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Newbies won’t remember this but back in 2014, we were getting ready for Four to drop and 1D released the tracklist for the album, and of course Stockholm Syndrome was on it. And man oh man, there was some discourse from that, lol. People were mad, and uncomfortable; called the track Offensive, said it was in poor taste, blahblahblah. Looking back now, the discourse would have seemed minor, but back then it was pretty angsty and dramatic.

…. And then the track leaked, and everyone was like, “OMG THIS IS SUCH A BOP YAAAAAS BABIES” and then Harry said it was about a nympho in the Four hangout and the discourse was long forgotten. 

This is exactly what y’all are doing with Harry’s album.

Wait and see. I cannot stress that enough. Hear the words in their proper context before passing judgement, and y’all please stop making asinine theories based on twitter accounts say. Just because they were there doesn’t mean they know what’s going on, because hearing lyrics wrong? Is a thing that happens? lolssjdekjfgirgijgjig. So anyway, that’s my hot take on it all 

Nick: I have the best chemistry with Rachel. Rachel has all the qualities I’m looking for in a wife.

ABC: Rachel is the next bachelorette!

Nick: I think I might love Rachel

ABC: tune in next season to watch Rachel search for true love!

Nick: Rachel means the world to me

ABC: we cannot emphasize enough that Rachel has agreed to have 25 men compete over her on tv this fall during sweeps!!!

Nick: omg Rachel 😍😍😍😍😍

Sherbet | Alfie Solomons

This is a follow on from ‘Biscuit | Alfie Solomons’






“What about ‘im, pet?”

“Look at him.”

“I am, yeah.”

“No, you’ve got your eyes closed. Look at him, Alf.”

You’d been sat up in bed for a good thirty minutes whilst Alfie snored beside you. His arm flopped over your lap and Biscuit lay across both of your legs. His head rested between them as he looked up to you. He was sad and every time he sighed you swore to God he broke your heart.


He eventually started to move with a grumble as he turned to sit up beside you. His hand wiped at his face trying to brush away sleep before he folded his arms across his chest.

“Right, I’m looking at ‘im, yeah?”

When Alfie spoke Biscuit turned his head ever so slightly, the folds of skin around his eyes lifted and creased at his forehead.

“Something’s the matter, Alf.”

You turned to look up to Alfie and even he looked a little concerned as you both sat in silence for a long moment.

“I know what it is, pet. Obvious, ain’t it?”

“Is it?”

“Yeah, it is, right. Lovesick, ain’t he?”

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“He’s been out of cryo-freeze too long.”

….just putting these here to point out the fact that, when the technician says this, Bucky has only been out of cryo - at absolute most, a matter of maybe three or so days….certainly not anything more than that.  So what this means is that when the tech says that even that limited amount of time is apparently “too long”, that clearly it’s really not any amount of time at all, when Bucky is thawed out from cryo for one reason, one Misison or another, before he starts to go haywire and his behaviour becomes increasingly unstable and erratic - when, presumably, he’s clearly starting to have flashes, moments of reawakened awareness or humanity….when he’s proving that much more difficult for HYDRA to handle, I should think, simply because once he’s thawed out it’s evidently very little time at all to when he’s starting to display actual, genuine behaviour - not just programming anymore - and, hence, when he’s maybe showing only ever more the signs of being fundamentally Bucky in there….struggling, fighting to get out, to be heard, to be free, and above even all else, just to remember.

Not much time at all then, seems like, given for example what the tech says here and what it seems very much to indicate, for HYDRA’s programming and severe, excruciating, intensive brainwashing to start to break down, and for their control over him to begin to fray.  If this kind of thing happens even in the course of just days - obviously only heightened that much and really the whole process was only sped up to substantial degree, of course, what with his encounter with Steve on the bridge, and that stubborn, dogged, heartbreaking persistence, that pure and childlike simplicity when he keeps saying, “I *knew* him,” even aware of the inevitable and torturous consequences - then what this in turn, at least to me, seems to signify is that…if you think about it….over the past seventy-plus years….Bucky spent more time IN cryo than OUT OF IT.

