cannot contain my excitement!


ITS THE BEGINNING OF MORE TRAILERS TO COME AND I AM EXCITED GUYS @mattymattymerduck @avengerofyourheart @ahvenjers @mangosoldier @pleasecallmecaptain @procrastinatingvirgo

we’re gonna get a second album from zayn and i for one cannot contain my excitement. can’t wait to hear what he’s created. can’t wait to Feel more (because zayn makes you Feel, and that is just so incredible and special)

The fact that we already have a network (SyFy) means that The Raven Cycle is really happening and is really going to be coming sooner than I ever imagined and my excitement over this cannot actually be contained to be honest. 

I’ve officially committed to a school! 

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall and joining in over 200 years of Tar Heel history. This has been my dream for so long, and I cannot contain my excitement that it’s finally happening!


This isn’t the kind of post I make a lot, but I really couldn’t resist! Sorry for the break in Tumblr theme. You can expect everything after this to go right back to my RP focus with Chokho.

TL;DR - I am a game designer and something I’m super proud of just came out.

I’m a game designer, and I’ve worked on a lot of products over the years. You probably haven’t heard of any of them as they’re all pretty low key, and while I’ve had -influence- on all of them, none of them have been my own ideas.


In the time between projects, I started working on a simple, little, arcadey game called “Samurai.” I knew the basics of Unity3D, but I’ve got ZERO coding experience. I taught myself a visual scripting plugin called Playmaker, that was basic enough to let me move a few untextured cubes around the screen.

Over a few months I got better at Playmaker, and eventually my modest little timewaster got passed around the office and people started loving it. I’m not at liberty to discuss how it came to be (NDA, sorry!), but eventually my little prototype got picked up and turned into a full game!

I’m not the only person to work on it. Oooh no. Not by a LONG shot! There was a whole crew of talented individuals that brough tthe idea to life… but its always stood out as MY IDEA. This is something I originally came up with! A game I thought people would enjoy… and NOW IT‘S OUT! You can PLAY it! And according to the reviews: people LIKE it!!!

I cannot contain my excitement, joy, and pride. I’m not trying to advertise it or get everyone to go out ‘n buy it, but I hope you all understand why I just had to share this. Heck, my FF14 RP friends are some of the people I’m closest to in the world. Why WOULDN’T I want you guys to know?!

Check it out if it’s your cup of tea! But either way: here is…