cannot live without you

Planets in the 7th...

• relationships are the focal point of your life
• you attract males in authority
• you want to be noticed physically

• you are attracted to sensitive people
• attracted to people who love children
• you crave meetings and encounters
• you might talk to your partner like you talk to a child (lol)

• you need an intellectual relationship
• you’re attracted to young/slim people
• you love writing, esp. poetry

• you need an aesthetically pleasing partner
• you cannot live without people in your environment
• may be attracted to passive people
• you feel like you need a person in order to shine

• you blame other people when things go wrong in your life
• you might feel like you compete with your partner
• your partner will act on impulse too much

• attracted to wise people
• you need humorous people in your environment
• you have an idealistic view of others
• need a partner to feel happy

• you’re attracted to older people
• love may be at a distance or unavailable at the time
• you’re cautious and hesitant towards others
• don’t frickin marry young or Saturn will bring a bitter divorce

• attracted to unconventional, intellectual people
• you want to live by your own rules
• you’re not easy to catch in matters of love
• there’s often a major difference between you and your partner (ie. age difference, social background)

• you tend to want intimacy much sooner than your partner
• you may believe in fairy tales
• you long for an ideal and imaginative person

• may be attracted to complicated people
• your relationships are intensely emotional
• you and your partner might isolate yourselves from everyone else
• your expectations are usually very high leading to dissatisfaction

lemme know if these apply to you!!!

I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you smile
I’ve watched you sleeping for a while
I’d be the father of your child
I’d spend a lifetime with you
I know your fears and you know mine
We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine
And I love you, I swear that’s true
I cannot live without you

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I’m a very troubling thing - I’m the good and the bad. I make your head spin and your fists clench, but I can make your nose crinkle and breathe at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a headache and sometimes you don’t understand why you do the things that you do; but I can tell you that it’s all because of me. I can make your eyes flood with tears and your chest feel empty while your lungs slowly start to collapse because it finally hit you that I’m all too much. I can and I will pull you in all different directions. Because I don’t make sense, and I never will. But, you cannot live without me; I give you life, I give you hope, I am your home. Through all those tears, and all those scars, all that emptiness - I am everything you’ve ever wanted. I am the one thing you will spend your whole life looking for. Because I can make your heart stop, dead in its tracks, and bring it back to life in one split second.

I am love.

—  c.f. // “you cannot live without me”

You cannot be a Christian without living like a Christian,” he said. “You cannot be a Christian without practicing the Beatitudes. You cannot be a Christian without doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25.” This is a reference to Christ’s injunction to help the needy by such works of mercy as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and welcoming the stranger.

“It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or someone seeking help, someone who is hungry or thirsty, toss out someone who is in need of my help,” he said. “If I say I am Christian, but do these things, I’m a hypocrite.