In other words, over seventy years, he spent more time cold, frozen, unknowing and immobile, trapped behind steel and glass, helplessly looking out at the world and vainly reaching out to it before that, too, was taken from him and his entire existence turned to frost and ice and bleak, black nothing….so much more time in that prison, that awful and horrendous tomb….than ever he was granted out of it.

Maybe he was thawed out for, what, half a day’s time, a day or two or so, depending on how long any given Mission might take - but much more time than that and things would obviously start to break down, HYDRA’s control over him would start to fray or show signs of cracking or instability….there would, it seems apparent, be flaws….and so they would take him, and prison him right back in cryo again, barely giving him really any time at all out in the world, able to look out at it and breathe actual air in at least *some* form or fashion (not, of course, actual “freedom” by ANY definition of the word, but - *still*-!) - before they put him on ice all over again.

For almost the entirety of seventy years, seventy full years, he was entombed in ice, again and again and again….and I know it could be said that Steve himself suffered similar fate, but for Bucky, of course, it was naught but continuous and repeated torture….because each and every time he was awake, fully conscious and aware of what was coming and how he couldn’t stop it - staring out, vainly and helplessly reaching out a hand, as the prickling, burning frost crawled over and under his skin….as they froze him whole, and alive.

Every time, they shoved him in the tomb for goodness only knows how long - months, years, maybe even decades at a time….stolen from him…and so much of it because apparently even just a period of a few days’ time was enough for him to start to regain at least something, or for his behaviour - by their reckoning - to be “unstable”, erratic", which of course could mean only one thing….that he was fighting them, that Bucky was fighting their control, that the programming was slipping….and they couldn’t, of course, have that….so endless amounts of time locked away and imprisoned in searing, burning, killing cold, and all because he would start to regain….to remember.

Years and years and years taken, simply because, after even just a matter of days, that which was human, was Bucky in him, would struggle and fight and claw its way free.  It may seem a straightforward or apparent-enough concept, given his fate and the ongoing hell they put him through, but the sheer utter HORROR of it cannot, I think, possibly be overstated….!

LoneStorm’s Official Fairy Tail Fanfic Rec List

Alrighty, requested by an anon, my so far fave Fairy Tail multichapter fics!  You’ll probably pick up on how much I love AUs… 

There are some I’m following and haven’t decided on the favorite label yet.  Need to see a LOT of writing before I decide to add, so please don’t feel insulted if you don’t see yours on this list yet.  Or I may not have found it yet haha.  But please send me ones you think should be on the list and I will read and add, even if they’re your own!

Find all my faves (Including awesome oneshots)  on my favorites list on, but here are my personal recs including ones on tumblr, in alphabetical order.  Ones not marked with the (complete) are still ongoing.  (All have Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, and the rest is pretty random):

AAA by BlackLynx17

EEE!  In one sentence, the shy otaku freshmen, Wendy, starts an anime club to make friends and shenanigans ensue.  It’s hilarious and though slightly cheesy and confusing at times, it’s a fun read and rather heartwarming.  Natsu’s adorable.  

Age of Gladiators by Nicole4211

WOW.  Historically accurate and picturesque descriptions and interesting plot ftw.  Saw some really good art on this by approvesport.  Natsu as prince but dad gets killed when going off for arranged marriage in Rome and has to become a gladiator and AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS but beware of the smut children do try to keep a clean mind and skip that…  :)

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds by Soprana-Snap

THOSE DESCRIPTIONS THO yeah I know nothing about the game but you don’t really need to to understand.  It’s so FANTASTIC ALREADY EEK So Natsu’s an awesome Assassin (except he doesn’t kill anyone, and that’s why we love him) in the Fairy Tail Assassin’s guild, and when he’s ‘practicing’ he just so happens to fall off a roof.  Don’t worry – he grabs onto a window, but it happens to be the window of a rich heiress longing for freedom… woohoo!!!

