cannot contain my excitement!

I’ve officially committed to a school! 

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall and joining in over 200 years of Tar Heel history. This has been my dream for so long, and I cannot contain my excitement that it’s finally happening!

I cannot believe that we’ll be getting the movie about Wakanda and the Black Panther saga, with the marvel of my fierce Dora Milaje, soon. I cannot contain my excitement for a glorious cast to grace the screens to do this honor. I cannot hide the fact that once this movie is out, all I will be able to talk about for another year will be the magnificent characters of Black Panther. 

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Wow a new blog ! Can I have sidon sweet talk headcannon?

That’s me! And you definitely can have it!

Sidon: Sweet Talk

“You look so beautiful! The sun is almost as radiant as you are!”

“You’re extravagant, my love. If only I could match that extravagance.”

“Have I told you how much I adore you, (Name)?”

“It’s wonderful! Every day I get to see my magnificent (Name)!”

This boy cannot contain his excitement.

“Oh, (Name), I love you! So very much!”

We all know most of this would be compressed fanboy noises. Sidon loves his s/o so, so much!

Lin does exactly what Shakespeare does. He takes the language of the people, and heightens it by making it verse. It both ennobled the language and the people saying the language. That’s precisely what Shakespeare did in all of his work, particularly in his history plays. He tells the foundational myths of his country. By doing that, he makes the country the possession of everybody.
—  Oskar Eustis, about Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton
Star Wars: TFA Alternate Ending

I can’t get a picture of the whole thing and my phone doesn’t do it justice anyway, but after two rage quits and a lot of frustration, here it is. My excitement for The Last Jedi cannot be contained; the hype is real, you guys. This is project one of who knows how many, and also my first legit contribution to the Reylo/Star Wars fandom of Tumblr. Done in pencil, pen, colored pencil and sharpie because higher quality art supplies are expensive as shit.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens alternate ending in which Kylo Ren is a little more persuasive and Rey falls to the dark side, leaving Finn, once recovered from the fight on Takodana, to use his newly awakened ability in the Force to pursue Luke, train in the ways of the Jedi, and ultimately face off against his old friend, Rey.

Rather than just leave you with a drawing, I figured I’d write the scene too. I got carried away.



She stopped in her tracks, hearing a voice on the frigid winds. It was merely a whisper -a faint call- and for a brief moment, images of happier times flooded her mind. She remembered the sweltering sun and sands of Jakku, a white and orange BB unit, and meeting…

Rey turned to face the voice and there he stood in the growing shadows cast by the planet’s rapidly depleting sun, snow bunched around his feet, a somber look on his face. It was a familiar scene, one that they both remembered well, standing side by side on Takodana, an injured Kylo Ren bearing down on them.

But this time things were different. Much different.


“The last time I saw you,” Finn started, taking in Rey’s appearance. Long gone were the light colored clothes she’d worn on Jakku, replaced by heavy robes of solid black. She did not smile at him and her brown eyes, which had once glittered with warmth and determination, were now a glowing yellow, lit with rage and contempt.

“The last time I saw you, Kylo Ren had sent you flying into a tree. I wake up, still healing and recovering from the damage he inflicted on me, only to learn that you had joined him?” Finn paused for a moment, trying to keep his voice from cracking. He had to be strong, had to push the stinging pain of her betrayal to the side.

Keeping in mind what Master Skywalker had taught him about remaining calm and at peace, he continued, “I couldn’t believe it. But here you are, Rey, consumed by the darkness.”

“And you,” Rey spit back, “a coward traitor are now so devoted to the light. I assume Luke Skywalker has taught you how to use that lightsaber that you’re clinging to?”

“I didn’t come here to fight, Rey,” Finn replied flatly, his voice surprisingly even. He hoped it was convincing…

“Oh? What did you come here expecting, then? Did you have some foolish hope that I would come back to you? Back to the light?” Rey questioned, her voice laced with humor; by the look on Finn’s face, she knew she was right. She almost let out a laugh, but then another thought crossed her mind, one that made her blood boil. As he watched her begin to pace back and fourth, looking like a caged beast, Finn took a step back, his thumb hovering over the button that would ignite his blue colored blade of light.

