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I’m tired. I’m hurting. I wanna stay inside all day, I just want the world to go away. I really hate this feeling, it’s like I’m here, but I’m not. Like somebody cares, but they don’t. Like I belong somewheres else, anywhere but here. I’m just too tired to fight, tired of waiting for the good things to come my way. My head is a horrible place to be and I’m not sure how much more I can take, I’ve been so sad lately, it’s like I can’t even cry anymore. I breathe everyday wishing I didn’t. I’m such a fucking mess that cannot be cleaned up, and I’m scared because I’m falling into old habits and crying for the wrong reasons. I hate these voices in my head, I hate myself. Someone please save me, just take the pain away. Someday I’ll just disappear and never come back. I’m not good with feelings, I never was.
—  One of those nights yano??
Stim Toy Hygeine

Something I haven’t seen any posts on yet (I’m sure they’re out there though) are about keeping stim toys clean.

I’m not an expert but this is how we clean toys and materials in the preschool where I work and how I clean mine at home.

  • Hard plastics (such as tangles): Hot soapy water and a cloth. Dry well.
  • Soft plastics, silicone, rubber, metals, wood: Damp soft cloth and a little soap. Use a clean damp cloth to clean any soap residue. Objects with holes such as rubber ducks can go mouldy so dry well.
  • Soft things that cannot be submerged (pom pom keyrings, stress balls, weighted blankets etc): spot clean with a damp cloth. Keep hands clean when using and avoid these toys as outside stim toys when possible.
  • Pacifiers and similiar chewing stim toys: rest in boiling water to sterilise before use and use hot soapy water to clean after each use.
  • Soft toys and fabrics: wash in laundry as directed on products’ labels. If they have rattles inside you can sometimes put them into a net laundry bag or a pillowcase in a normal laundry wash (some may require spot cleaning only).
  • You can use diluted bleach or other sterilising cleaner (such as those for baby bottles and toys) every few weeks to kill germs. 
  • When using slime, kinetic sand and other toys (such as beanbags) that cannot be cleaned, try to wash your hands before and after you use them and keep them in an air-tight container. 
  • I always carry around baby wipes and hand sanitizer to keep my hands and tangles clean when I’m outside.


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Hey there - I'm really, really hoping to not get buried under a pile of angry posts, but could you explain why everyone is so opposed to pipelines? I'm no newbie to climate change, but I honestly do not understand the logic - wouldn't a pipeline eliminate emissions made by the trucks/trains/boats that are currently transporting oil? I live in Alberta, and that is the number one argument I hear in favour of pipelines. If it's invalid, I'd really like to know why so I can educate people.

Trucks do not generally transport oil. Trains do but they handle the minority of oil transports.

Ships transport oil that ship overseas regardless of land transport.

Pipelines do not just allow easier access, they allow production to increase, this leads to more oil extraction and more emissions. We should not be expanding oil production & emissions at a time where we have signed the Paris Climate Change accord, which demands a reduction of emissions:

Climate Science says that expanding the oil sands (i.e. approving oil pipelines that will increase production), is incompatible with keeping Earth’s climate at a ‘safe level’ (generally 1.5-2 degrees C rise):

Expanding Tar Sands Will Kill Paris Targets and Climate Stability, Report Finds

But the unrestricted approval of pipeline projects such as Trans Mountain and Line 3 could drive the expansion of bitumen production by nearly two million barrels a day over the next two decades, says the report. Current oil sands production is 2.5 million barrels a day and accounts for 60 per cent of Canada’s oil production.

That means that Canada could be adding more new oil production to global markets than Brazil and Libya combined.

As a result, emissions from Canadian oil could eventually gobble up 16 per cent of the world’s total carbon budget if it is to keep global temperature increases below 1.5 degree Celsius, or seven per cent of the two degree Celsius global carbon budget, the report found.

“Without action, Canada could become one of the fastest growing extractors of new carbon pollution over the next 20 years through the expansion of long-lived tar sands production,” adds the report.

Scientists Call for Halt to Canada’s Oil Sands Growth

Other scientists have warned that if the tar sands continue to be developed and the Keystone XL is constructed, it would make the international goal of keeping global warming under 2°C (3.6°F) extraordinarily difficult.

“Constructing pipelines to support the extraction of the Canadian tar sands commits us to investing in infrastructure that will insure we continue to extract and burn the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on Earth at a time when we have to be moving in precisely the opposite direction — away from our reliance on fossil fuels toward renewable energy,” Mann said Wednesday.

Then there’s the issue that bitumen oil spills cannot be cleaned up:


British Columbia is confronted with a proposal that will result in a 6-fold increase in the amount of tar sands crude moving through the province and onto our delicate coastal waters. Most of this thick tar sands oil is thinned with condensate, creating dilbit which is able to flow through the pipelines. A 2013 study by the Government of Canada titled Properties, Composition and Marine Spill Behaviour, Fate and Transport of Two Diluted Bitumen Products from the Canadian Oil Sands found that when the spilled bitumen is exposed to sediment in marine settings, it sinks; it also found that chemical dispersants tested on dilbit were not effective.

