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Feysand au

For the prompt: ‘you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars’ au

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Now enjoy some Feysand goodness.


“Please somebody help!”

Feyre burst into the vet’s office in a frenzy, her hair flying all around her and her eyes wide as saucers.

She then immediately froze, looking around the tiny waiting room and seeing everyone staring at her, even the various dogs and cats and the one random parrot.

“Um, ma’am?”

Feyre jumped at the secretary’s voice, whipping her head around to look at the most stunning blonde woman she had ever seen. The woman gave her a bright, sweet smile.

“Are you alright?” She asked cautiously.

“I – what – no!” Feyre finally managed to spit out, rushing to the counter. “Please, I need to see the vet immediately, it’s an emergency. No one will see her and I’m getting really scared and –“

“Slow down, honey,” the woman – Mor, according to her nametag – said gently. “What kind of pet is it, and what’s wrong?”

Heat bloomed on Feyre’s cheeks and she glanced behind her at the rest of the waiting room eavesdropping on her. She leaned over the counter as close to Mor as she could get and mumbled incoherently.

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I'm still heartbroken over the fact that louis sent a video to a fan the night his mom died and now harry stopping for photos with fans the day/day after robin died 😢

I cannot possibly reiterate enough how much I admire and respect their strength as individuals during life’s hardships. 


Before uploading the stitching video promised yesterday, thought I’ll how rounded corners are achieved. <Disclaimer> video lighting is rather poor, apologies in advance for that.

Now, in consideration that these coasters are meant to be thick (approx. 6mm thick). I find using a trim knife and pulling a cut around such tighter curves to be quite tough and potentially leaving a slanted side angle as oppose to a perfectly vertically straight side. Although this can usually be rectified with heavy sanding to shape the corners, that would be rather time consuming and heavy sanding may at times leave an undesired “lip” from the skin layer of the leather, which then requires further removal. In summary, the piece might end up looking overworked as opposed to a clean look. (Although this method showcased isn’t time-efficient either, and there really is a ton of better methods in cutting corners (pun), but seriously get a dye cutter or round corner punch).

In the clip, I’m essentially using the round ruler to guide my blade in a chopping style manner around the corner. My main focus is to keep my blade perfectly vertical and maintain consistently smaller “chops”. There is always the temptation to chop a larger chunk away but cutting smaller portions at a time leaves a much smoother curve. Some light sanding thereafter will ensure its perfectly smooth and rounded.

Lastly, and I cannot reiterate this enough, ensure your blade is as sharp as possible. I’m barely using force to cut through and this facilitates more control and greatly mitigates any risk of slipping.

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Who do you think Hoya is close to in infinite

Hello there! I’ve actually attempted to write about Hoya’s relationships with his members before. Click (x) & (x). 

Generally, I think Hoya’s close with all the members, they haven’t trained so hard and gotten so far without the inherent bond and undeniable chemistry with each other. Though I have to agree that he’s definitely closer to some than the others as time goes. 

From my own observations, he was close to Woohyun pre-debut and Ranking King, close to Dongwoo during Sesame Player and INFINITE H promotions, close to Sunggyu from This is Infinite to Bad era. 

But throughout the years, there’s always this one member he’s been spotted together with so often, this individual he seems to be most comfortable with, and it really does show through the amount of time they spend together off-stage.

If you guessed Sungjong, you’re right! I’ve written about Hojong specifically before (x) and I’d like to add more based on their recent interactions here. 

They are whom I affectionately dub the original roommate couple! Hojong’s actually roomed together the longest among all INFINITE members so it’s probably not difficult to gauge how deep-rooted their friendship actually is. 

Personally I really enjoy how well they look out for each other, they have the assurance that they’ve got each other’s back and can always rely on the other. Even though Hoya’s the hyung here he gladly accepts help from the maknae and I think he actually shares his thoughts with Sungjong the most. 

More examples here -> (x)(x)(x)

In return, I cannot reiterate enough that Hoya’s probably the best hyung for Jongie! He stands by Sungjong’s side (x), guides him (x) and helps him out (x) before taking a step back and let the maknae shine on his own (x).

Together, they have this sort of support system in place which is so endearing and so comforting to know. 

(Gif not mine. Credits to hojong)

Sungjong was the only member who openly promoted his hyung’s singing endeavours on Twitter:

and he described Hoya as indispensable to the team. (x)

Likewise, Hoya was the person Sungjong turned to when he was faced with issues during OGS (x), and Hoya never fails to help boost Sungjong’s confidence (x), like back then when he declared Sungjong was the best singer in INFINITE, when he confessed Jongie had the best body and recently when he discussed Sungjong’s manly image. (x)

To judge their closeness, remember that Sungjong is currently the only INFINITE member on Hoya’s instagram (and not just 1 but 2 photos!) Haha, Hoya had to make sure he properly wished the maknae a Happy Birthday.

Plus, very recently Hojong’s been really active again during IE!

I bet they went sight-seeing together the whole time. Plus I was looking through fansite photos and where Sungjong was, Hoya was close by (x)(x).

I’m thankful they have each other! :)

[P.S. waiting for INFINITE S to debut (x)]

[P.P.S. Swimming buddies ftw (x)(x)]


A continuation of THIS AU

This got super long and I had to split it in half again. One day I will actually write fic about this again but for now, here is more of the Monster Haus AU, featuring random thoughts on the Main Cast.  

Bitty the Kitchen Witch

  • Bitty is garbage at basically everything witchcraft that is not baking but by god he is going to learn to ride a broom if it kills him.
    • It might kill him.
    • Chowder has air powers and has been helping him try to stay balanced while he moves around, trying to get the feel of it. Like training wheels. Chowder has more confidence about this than he does. 
  • Bitty naturally runs a little hot, but he still doesn’t handle the cold very well. Baking helps though, warming spells are just about the simplest kind and he has an arsenal of cookies ready to go whenever Jack’s ready to go he gets too cold. 
  • He does contact his mother, grilling her about every type of warming and anti-frostbite spell that won’t actually melt anything he touches. 
    • It’s unbelievably obvious. 
    • His mother is taken back a little, once she thinks for more than two seconds and realizes why he suddenly needs this, but stutters her way through the first few and gets a little stronger by the third. 
    • She is happy, if a little concerned. At least he’s not seeing a demon dear god.
  • So Bitty might be terrible at most spells, but he works ridiculously hard and ends up getting a semi decent warming charm down. 
    • Jack is incredibly moved and needs a minute.
  • Bitty is slightly self-conscious since he does not have a familiar like his mother. She had a large lop-eared rabbit that goes everywhere with her and helps her with spell work. Bitty thinks maybe that’s why his magic isn’t very strong.
    • He is also very worried that this has to do with him having a human father and not being a witch at all. 

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I have now rewatched the deancas hug 82 times and I’d like to say

A) dean totally reaches his arms out to cas like he’s expecting a hug

B) your surprised/reluctant reaction to cas hugging u is a ruse, dean, and I see right Fuckin thru it

C) imagine if instead of showing kids on cellphones to introduce mary to the new world, dean had grabbed cas and made out with him right there like hey mom welcome to 2016

D) I cannot reiterate enough that dean has his arms out ready for a hug before cas has even moved

Badassedry or Lack Thereof.

Power often triggers sensations of discomfort and fright.  That is 100% normal.

Some people eventually get “used” to it, or even develop a fondness for it. It is not about being a hardcore Badass. Some people do not ever get used to it. And that is just fine too. There are different kinds of witches.

There are still times when I feel a thrill of fear. That little jolt of adrenaline that the back of ye olde brain sends to warn us of things with teeth. Caught between the gravitation of revulsion and ecstasy can be a powerful current (like riding the pain of a tattoo, or a skilled whip-handler’s charms). 

