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So uhhhh I’m starting a Protect Reiner Squad™? Effective immediately? Because he deserves so much better and it hurts me every day??? Pls join me… Why must he suffer

i’ve watched homecoming and my feelings are real and overwhelming so have some awkward dad! tony and precious! peter

Why am I here?”

It isn’t that Peter is ungrateful, not one bit. Stark’s couches are way more comfortable than the ones he’s got at home, Stark’s desks are equipped with all kinds of features that no 15 year old would ever require to do simple homework, Stark’s windows are long and only slightly tinted and give way to an amazing view; basically, Stark’s everything is somehow just better.

But this, what they’re doing, isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

Tony doesn’t look up from the tablet in his hand, simply makes a confused sound. “What do you mean why?”

Peter shakes his head, looking around incredulously before settling his eyes on Tony. “I mean, there’s no work, no mission, no Avengers protocol that’s been activated, but you sir, went out of your way to invite me over. And I’m not sure I understand why.”

Tony does look up at this, eyes narrowed accusingly.

“I didn’t go out of my way, wha-“

You called me,” Peter interrupts. “You called me, on my cell, right after class. You called me, told me to come, and even sent Happy to make sure I got here.” Happy was anything but, well, happy, to constantly play the role of chaperone/driver for a 15 year old. Peter could understand that, no hard feelings.

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It is the human condition to be messy and broken. I fear we are too complicated to be put together right. We are highly intelligent creatures that evolved too fast for our primitive side to catch up. We grapple with a myriad of emotions so complex we often cannot even comprehend WHAT we are feeling, much less HOW to deal with it. We are obsessed with order and perfection when by our very nature we are chaotic and flawed and it causes us to confine our darker selves… to lock them away where nobody else can see them. We are a cyclone in a bottle… a storm of immense power contained within a vessel we present as ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ and we all have difficulty containing it sometimes.

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I’ve been trying to teach the kids not to assume anyone’s gender, and we’ve been using a LOT of they/them pronouns when we’re speaking of people whose pronouns we are not yet certain of. They’re catching on so well that even Antonio is looking up inclusive language for his training. I’m so proud of all of them - language change has been especially difficult for me, still is in truth, so I’m glad we can all get it right together. 

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world


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This just sort of happened. But I love him and I’m not sorry.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping starter sentences

65 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes, violence

  • “Ever since I was born, I was dope.”
  • “They were hot.”
  • “That song changed my life.”
  • “Be original, be fearless.”
  • “Fuck you, traitor. I know what you’re up to.”
  • “You’re destroying everything that we have worked for!”
  • “Yo, just got my butt waxed. That shit hurt!”
  • “Yeah… Just jacked it. Um, feeling pretty mellow right now…”
  • “My belly’s full from all the pride I swallow.”
  • “I’m not your normal definition of a rockstar.”
  • “Your mom’s old, but I’ll ask if she’s your sister.”
  • “I’m so unpretentious for a genius.”
  • “You know, back in my high school days, I was in a band.”
  • “Ow, dude. You bit me, _____.”
  • “You’re my best friend. Don’t tell _____.”
  • “True love trumps all.”
  • “It’s time to make a change.”
  • “That was a game-changing moment.”
  • “Because when you have a catch phrase, the world is catched by your phrase.”
  • “Being out here in nature, away from all the people and the trappings of modern life, it’s so peaceful. There’s nothing like it.”
  • “Look, I know it sounds lame… but there’s no such thing as selling out anymore, man.”
  • “If you’re uncomfortable, we could rethink it.”
  • “_____ and I have been hanging out for six months now, and I gotta say, she’s the total package.”
  • “Well, that is not where we wanted to be, but… not bad for the day.”
  • “Why are you wearing sunscreen? It’s overcast.”
  • “It’s huge! Kill it!”
  • “A lot of people hating right now, but we feed off their hate.”
  • “Invade my cave with your special unit.”
  • “You’re an overrated piece of shit.”
  • “You’re my idol. Right next to Jesus. And Morgan Freeman.”
  • “Looks like the tip of Optimus Prime’s dick.”
  • “I did it all by myself. Nobody helped me.”
  • “Ten seconds is an eternity, _____!”
  • “The timing of that was crazy.”
  • “My psychic told me that in my previous life I was a wolf, which makes so much sense.”
  • “Ever since I met you, I knew in my heart that you were super bangin’.”
  • “_____… will you marry me?”
  • “I used to like _____, but now I wish he would just go away.”
  • “What the fuck is this garbage?”
  • “I invited _____ to come to the after-party tonight, so he might be here.”
  • “You think you know what’s up, but in fact, you, my friend, have no idea what’s going on.”
  • “Don’t call me again.”
  • “Alright, look, decide right now. Him or me.”
  • “____, you… you’re… you’re just upset and overreacting.”
  • “I need to find out who I can really trust.”
  • “You can’t just agree with everything I say.”
  • “I should have told you to fuck off years ago, but instead I just let you become a bigger and bigger dick.”
  • “You gotta know when to let go.”
  • “I get the message. I’ll go away.”
  • “Can we please turn this off?”
  • “We used to have fun. What the fuck happened?”
  • “Get up. We’re going out.”
  • “I cannot deal with the public right now.”
  • “You fucker. You tricked me.”
  • “I feel like I could’ve handled myself a little better these past few months.”
  • “This is your thing, and I’m hella proud of you, man.”
  • “What do you want me to say?”
  • “It’s crazy I spent so much time thinking about killing him.”
  • “As soon as I said it, I was kind of like, uh, maybe not.”
  • “Your hair smells and looks great.”
  • “What the fuck did you just say to me?”
  • “I will eat your fucking head!”
  • “You better learn some respect!”
  • “We have GPS, and yet we’re still lost.”
  • “This is just some revolutionary shit, man. My heart is pounding right now.”