“Did Luke Skywalker send you,” Rey hissed, teeth gritted and bared in a snarl.

“Did he?” Rey demanded, her glowing eyes flaring as they narrowed, focusing in on him. Finn merely kept his features calm, trying not to let her intimidate him. This was not the girl he had met on Jakku; this girl that stood before him now was dangerous, wild -consumed- and just when he thought she was about to jump forward and attack him for his silence, her pacing came to a stop, standing just before him, only a few feet away.

With a glance up at the now nearly black sky, she spoke, her voice even and resolute, betraying her true emotions.

“I’m not going back, Finn.”

“Why?” Finn questioned, sounding lost as he forgot his fear, moving closer to where Rey stood. He had to get through to her, had to get her back before she was lost forever like Kylo Ren. “Why can’t you come back?”

Realizing that he had closed the distance between them, Rey ignited her lightsaber, crimson duel blades extending from either side of the hilt, humming ferociously with energy. Finn drew back in surprise but did not ignite his lightsaber.

“You would not understand,” Rey barked with a menacing spin of her weapon. “You are too blinded by your false sense of right and wrong. Things are not so black and white as that treacherous snake, Skywalker, would have you believe. I haven’t the patience to stand here and explain myself, but I could show you.”

“The dark side only destroys, Rey. I need only to look at you and see that.”

“What you see, Finn, is true power,” Rey snapped, taking an offensive stance. “It’s a shame you’ll only experience it once, just before you die.”

Rey lunged at him and Finn ignited his lightsaber. Barely blocking her attack, the brute force behind it sent the Jedi plunging deeper into the thick, cold snow. As he tried to get his footing, taking on a defensive position, Rey brought down another blow, their weapons clashing with a spark. Eyes blazing with rage over his refusal of her offer, Rey had the upper hand and she knew it. Not only that, she had no doubt that she was better trained and was, to put it simply, stronger in the ways of the Force.

Finn had discovered his sensitivity to the Force only after being cut down and nearly killed by Master Kylo, while her powers had manifested long before and had only grown once she was taken to Takodana.

They clashed again and again, but it did not take much for Rey to over power Finn, and he quickly found himself at her mercy.

Master Skywalker had told him that he was not yet ready to face Rey, but he hadn’t listened, his determination to try and save his friend over powering his reason.

Face lit with the red glow of her dual bladed lightsaber, Rey glared down at the man who she had once called friend, lying helplessly in the snow. Ever so slowly, he inched away from her in fear that he tried desperately to hide.

Meeting his gaze, Rey was once again drawn back through her memories, back to Takodana, and she remembered the fear she had felt when seeing Finn’s seemingly unconscious form. Rey had been so afraid that he was dead, that Kylo had killed him…

The thought that the first person who had ever shown her kindness, who had showed her that they cared about her well being, was dead had almost been too painful to bare.

And now, he was lying at her mercy. He was expecting her to kill him; she was expected to kill him.

But she couldn’t. She still couldn’t bear the thought of Finn being…

Turning off her lightsaber, Rey turned away and started to trudge through the snow, heading in the same direction she had been going before being interrupted. Finn would live.

But she would pay for it.

Omg you guys… I cannot contain my excitement!!! The three of us have always referred to ourselves as the poly peas (check out my avatar picture) …so yesterday myself and J were wandering in the Disney store and from across the store I saw the peas. I made a mad dash across the store, strong-arming two kids and nearly knocking over a display, but damnit we have peas now!!!! We surprised L with them last night and she loved them!


I’m totally not crying. I swear

after 6 years on a piece of shit HP, 4 formats, a motherboard, 2 chargers, 2 batteries and a hard drive

I finally have my dream laptop. I can finally take my laptop to the library without carrying a 4kg bag and a charger. I can finally have a battery that lasts me for hours of work. 

Not to mention how smooth and easy to use mac os is proving to be. Gestures omg.

Basically, I cannot contain my excitement right now.

1339 euros (I personally worked for) poorer, but so so excited.