Bound by Lock and Key by Ayumu Foxtail-chan

OOO!  This new chapter came out the other day and I FREAKED.  I don’t even know why Natsu is the secret, powerful boy hidden in her father’s dungeon BUT I WANNA SO BAD!  Hard to explain but AWESOME READ IT!!!

Controlled Chaos by Absolutely Unsure (Complete)

This is a buncha beautiful Nalu oneshots in a collection.  Makes your shipper heart sooooar…  These were just fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading it.  But beware – don’t get too excited about the multichapter one in the middle because the fic hasn’t updated in a loooong time.

Dark Waters by Miss Mungoe

WOW FAB!!!  Seen a lot of art for this too, much by the fabulous rboz.  So shark-people/mermaid AU GAJEVY CUTEST EVER mermaid gets a forbidden crush on a shark dude and CHAOS AND EVIL ENSUE AHAHA oh and check out Mungoe’s other stuff too she’s fantastic all around.

Dragon’s Guide to Claim Your Mate by BlackLynx17 (Complete)

I know what you’re thinking.  "Storm, no, not the mating season cliche!“  Chill, dudes.  I know the idea of Natsu’s dragon instincts making Lucy his 'mate’ or whatever is overused and considered way too… no.  But this story is one of the most hilarious and adorable you’ll ever read and I have read it several times.  Ignore the slight OOC and unrealisticness and enjoy the story and Naluness.  Basically Natsu figures he’s in love so he looks at the 'Dragon’s Guide’ that Igneel left him for advice.  Please don’t go without reading ehehehe

Living With Him by amehanaa

OKAY OKAY SO THIS FIC OKAY THIS FIC I FREAK OUT MY FANGIRL SHIP FEELS AL;SDKFJA;SK okay so this one is basically Lucy and Natsu accidentally get assigned the same apartment as high schoolers and decide all they can do is keep it that way, for cost and necessity reasons.  And then stUFF HAPPENS!!!

Love at First Site by amehanaa (Complete)

One of my fave Nalu fics of all all all time.  Honestly my feels couldn’t survive a single chapter of this beautiful frickin’ fluff and cuteness and UGH well basically Lucy gets a laptop, and the first art site she goes on, she sees there’s this guy who likes to draw, and she likes to watch him do it on the site.  Eventually, he invites her to his friends’ and his private chatroom and CUTENESS HAPPENS.

My Sk8er Boi by Tatertotrocks (Complete)

Awww, but the tough guy cute girl thing…  short AU fic but so cute, what with all the skateboarder boy falls for ballerina girl that’s restricted by her father and… just read it.  <3  Cuteness you will find nowhere else.

On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams by snogfairy

WOW SNOGFAIRY SENPAI This is the first fic I read by her and I am still amazed.  This entire concept and they’re so in character and now we’ve got some action and Nalu Nalu Nalu and it’s really hard to explain so just trust that it’s one of my favorite things ever and go read it because WOW LIFE THIS FIC

Opposites Attract by Bugseey

Ah, a lil OOC but it takes a lot to get on this list so that’s fine with me, personally.  Band member that has a mysterious past falls for a young business woman and funny stuff and later action and drama happen and YAY!

Passion is Technically Passion by EvilByNecessity (Complete)

Also a bit OOC but HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE AND WORTH THE READ!  High school AU in which Lucy and Natsu are arch enemies… but do they really hate each other as much as they say they do?  I laughed so much please read.

Possession by HawkofNavarre (Complete)

I CRIED IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY.  (And then went back and read it like five times)  A very very accurate version about how canon Natsu and Lucy fall in love and ugh just so good.  Really quality.

Shaved Ice by EvilByNecessity

LAUGHED JUST AS MUCH AS HER NALU ONE OMG.  Gruvia prequel to Passion is Technically Passion. Juvia, skilled at swimming though awful on ice, joins the hockey team in order to get closer to the hot captain that she’s in love with.  Much shipping and SO SO FUNNY.