There is more than on type of witch. I cannot reiterate that enough with the trend toward “The only real witch is a witch with thirty grand in leatherbound limited editions and a tinyhouse cabin where they boil bones and take entheogens.” There is more than one type of witch.

There are wood-wild witches.  There are concrete witches. There are witches of steel and glass. There are witches of sand and sea. There are witches who are only witches on weekends. There are witches who are only witches when they dream. There are witches who are as soft and delicate as a soap bubble, and work pretty, gentle, caring magic. They’re all just different species in a vast order of witchery.

So I thought I might make a Netflix zombie movie reclist. It contains all sorts of different types of zombie films, so there is something for every occasion. By no means is it super extensive, but these are some of my personal favs, and at the very least they provide material for one wild movie marathon.

  • Fido: This movie is strangely cute for a zombie movie but don’t let that turn you away because it’s extremely enjoyable. It takes place in the 50’s. A company called Zomcom has come up with technology that can domesticate zombies, letting the rich and elite use them as slaves. This movies follows a young boy who befriends his family’s new zombie slave.
  • I Sell the Dead: An interesting take on zombies that involves two grave robbers in the 1800’s. Think Shaun of the Dead meets Sleepy Hollow. Awesome, right? Yes. It is. Also Ron Perlman. Seriously. I love this movie.
  • Cockneys Vs. Zombies: A group of kids try robbing a bank the same day the zombie virus happens to spread through London. This movie has So Many things that I love in it including humor, heart, and asskicking old people.
  • Zombibi (Kill Zombie!): A dutch film (yes subtitled). Like the aforementioned Cockneys Vs. Zombies, this movie has a lot of humorous moments and some good gore moments, just ignore the green blood. I laughed a lot, even when I didn’t understand the regional references. A fun film.
  • Pontypool: Okay, this isn’t technically a zombie movie–it’s more of an infection movie, but the “creatures” are zombie-like enough I’m willing to include it here (because I really love it). It is centered on a shock jock narrating the spread of the virus while stuck in his radio booth. Super intriguing and a bit eerie.
  • Night of the Living Dead: Obviously a classic, had to put on the list for Romero reasons. Sometimes I take for granted that not everyone has actually seen this movie. Re-invented the zombie, and the zombie genre as we know it. Supremely important.
  • Day of the Dead: Another must-see Romero classic. A bunch of asshole soldier dudes and one seriously badass lady.
  • Dead Snow: Norwegian film. Classic cabin in the middle of nowhere scenario except with nazi zombies…really fast, strong and smart nazi zombies….basically everyone’s worst nightmare. Also has some humorous moments. This movie gets quite gory. Subtitled.
  • Night of the Creeps: 80’s teen movie combined with zombies. What else matters in life, honestly.
  • Deadheads: I contemplated not putting this on the list, because this movie is objectively so bad, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I love it so much and I can’t explain why. It’s a zombie romcom (yes, you read that correctly). The lead character is a zombie (who, due to an experimental drug, can walk/talk/exist like a human being) on a mission to reunite with his ex-girlfriend. I cannot reiterate enough how bad (but simultaneously good) this movie is. Just don’t take it too seriously.
  • Doc of the Dead: This is a documentary about zombie culture as a whole, and is super interesting. It talks about the history of zombies and how they’ve evolved over the years. Includes interviews/testimonials from some of the greats, such as: George Romero, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Max Brooks, Tom Savini, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, etc., etc.
  • ParaNorman: Another one I wasn’t sure if I should include, only because it’s not typically what someone might imagine when they think of a zombie movie, but fuck you this is one of my favorite films and it has zombies and it’s on netflix so it’s going on the list. Super cute, funny, and full of heart, it is very important to me, and is perfect if you want something that isn’t too dark/complicated and/or want something that has zombies and is still appropriate for younger kids. You never know.
  • The Returned: This isn’t your typical zombie gorefest, it’s more of a political/medical drama/thriller. Basically after the zombie outbreak, treatment was developed that lets those infected live like fully functioning human beings as long as they take their dose every day. Well shit goes down, doses run low, there are “anti-returned” groups killing the infected, etc. etc. This is a really great film, but it’s super depressing, like it legit made me cry but I also love it.

