cannot get over her face

I just cannot get over both Kurt’s and Jane’s faces when he shows up in her tent… It’s just… GUH! There’s so much pain and longing and love in both of them. They look at each other at first like they cannot believe the other person is actually there, it’s like they’ve dreamed about this moment for long but they have given up hope that it will ever happen. For a moment they both just stand in their place unable to move, like they’re scared that if they do move the spell will break and the other person will disappear.

And then, almost at the same moment, they both let out a breath you know they have been holding the moment they parted, and god knows how long that has been. For the whole time they’ve been separated, they have not been able to breathe and now that they’re finally there, face to face, they finally can. 

And then Kurt just drops the bag on the floor and Jane is all but sprinting towards him. She collides into him and hugs him so tight, so so tight, she can’t get enough of this contact, and they both close their eyes and breathe each other in and it is like their hearts and breaking and becoming whole at the same time. And then he says that he cannot believe he has finally found her, and she knows that he has been looking for her since the moment she disappears, not that she ever had any doubts, but just hearing it from him, it makes her fall in love with him all over again in that fraction of a second. 

And she is blinking fast, holding back the tears, and he has this sad, heart broken smile because she’s there and she’s real and she’s alive and she’s safe and it is more than he could have ever wished for. And all that had happened over these past months don’t matter anymore because she’s finally back in his arms where she belongs. He can finally hold her again, feel her against him, and touch her. And all the other emotions he is feeling don’t exist in that moment. All he can feel is the love he has for her, the love that rages through him and that has kept him going all these months.

And there will be time later for everything else, but in this very moment there can only be their love and their longing. And it might not be all resolved with this one hug, there will be so much more to do to get back to where they once were, but they know they can work through it all because he just came back to bring her home and in that moment, all the things that have kept her away from home just seem to disappear all at once.

Because he is home.

Padma Shri Priyanka Chopra