Tails&Talons by snogfairy

alskdja;lkjfa;lkjs honestly probably everyone is reading this because SNOG SENPAI IS THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TAIL WRITER OF THE FANDOM AND AMAZINGNESS WOOT.  CUTEST AU – Natsu is a tattoo artist that gets hired by his cousin, whose shop is next to that of a pretty florist and BEAUTIUFL NALU HAPPENS. *SPOILER* (omg Natsu and Lucy made out like FINALLY ABOUT FREAKING TIME SENPAI… not that I’m one to talk…)

Tales of Fairies by RicardanScholar Clark-Weasley

I cannot explain my love for this fic.  It’s a massive oneshot collection, over 200 chapters, all quality and full of feels, humor, shipping, angst, and ANY FT THING YOU COULD THINK OF!! It updates about every single day.  So, so much love for this.  Every member of the Fairy Tail fandom should be following this.  Much Nalu.

The Amulet of Pyralis by rivendell101

Not very long yet but SUPER INTERESTING AND LIKE YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YOUR HEART WILL BE BURNING WITH “OMG RIVENDELL TELL ME HOW THE THING HAPPENS ALREADY!!”   It’s a Djinn AU (I don’t really know what that is.)  But basically Lucy is one of the last of the Djinn Clan, who had been wiped out.  Kept in a prison, Lucy never dreamed she’d regain enough magic to break free… (A lot more than that – awesome stuff about the amulet that I cannot yet explain well so JUST READ IT)

The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets (Complete)

This is one of the most quality and heartwarming Nalu fics I have read.  Mentioned it in TKOF, too.  Ooooh, the feels.  Everyone on earth should read.  The princess, put to sleep to be protected from the evil Hades, is guarded by a boy with the powers of a dragon…

Troublemaker by LaynaPanda

OOC but so worth it omg.  Natsu is the guy that always torments her, but she ends up falling for him, and his jealousy is proving that he may be hiding something as well… High school AU and super addicting.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne

Very, very interesting AU – boarding high school yet with magic and magical Nalu that warms the shipper heart.  Lucy’s the scary girl in school that has to put up a mask to keep herself safe, and while Natsu would have nothing to do with her by choice, he bears a terrible curse in which he just cannot stay away…  It’s really going somewhere!  I wasn’t going to put it on the list because the author had abandoned it, but just the other day, she updated and said she’d decided to continue!  ‘Tis fated to be put on the list, I suppose…  (Some commonly repeating typos, but worth the read nevertheless)

We Are Young by koa-chan

WOW THE WRITING IT’S SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL A;SLKJFASL;DFJ I CRIED.  A LOT.  YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I CRY.  ALMOST NEVER.  This author is just so skilled in putting all emotions into the piece, making amazingly long chapters that come out every month,  and keeping the characters beautifully… in character ehe.  This is a high school AU but it is the ultimate high school AU – don’t live without reading this.  Your life would be unfulfilled.  

What’s a Witch by mslead

MSLEAD IS MY FRIEND AND SENPAI. SHE ALWAYS SAID SHE WAS A BAD WRITER WHICH  IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.  Okay awesomeness Nalu AU in which Natsu is a demon king that accidentally gets himself bonded by accidental magic to this human girl on earth.  So far it follows the story of them trying to survive with one another until they can get Natsu back to where he came from… if he still wants to leave by then…  THE WRITING IS QUALITY OKAY READ IT

Your Virtual Reality by Dark Shining Light

OOO This one has a really interesting plot!  Reminds me a bit of SAO.  Though they are best friends, Natsu seems to be pushing Lucy away, mostly through playing his new video game.  So Lucy gives it a try… and ends up stuck in the game!  Still wondering how she’s gonna get out and the SUSPENSE A;LSDJFASDFJ


emelliex  asked:

haii! can i request got7 2jae fanfic recommendation? thank you in advance ! <33

hi! of course :D here are some 2jae ff i really enjoy (all completed)