—  Pope Francis


“ what are you doing all wet? ”
“ why are you soaking wet? ”
“ you are drenched, you must be cold. ”
“ what am i going to do with all this water? ”
“ water is the best thing to drink. ”
“ you cannot live without water. ”
“ i really need to go soak in the hot water. ”
“ why is the water so cold? ”
“ tell me you didn’t drown anyone today. ”
“ i can’t swim. ”
“ you can’t swim? seriously? ”
“ have you ever tasted salt water? ”
“ how about a nice warm bath? ”
“ let’s go swimming! i love swimming! ”
“ i can swim like a dolphin. ”
“ the ocean is my home. ”
“ the ocean is where i belong. ”
“ i almost drowned! not that you care! ”
“ water will solve any problem! ”
“ i love to go lay out by the ocean all day. ”
“ do you believe in mermaids? ”
“ nothing better than a day at the beach. ”
“ this water is ice cold, how are you even swimming in it? ”
“ i will jump right into cold water for you. ”
“ i would swim through cold water for you. ”
“ this water is so cold, i’m surprised it hasn’t froze. ”
“ do you want to help me fill up the pool with water? ”
“ it’s like a flood in here! ”
“ wow, you really flooded the bathroom. ”
“ my basement is flooding again. ”
“ if it doesn’t stop raining already! ”
“ i am so sick of all this wet, rainy weather! ”
“ i love it when it rains. ”
“ my water is turned off, great. just what i needed. ”
“ please don’t walk in on me when i’m in the shower. ”
“ let’s go diving! i always wanted to! ”
“ i drown in you, in all of you. ”
“ i’m drowning in this love. ”
“ our ship is sinking, any last words before we drown? ”
“ why are you always wet whenever we meet? ”
“ so, i see you have a thing for the water. ”
“ you love the water that much? you’d be willing to drown? ”
“ i have a surfboard, if you want to go surfing? ”
“ i’m on the smallest island, surronded by water. ”
“ i will play with water anyday! it’s all i’ve ever known! ”
“ i am soaking wet, do i look like i am okay? ”
“ i’m drowning in my own sweat! ”
“ i need water, lots and lots and lots of water. ” we are going to get flooded! “
” so, does that mean we are going to have a flood? “
” don’t forget to water my plants, please. “
” you didn’t even water the plants like i asked. “
” i’ll just take some water, if you don’t mind. “
” water doesn’t have a smell to it? “
” water doesn’t have a taste to it? “
” please, i need some water or something. “
” would you like a glass of water maybe? “
” it is pouring down rain outside? “
” i just walked all the way here in the pouring rain. “
” you can’t deprive me of water. “
” the water is like one with me. “
” i’m like one with water, like a water bender. “
” i love water falls, don’t you? “
” you fell down into a well once? “
” there’s water at the end of a well? “
” i love the water more than fish could. “
” i’m obsessed with becoming a mermaid. “
“ you almost drowned? ”
“ let me show you how to not drown. ”
“ wow, did you just see how huge that wave was? ”
“ i love the waves of the ocean! ”
The Signs as Studio Ghibli Quotes
  • Aries: whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, that creation is given a soul.
  • Taurus: there's no future for people who worship the future and forget about the past.
  • Gemini: it doesn't matter what colour your dress is, what matters is the heart inside.
  • Cancer: a heart's a heavy burden.
  • Leo: he's calling the spirits of darkness. I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him.
  • Virgo: we each need to find our own inspiration. sometimes it's not easy.
  • Libra: no matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.
  • Scorpio: I think I can handle it.
  • Sagittarius: you cannot alter your fate. but you can rise to meet it.
  • Capricorn: when I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you.
  • Aquarius: you're very smart. sometimes we take a leap. be brave.
  • Pisces: always believe in yourself. do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.

Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak’s dream-like week comes to a nightmarish end (5.10 part 5)

My Favourite Colour is Maroon, the photoset. 

Emotions are a peculiar thing: sometimes you cannot live without them, for you want to feel the joy and happiness that you encounter throughout your days. Those moments, life without emotions seems boring and you need them to enjoy it. Other times, you don’t want to feel them at all. When life is just not going your way and everything seems stacked up against you. The anger and sadness you feel, that you’d rather not feel anything at all than those emotions.

But sometimes, at first, you don’t know what to feel at all, or have difficulties containing those feelings and emotions. As is the case with this scene: the feelings and emotions involved with.. a break-up? Every person deals with this in different ways, but here is Isak, a boy who has been known to suppress and hide his true feelings in emotionally stressful situations. Often, a first introduction in acting is being attuned to how emotions take form in your body. Happiness means smile, sadness means frown. But what if the intent of the scene is that you’re feeling emotions but cannot show or deal with them? This is acting out a character who is unable to deal with the emotions that come his way when confronted with a confusing and heartbreaking situation.

It starts at the pre-party. While his friends are talking about whatever, Isak clearly is in conflict. His shoulders are tense, he takes very deep but shallow breaths and is continuously staring at the same point. A nice touch as well is the fact that he’s barely drinking his beer, and when he does he really needs to swallow it down. Maybe his head is completely filled with confusion over what happened with Even, or it’s completely empty, not knowing what to think. The boy is tense all over. What I find most interesting is that these scenes emphasize that feeling that even though you’re with people around you, you can still feel alone because you’re unable to tell them what’s going on. The only connection he makes in the conversation is when Emma is mentioned, but you see that he has difficulties coming up with reasons why he can’t get them in. He even sounds vulnerable here; he really doesn’t want to go.