This bowl of beef noodles is such a hit on so many levels. Firstly, I like my noodles in a clear broth instead of that curry-like sauce. The beef chunks are also more tender than a baby’s bottom, they simply dissipated in my mouth, as though my saliva were acid upon contact. Then, there is that homemade chinese sauerkraut that gave my noodles an added oomph on the spice rankings. I cannot reiterate enough how delicious and value-for-money Taiwanese food are.

牛老二牛肉面店 | 83 Xīngzhōng 2nd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City

Treasure Planet

So…does anyone remember that really long post I made about Dreamworks’ 2010 film, How to Train Your Dragon, where I discussed all the amazing things about it? 

Well. Let’s pretend here for a minute that you do. 

Because today, I’m going to be doing much the same, only with Disney’s 2002 film Treasure Planet - a sci-fi sort of spin on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, and one of my all-time favorite Disney classics. 

So I’m just going to plunge right in. 

For one thing, Disney had a strike of true inspiration when they decided to cast Tony Jay as narrator - when I heard Judge Claude Frollo’s voice in my earphones, I immediately sat up straight and gave the film every ounce of my attention. As the narration continued, expertly setting up a world without pausing to wring every ounce of imagination out of the setting, we catch our first glimpse of fifteen-year-old Jim Hawkins - in this version, portrayed as a law-breaking, adventure-seeking teenager, distancing himself from his tired, overworked single mother. 

Okay, firstly I cannot begin to appreciate Jim’s character design. I mean, just look at him. He’s defiant, he’s reckless, he’s got zero self-esteem, and it shows on his face. Just one look at him and you can tell. Disney seriously outdid themselves with the character design in this movie, and the protagonist is their most obvious example. 

But wait. That’s not all.

Because everyone else has a great design, too.

Like Sarah, Jim’s mother, who visibly struggles to run the inn by herself and reconnect with her teenage son. She looks at her child and there is disappointment, there is anger, there is that ‘you can be so much more than what you are’, and you can see it on her face. Because Disney is talented as hell, and it shows in every line of Sarah’s face. 

One night, after feeling he’s failed his mother yet again, Jim meets a mysterious, injured stranger by the name of Billy Bones who, with his dying breath, hands Jim a wrapped package and warns him to “beware the cyborg”. 

Only minutes later, the inn is attacked and invaded, leaving no choice for our heroes but to flee. The attackers set fire to the inn, burning it to the ground, and while Sarah mourns the loss of her toil, Jim unwraps Bones’ package - and discovers it’s a map, a holographic map leading straight to the fabled Treasure Planet.

Determined to make his mother proud and help her rebuild the inn, the teen immediately sets off on a voyage to seize the legendary treasure. 

The captain of the ship, a stern feline woman called Amelia, assigns Jim to work under the cook, Long John Silver - who happens to be a cyborg. 

Initially, Jim is suspicious and their relationship gets off to a rather rocky start. 

But the two develop a close bond, Silver providing Jim with the father figure he never really had. 

There’s just one little problem: they’re both still after the treasure. For completely different reasons. 

It’s a bit different from the original novel, but I feel in some ways it’s also better. But just in case the premise doesn’t convince you, here are some things to note… 

1. Character design - I cannot reiterate this enough. Their character design was wonderful. If you don’t believe me, check out the photo of this arachnid-ish alien-ish creature working as part of the crew - or, as Jim calls him, “spider psycho”. 

And Silver is a cyborg. You cannot beat that.