Blue - it doesn’t make sense at first few chapters and the grammar is not the best but slowly you’ll get what the story is. REALLY ANGSTY BY THE END i cried (chaptered)

Flowers - short fluff with florist!youngjae and tattoo parlour owner!jb so cute >< (oneshot)

Not the right kink - youngjae crossdressing for some smexy time jaebum but unthinkable situation happen! no sex scene if you’re wondering xD (oneshot)

Crash Course - HANDS DOWN MY MOST FAVOURITE 2JAE FF EVER. youngjae is a college student and has a crush on his own fucking hot biology professor - Professor Im. there’s some smut here and there! (chaptered)

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it-is-i-the-funkiest-nut  asked:

Hey hey!! How would the RFA + V react to a MC that always glares at them when they bother them? But it's just a defense mechanism because they grew up with younger siblings.

hi hi!! hhhokay so…. it’s a lil short and I mostly stuck w reactions to being glared at for bothering MC?? (lololol im the youngest sib of three so.…)


-mildly offended
-how in the world could anyone find him bothersome?? he’s perfect????
-but he does back off to pout
-and slinks back a while later to ask what that was about


-pouty boy
-think Tamaki Suoh from OHSHC
-one glare from MC makes him feel so guilty omg
-his eyes get all wibbly
-pls do not make this precious boy cry
-bc he will
-and you’ll feel bad about it


-not even fazed??
-she has dealt with hungover Jumin Han at his worst, she can handle a reflexive glare from MC
-inwardly worried as hE C K
-has she done something?? maybe she’s not paying MC enough attention???


-immediately worried that he’s done something terribly wrong
-cannot stand the thought of having offended MC somehow
-asks what’s wrong
-promises to correct whatever it was before even getting an answer


-a lil alarmed, ngl
-also rly apologetic
-upset that he has upset his SO
-but that’s only until he’s got it all figured out
-because after he knows it’s just….. like, ,, a reflex
-he intentionally bothers MC
-oh my god he’s probably testing his limits this idiot


-he goes,, , , quiet
-receiving that glare,,,
-a very very quiet “i… sorry, MC… ive upset you..”
-quick to give MC space tho
-like he is hella understanding but Boy does he Feel Bad

beautiful in chicago 2017

i was going to do one immediately, and then i didn’t and i deleted the original lab report type post, but then the photo op pics came out and this happened:

so i thought, yeah. i’m going to write a small fanaccount of how i have an irl crush on minhyuk and lost my shit at the mx concert bc i love 7 boys and a long legged weird one a bit more. (i look at hot mess in that photo and way too excited i’m sorry :D)

some videos and pictures have been posted here, but all of my media has been posted on my twitter 

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@littlemixofficialOMG cannot quite believe what’s just happened, one of the best experiences in our little mix life ever! Cannot thank Taylor enough for having us tonight, 60,000 incredible screaming swifties with a sprinkle of Black Magic, thank you for being so welcoming to us! We love you Taylor can’t wait to catch up very soon! xx Little Mix xx

anonymous asked:

Alright so this is the anon about being in love with the girl and oh my god I told her. I told her and I cried and she hugged me and she said she has had a crush on me since day one. And I don't think I had ever been so relieved and happy in my life. Jesus Christ I cannot thank you enough for the advice you gave me honestly we probably would have just sat in silence forever if I didn't have a courage to say something. Thank you so so much!! <3


Love, I am so, so, so proud of you. You did this big scary emotionally risky thing, and you did it so thoughtfully, and I’m thrilled beyond words that she likes you back and just !!!!!!!!!! And please, please give yourself the credit here - you’re the one who decided to act and worked up the nerve and did this awesome, honest, communicative thing, and anon, she is so lucky to have someone so kind and thoughtful and willing to go out on a limb for her and I am seriously so proud of you and so excited for you. Congratulations, darling!!!! Thank you so much for the update (I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if you were talking this weekend!) and if you feel like coming back to let us know how it’s going some time, please do! Still rooting for you, and wishing you both all the happiness the world can bring!!

anonymous asked:

Hello hello I need help I cannot find any completed klance fics and my fav mermaid au ones haven't been updated in 3 years please kill me I cant find enough klance content it's horrible I'm stuck reading 2 chapter slow burn fics and feeling deeply betrayed when I press the go to the next chapter button and there is no next chapter

hi there!! first of all i wanna say i am so sorry this is so late. I see everyones messages I promise but i have been unable to reply because of my schools finals😞😞

anyway omg i feel you so much?! 😭god lol i understand and its worse because im so picky with fics lol ok so first I would like as always link you to my fic rec tag ! there are about half and half completed/not completed fics in there. and then check out klance-net’s “completed” tag section in their bookshelf ☺️finally i know must of you know this but just a tip if you are looking for completed fics on ao3 then click on the “complete only” box on the filter sidebar thing:

and then you can also filter out more by kudos to show the most popular fics or by date to show which ones are the most recent. ☺️hope that helped!

hello there thanks so much for the love!!! 😚😚to answer your question: i dont really have any other voltron ships besides klance and i have never really had any others hahah? I think shiro/matt is cute though we’ve barely seen anything about them😓…i ship shiro with safety LMFAO 

OMG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! (My 98 and 99th followers were NSFW blogs so 👎🏻) but I would like to give a special thanks to: @maddiesimmer101 for being the best cousin ever and your blog is great and your legacy is great. You are just great. @sweetersims you are the first person I talked to on tumblr. I cannot thank you enough because without you I wouldn’t have any of the friends I have in this community. You gave me confidence to talk to people and helped me out. Thank you! @justbex I love talking to you. You make every thing so much more enjoyable in this community. And ALL HAIL DJ SALAD 😂😂😂 @baileysims7 I love messaging you and just talking about our day and about sims and seeing each other grow into bigger blogs. You are an awesome person and your legacy is so good. And lastly, @legacy–sims! You are probably the person I talk to most on Tumblr. We talk about everything. We talk about sims, each other’s day, your cat and so much more! You are the best and your so awesome. Your legacy is so good and your sims are very pretty! I love you so much (your cat is cute to!)

But thank you all for following me! I love you all. I might do a giveaway but I need to ask but if I can’t what should i do?

I cannot believe your au was good enough to make me look up Natsu goddamn dragneels design. I thought I would remain pure forever but NO.

Anyway heres a possible leo starmour design? badly coloured because it was 11 pm?

(on another note, since Virgo is a maid in all forms, and lucy’s virgo stardress is a maid outfit, does that mean being a maid(en) is an integral part of her nature, bc if so, would that make virgo starmour+ natsu heartfilia = battle practical butler natsu????)



(practical butler natsu is definitely what i had in mind for virgo!)

( @teamlobster thank you so much!!!)

The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 4

Here is my live blog of Episode 4 of TWP for all y'all.  This was a decent episode, I thought.  4.5 pages of snarky notes here, and not proof-read at all.  

Previously on whatever the hell it is we’re doing here…

Joanne Whalley is in this one - great more Burgundy plot-line. Woo freaking hoo.

Margaret of Burgundy isn’t taking this so well - she looks…. dead?  Is that what they were going for?  Does she just have the one dress?  Duchess Cecily can barely walk but she was sitting on the floor with the children?  Right…

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i’m still thinking about it! All you lovely sweet darlings, i cry. I HAVE TO POST UP PHOTOS. i took waaay too many.. so i’ll have to see omg oTL BUT STILL I CRY. TO YOU DARLINGS OUT THERE WHO CAME TO OUR TABLE! THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ARE DARLING DEARS! qwq

SO I HAVE LEFT OVERS FROM THE CON. BUT. there are only FOUR LEFT OF THE RHYS BEATING JACK IN THE FACE. if there’s enough interest, i’ll open pre-orders because i’m broke as my back -cry-

