’ve got up their sleeves, and I’m excited to hear what their individual endeavours bring to the table when they’re all back together.

Made in the AM is available for preorder through every major music retailer, and will be officially released on 13. November.

Favourite Tracks: AM, Long Way Down, What A Feeling, Walking in the Wind, If I Could Fly.

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Oh golly, you guys! <3 

My celebrity crush… I have so many. Uh. A big one is Joseph Gordon Levitt. I’m also super into Aubrey Plaza and Charlie Day. I could write a list of like 20 different celebrities that I crush on. 

My favorite form of transportation is a bike! I love biking! I used to live in the Netherlands and would bike everywhere, I miss it. 

5 favorite songs? How about 5 songs I can’t stop listening to lately? 

1.  Part of me by Neck Deep

2.  Nicole by Hotel Books

3.  Rory by Foxing 

4.  Milestone by Brand New 

5. And just all of Death Cab’s Plans Album. Like. I just cannot stop listening to it. 

Yeah. Emo girl is Emo. 

I consider myself bisexual, but lately I’ve been thinking I may be pansexual. Who knows. I enjoy people. 

In 5 years I’d like to have my own business and at least one novel under my belt. That’s as far as I’m thinking. 

Okay I have been buying CDs again since September. I used to buy albums on iTunes only, but since I have a pretty good radio I also buy CDs. So I do not have that many, but I wanted to let you guys see that I do not only listen to the 1975 even tho this is a the 1975 blog (and it will stay a the 1975 blog, do not worry), but also to other bands.

I also wanted to say that I live in a small village in The Netherlands and finding CDs in stores is pretty hard for me. I also can buy CDs online but I do not really like the idea of that. So this does not mean that I only listen to these bands, I just cannot find others.

I will link you to the album on iTunes so you can listen to it yourself. 


Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by Arctic Monkeys 

The Balcony by Catfish And The Bottlemen

American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy

Believers Never Die by Fall Out Boy

Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira

Days are Gone by Haim

Night Visions live (+DVD) by Imagine Dragons

Junk Of The Heart by The Kooks

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade Is Dead (+DVD) by My Chemical Romance

May Death Never Stop You (+DVD) by My Chemical Romance

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance

The 1975 by The 1975

What Did You Expect From The Vaccines by The Vaccines

Hesitant Alien by Gerard Way


Jazmine Sullivan’s Beyoncé Fan Moment (And I Love Jazmine’s New Album)

In this video clip from The Real, Jazmine Sullivan mentioned Beyoncé is who she thinks of when she thinks of empowerment. She went to Beyoncé’s concert where Beyoncé gave her a shoutout and said she’s one of the best. And the women on the panel said Beyoncé is supportive of women and of them personally. 

I’m a fan of both Beyoncé and Jazmine and lemme suggest right now, you probably already have Beyonce´s self-titled album, go ahead and get Jazmine’s new album Reality Show if you don’t have it. It is excellent. Trust and believe. I cannot stop listening to it. The song “Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)” gives me goosebumps and I cried the first time I heard it, for example. 

Anyway, this video clip is super cute. :) 

(Thankful that @JAZonyaMINE put me on to her new album [and tweeted some excellent nuanced critique about it on 1/29/15] as I knew of and have some of her previous music, and H/T @Mx_Mobae for the video clip.)

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heeeey can you explain that last post you reblogged and why Harry would be having flashbacks w that interviewer? sorry to bug you !

she is, hands down, without question, one of the worst interviewers i have ever seen.

just the way she speaks to them at the start? “oh, shut up, niall.” i don’t know. it’s just so awkward and weird. it’s clear that they’re kind of like “…..” and she’s just not picking up on those social cues.

“let’s talk about your album.” harry: “PLEASE!” and then…. she proceeds to ask them to describe the album in one word. and that’s about all the album promo she’s interested in doing.

then she does the typical, “the fans want to know -” which…. no. we don’t. she asks them how they would hit on a girl. liam’s already just done. they’re all looking off-screen like “save me.” look at liam’s body language!! he’s completely turned away from her in his seat, and he actually says, “i can’t deal with this. i need help.” then harry does one of his best swerves with the “i can’t be in a bar in america because i’m not old enough.” but, she tells him to shut up and continues on with her questioning. and liam is just making fun of her. and harry finally is like, “DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS”

i don’t even know what happens within the next couple of minutes. it’s just a trainwreck. the boys are completely checked out. they’re not taking it seriously. liam is picking on her. harry has his head in his hands. they take off niall’s shoe and she smells it????? like what is going on????? i can’t believe she actually smelled his shoe WHAT THE FUCK

then she asks them if the interview is a joke. like…………. of course it is. and that’s no one’s fault but her own. but, she starts complaining that they aren’t paying attention to her….????

then harry does some random promo for their tour. because at least someone remembered they’re trying to sell something. and niall points to the backdrop and says “WHAT’S THAT” at their album because she’s literally spent 7 minutes and has asked O N E question about their album. niall is like, “HEY ! LOOK! IT’S OUR ALBUM!!!!!!!!” i cannot believe that he actually had to resort to that.

then harry asks to borrow her questions, and she admits that she doesn’t even have questions. she didn’t prepare questions for her interview with the biggest band in the world. she didn’t listen to the album beforehand, and the boys start calling her out for it.

anyway. they’re done, and then they start “interviewing” her. about the album. because that’s what they’re there for, even though she’s apparently unaware. but, she stops talking about their album and says they look hotter. like?????? and harry starts talking about zebras, and she doesn’t know the difference between a zebra and a leopard, apparently.

it’s just a trainwreck. all around. by the end, they’re all just losing it. they can’t stop laughing. harry says he wants to leave right now. it’s just bad. it’s so, so bad.