But then, he has to. And he keeps his distance from his friends. Pulling into himself, walking behind them. Just get them into the party. Then I can leave.

It’s only when he sees Even that Isak suddenly feels anything again: the urgent need to talk to him, even though I don’t think Isak knew what he wanted to say. The music is a nice touch here; it emphasizes that heart pounding and anxious feeling you get when you see your crush after receiving such a weird final text message. I need to find him. Now. When Emma shows up, the music fizzles out. Oh fuck.

Isak tries to pull up his smooth-talking womanizer persona, but you see that he doesn’t feel it: his wide eyes show that he’s scared. And then Emma drops a bomb. His face becomes ashen, his heart sinks right into his stomach. He’s staring again, almost teary-eyed. She knows.

Barely before he even gets to think of the consequences of that revelation, he pulls up his eyes and sees Even and Sonja. The heart in his stomach turns into lead.

I need to get out.

He’s not looking at anyone when he tells them they’re leaving, but then Mahdi mentions for the second time that night his family. Already a sore spot, Isak’s emotions spurt out in anger here and he pushes Mahdi: this is totally different from who Isak is that I think it terrifies even him how he’s reacting. I love Tarjei’s reaction here; wide-eyed, staring, his body language almost screaming that he needs to get away from here.

It’s at the moment when he’s finally alone that Isak can’t contain his emotions anymore; his adrenaline and anger result in aggression, but when he’s done feeling angry, it’s only feeling the heartbreak that remains. I think, knowing Isak’s tendency to think the worst of himself, that he’s only blaming himself here.

I should’ve known.           It’s my fault.                     I’m so stupid.

And because he’s finally letting himself feel his emotions and feelings that have been building up for a few days (or even weeks), it hits him so hard that he does something that he only did when his father left his mother: he stays inside for a week, completely isolates himself, not even telling Jonas this time. Trying not to feel anything, but instead feeling everything.

It’s so perfectly acted, that it feels like a vicarious experience, for us, the audience.

Previous parts: here.

Put Me first.  Put My friendship above all else.  You cannot live without My friendship.  It is not good that you should be alone.  Seek My Face at all times and in all things.  Seek My open Heart present in the Sacrament of My Love.  I have called you to be My friend.  I have revealed Myself to you as the Friend whom you have always desired, the Friend who will never mislead you, never disappoint you, never abandon you.  Open your heart to My friendship.  Seek My Face.  Converse with Me.  Listen to Me.  Remain in My presence.  Know that at every moment My eyes rest upon you.  My Heart is, at every moment, ready to welcome you.
—  Jesus, as recorded by an anonymous monk in In Sinu Jesu, pg. 26

Good, Christ-centered community and loyal friendship is not always easy to find. Finding people who have similar ambitions. passions and convictions is something many people desire. However, even when you find it, there will always be differences and challenges that arise in these relations. Why? Because we are all human, and no human relationship is perfect. However, we cannot live our lives without other people. Whether you go to school or work with hundreds of people who are very different from you, or you live in a close-knit smalltown where everyone knows everyone, or you attend a big church where you know a few people, but haven’t connected with too many people, you will likely have to see and interact with people at someone point and at some point, you will be overwhelmed with a relationship in your life. Maybe it’s:

1. A dating a relationship that has several challenges
2. Dynamics in your friend groups are starting to change and you’re in the middle
3. Something you’ve noticed in your local community or church but because everyone is so close, you have no idea how to talk about it
4. The people you work with/go to school with are very different than you and you struggle relating them to them, yet, you have to see them everyday
5. A family relationship where you know that there’s a lot to be dealt with it, but every time it’s discusses, it seems to not get anywhere.

No matter what those dynamics in your life are, remember this truth:

I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
- Psalm 16:8 (NLT)

God is beside you when you’re struggling to find good community. He’s there when you’re trying to be a positive example for your friends. He’s there when you’re helping a family member in a difficult situation. He’s there when you’re sharing your passions and dreams with people and you’re not sure how they’ll respond. God is always there, so seek Him about every aspect of every relationship in your life, every single day.

Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos