cannot express how much i love this movie

Happy 25th ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

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I cannot express enough how much this movie means to me.

I remember first watching it when I was 4, and just… completely falling in love with it, watching it so many times till I actually got sick of it for a while, and simply shelved it away. 

That is, until depression and a whole flood of other mental disorders I never wanted or asked for hit me while I was in middle school like a frickin’ bullet train. Those were probably some of the darkest years of my life.

And, I remember one day, when I was too unmotivated too work, and when a lot of unhealthy thoughts and memories had just resurfaced in my mind, I had been randomly going through youtube videos, when I stumbled upon a clip of the ‘Be Our Guest’ scene from the 1991 movie as it popped up in my ‘Recommended’ list. I remember clicking it, watching it, and falling in love with the movie all over again. The gorgeous score, the spell-bindingly beautiful animation, and story all combined into one just made me cry.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ has gotten me through the hardest of times; it’s given me hope and happiness when I needed it most. It was a story that made me believe in love and compassion, and taught me valuable lessons that still resonate with me to this day. Particularly: To never judge one’s character by their outward appearance. It just completely changed me. For the better.

And… I just adore this movie to pieces. 

Happy 25th ‘Beauty and the Beast’

May you continue to enchant audiences of all ages, for generations to come!

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Legion s1 e7

I cannot express in any way, shape, or form how much I loved tonight’s episode of Legion. The graphics were amazing. The acting, especially Dan Stevens, was also amazing. And I absolutely loved how they turned that one part of the hospital scene into black and white. It reminded me of an old black and white movie, and they even had the text written on the screen of what there were saying. 😍

J. Edgar


I cannot express to you how gay this movie was. Like, it was a good movie, really REALLY good, and a “spy” movie at that. I love spy movies. All of ‘em.


I knew J. Edgar Hoover was a Homosexual, but Damn, I did not think that this movie was going to give him that much representation.

Check it out:

I mean, this is the first thing that Clyde said to J. Edgar when Edgar asked him to be his “Number 2 man”:

Gay. As. Shit. 

Loved it, Most outstanding feature: Editing. 10/10

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Questions from a nosy anon :D 1. Favorite book and why. 2. Favorite movie and why. 3. Last tv show you watched. 4. What are you currently reading? 5. Recommend something. Anything.

Well hello there nosy anon <3

1. Favourite book: tie between A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (beautiful writing, amazing characters, incredible story) and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (this book fucked me up, I can’t stop thinking about it. Very original, so SO well written, scary as hell, AIDAN)

2. Favourite movie: it will forever and always be The Lord of the Rings - I think I’ve seen all 3 of them more than 20 times. I just cannot express how much I love them, how good of a job Peter Jackson did adapting the book for the big screen. It’s just magical.

3. Last tv show I watched: Brooklyn Nine Nine (#bless)

4. I’m currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt

5. Recommend: 
     * a song: Kaleida - Think
     * a book: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes
     * a movie: John Wick

Hugs! <3