2. Jim’s father - In the classic, Jim Hawkins lost his father to old age and a failing heart, but in this rendering, his father was shown to be emotionally neglectful for years before finally abandoning his family, devastating his young son. 

In fact, this hurts Jim so much that he has a canon fear of abandonment. At one point in the film, he and Silver are shown taking off in a longboat, and Silver is the first to climb in. He exits through the hatch, releases the sails and shoots off, away from the ship, and never looks back, making Jim recall the morning his father left. But a minute later, we see that this was his imagination. Jim imagined Silver taking off without him. That’s deep as fuck for a kid’s movie. 

3. The backdrop - Okay, I gotta confess, I actually hated the “pirates in space” setup at first. I felt it was clumsy and childish, but now I’m really happy it is the way it is. Without it, Silver wouldn’t be half-cyborg, we wouldn’t get the beautiful shots we do, and we wouldn’t have gotten that fine arachnid ass up there under character design.

4. Silver’s Speech - If you haven’t seen this scene yet, just go to Youtube and look it up. I promise, this one moment is so worth the rest of the film. 

5. The music - John Rzeznik, frontman for the Goo-Goo Dolls, does the vocals for the two songs in the film - “I’m Still Here” and “Always Know Where You Are”. And they both play in the background. This isn’t a musical. People aren’t just bursting into song for no reason. This shit is real.

6. Solar surfing - Jim’s favorite hobby is reckless, dangerous and looks hella amazing. A thin sheet of metal is all that keeps him from plummeting straight down. Can you say ‘ultimate adrenaline rush’? 

7. Jim and Silver - I cannot say this enough, Jim and Silver have the most adorable relationship in the history of ever and if you don’t believe me, go watch the film. 

This picture is SO embarrassing on so many levels, but I just found this on my mom’s phone the other day. This was from yeeeeears ago when I was having really bad problems with my epilepsy. This was a sleep study to look at the stuff going on in my brain to determine if I was going to be able to get my learner’s permit the following year. I was terrified. Honestly, there is not a single thing more scary in my life than epilepsy…just something about not being in control of your own body is just…not okay. Something could happen at any minute of any time, and I wouldn’t be able to stop it. It has to run it’s course and I will wake up with injuries from falling (a black eye, and sprained arm to name a few), and not even know who or where I am. I won’t go into more details, but just take my word for it that it’s terrifying.

taylorswift, here’s where you come into play. Please look at the shirt I was wearing all those years ago back in 2009 to get me through that day. My FEARLESS shirt, because you made me FEARLESS. You have always been my crutch from the day we met when I was an awkward little seventh grader (September 26, 2007) when you made me feel SO special, to now as I strut into my nursing classes in college with red lip stick and confidence that you gave me. You get me through literally EVERYTHING. People come and go, but you’re the consistent thing in my life. I adore you. I always have. I’m never happier than when it’s related to you…whether you’re telling me you love me too on stage right before “White Horse” performing at the Opry in 2010, or taking the time to comment on my MySpace fan site for you in 2008…it’s kind of like reading a book. Whenever I wish to escape my reality, I can listen to your music, or read up on your life and everything is okay. OR, I can say “hey, Taylor Swift was fearless…I can be too” or “Taylor Swift survived each day without someone she expected she couldn’t breathe without” or “Taylor Swift can ‘shake it off’ when literally dealing with the WORST of media crap”. Taylor, you’re my strength, and you have been since you LITERALLY walked in my life (well walked across the CMT Top 20 countdown set debuting “Tim McGraw”) in 2006. You’ve been with me for SO LONG. I love you for it. So much. 

Now? I am three years seizure free. Yes, I still have epilepsy, but I got my license when I was seventeen and am off medicine because I didn’t want to rely on it for my entire life. Though epilepsy serves as a constant fear, so do so many other things in my life. But I continue to be fearless because of Taylor Alison Swift. Thanks Tay. I cannot reiterate that enough. I will support you forever, no matter what.

Forever on your side,