BUT YEA! i’ll be opening my store soon! then ya’ll can whip up some bat! jacks and what nots! I’ve labelled the images, so check out the sizes there ;w;/

otherwise! I’LL BE POSTING PART 2 WHICH WILL CONTAIN BUTTONS AND MORE PRINTS! and maybe the link to my store! 8)


rizahmed: As I was walking off Jimmy Fallon’s tafter doing a little freestyle rap, he leaned in and said “dude, you’re in the #1 album & #1 film in the country!” I fell silent, nodded and grinned like he had mistaken me for someone else, but it was too awkward to correct him…a few days later I was told The Good Immigrant was voted the UK’s book of the year, I got these award nominations for The Night Of, and Swet Shop Boys made a load of ‘best of the year’ lists. None of this felt real. Now I’m back home I just saw these pictures I drew at age 7 of Darth Vader & Luke, after watching Empire Strikes Back. I was reimagining these characters 'when they got old’, reshaping their world, and nothing about that seemed weird. But somehow in the years between then and when i myself 'got old’, the constant message that someone like me couldn’t ever belong, or shape the world around them, had taken hold. I had no road map or template to follow in trying to prove those messages wrong. I started believing them. Only a year ago, for various reasons, I wasn’t sure I could carry on doing this. I had a realisation through some really tough moments that we have no control in this life. And it got me down, but then, seeing no other way forwards, I had to embrace this helplessness, and through it, rediscover a sense of childishness, and of play. Finally, at that point I stopped doing and making things to prove myself to others, and started doing things for my younger self. The work I have been a part of for the last 11years in film and music, including this year from Englistan, The Night Of, Swet Shop Boys, The Good Immigrant, Star Wars, Bourne, to the OA - I have been privileged to stand on the shoulders of giants. I cannot be more grateful to those who have allowed me to be a part of their vision and those who were kind enough to watch, listen, read, and notice. It’s been a crazy ride and I hope I can continue to justify your support. I’m incredibly grateful for this moment in time. Walking off Jimmy’s chat show that night, I felt about as cool as I did in this photo age 7. But the best part of it wasn’t feeling cool, it was feeling like a kid. Keep your inner child alive. Keep dreaming.

anonymous asked:

The person I love is small and light, like a bird, in particular a starling- I worry about them eating enough, about them taking care of themselves and being kinder to themselves (because they are very kind, they give so much to everyone around them even if they like to pretend they don't, but they don't reserve any of that kindness for themselves). Sometimes I feel that they cannot be of this world- that they came somewhere very far from the skies, using their feathers to skim through galaxies.

can i have someone look at me this way this is precious omg

anonymous asked:

Have you read dear_tiger's wincest stories on AO3? It's not quite angsty but I think they wrote some really under-rated wincest case-fic. "Dandy in the Underworld" is one of my favourite outsider POV stories.


i went and read three of that authors stories and loved them so much that i had to stop so i can save them and make them last longer omg like seriously what great work thank you for the rec!!

like everything was so atmospheric and the prose is beautiful and they write sam and deans relationship so naturally and a lil fucked up and just 100% realistic and how i always picture it and it is just 10000% my exact cuppa you are a heaven sent angel

if you have any more recs for me i will kiss the ground u walk on

ruby-red-inky-blue  asked:

Honestly, I am so impressed with how you keep on top of so many different fics and keep churning them out at such a consistent quality and speed! I'm in awe, I can barely even keep up with ONE fic ^^

Thank you, my friend! ❤️ though I find that I have to start referencing back a lot because I cannot remember what I had written before! Also starting them is easy–finishing is the hardest part!

I wanted to say, too, I’m like, very touched and flattered that some people like my AUs enough to have questions or even head canons for them. You guys are really all so great, so thank you for letting me play so much here on this blog!

(And omg, @ruby-red-inky-blue, I need to sink my teeth into your World Through a Scope! I haven’t had a chance to catch up in a long time, for which I am remiss!)