In 2016, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)—the scientific advisor to the United States Congress and President —released a more comprehensive study titled Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines: A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects, and Response. After examining the entire field of existing studies on the environmental fate of dilbit (including the Government of Canada 2013 report) over the course of nearly two years, the NAS concluded that when compared with commonly transported crudes, diluted bitumen behaves in fundamentally different ways when spilled.

The NAS found that as a result of weathering, dilbit can and will sink when spilled in water, increasing the impacts associated with a spill. Furthermore, the study concluded that there is no technique or equipment available to effectively clean up heavy oils that have submerged, mixed into the water column or settled on the bottom of fresh- or salt-water bodies. 1 The study also noted that the evaporating diluents are known to result in risks to human health and risks of explosions. The NAS report concluded that “when all risks are considered systematically, there must be a greater level of concern associated with spills of diluted bitumen compared to spills of commonly transported crude oils” and “[T]here are no known, effective strategies for recovery of crude oil that is suspended in the water column.”2

Then there is the issue of indigenous rights:

Although there are some First Nations that support oil development, there are many more that oppose it. The Government of Canada is refusing to grant consent to First Nations about energy projects going on in their territories. This is clearly not a moral or ethical way to get projects approved:

Canada violating UN indigenous right to pipelines consent: Grand Chief

Canada could face ’20 Standing Rocks,’ says Mohawk chief as Ottawa rejects need for ‘consent’

I could go on and on, but I hope this helps.

Recently, a massive influx of people have messaged me, without warning, about incredibly personal issues, seeking advice from me. And I’ll be frank with you, I don’t feel comfortable answering or receiving these messages. Despite what you think, I don’t know everything and I cannot help strangers with their problems. The thing that gets me most anxious are people expecting stuff from me or assuming I know the answers to their issues. I don’t. Strangers’ issues = anxiety for me.

Reminder: I am not a hotline. I am just a book blogger. You cannot dump your issues on me without warning and expect advice in return. My brain doesnt roll like that. It makes me anxious. Please just let me breathe. I’m still trying to clean up my own life, I cannot clean up someone else’s.


When we are talking about Fillyjonks, it’s better to consider which kind we are talking about. The most famous must be Mrs. Fillyjonk who lives next door to Moomins in the 1990s cartoon. This character is based on Mrs Fillyjonk in the comics and is a more shallow and comedic character than Fillyjonks we meet in the books. Unlike Hemulens, Fillyjonks are almost always alone.

No matter which version you look at, all Fillyjonks are the picture of perfect housekeeping. Their homes are spotless, their teacups are delicate and all possessions are in order. Problems arise when this control is lost and this is best seen with Fillyjonks in the books; they become hysterical and scared and before you know it, they will be running on the beach screaming with their hands up.

The very first Fillyjonk appeared in picture book “The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My“ (1952) and right away we can see how fragile Fillyjonks are as she ends up being scared by Moomin and Mymble. The real breakthrough for the character happens in the novel “Fillyjonk Who Believed In Disasters” from “Tales From Moominvalley” (1962). This Fillyjonk lives alone on a beach in a house which terrifies her. The most important things in her life are order and cleaning. “How can I live if I cannot clean and cook?” This Fillyjonk uses order to control her anxiety but it’s fear that controls her. She is especially terrified of her large, angry windows.

In the end, Fillyjonk’s freedom arrives through those horrible windows. A merciful catastrophe arrives and messes up everything. When Fillyjonk is crawling on the beach she realizes that the real terror was inside the house, not outside of it. Finally, she is free. Similar experience happens to Fillyjonk in “Moominvalley in November” (1970) as she locks herself outside the window while cleaning. After seeing her home from the outside she realizes how desperately she needs to leave.

Fillyjonks are a combination of strict order and total chaos. They do their very best to keep up appearances and try to stay in control of their lives, usually by keeping material things around them in control. But they can never truly escape the anxiety and thoughts of different kinds of horrors sneak up on them in the middle of sunny days. When they finally snap, they truly lose it all and panic.
The only way a Fillyjonk can be truly free is for something to break them free, often by breaking everything old around them. After this breaking point they do not want to return to their old ways and instead show their spontaneous side; they dance, they laugh and they find peace.

levi being a clean freak is cute shit & giggles until you realize the fact that he’s probably the way he is because of all the deaths he feels he’s responsible for and all of the things this Capricorn male cannot control. Germ/clean freak obsessions are often associated with a pathological need for control in response to a lack of in ones life and levi can’t control shit

If Les Mis was a K-Drama (for @todaysgonebi)

….wait, hold up…. *checks script*

  • Rags-to-riches heroine
  • who has a dead mother and a tragic backstory
  • Rich male lead
  • who is an orphan
  • with a disapproving grandfather who cuts him off
  • A love triangle
  • with a bitter, manipulative second female lead
  • who’s past is intertwined with the female lead
  • In fact a whole cast of ridiculously complex intertwining sub-plots
  • that rely on impossible coincidence to advance the plot
  • A second male lead with an interest in the female lead (Theodule)
  • who is related to the male lead
  • … a love QUARTET
  • They meet and then male lead loses female lead DRAMA
  • They find each other and then the female lead has to move DRAMA
  • The male lead runs off on a suicide mission DRAMA
  • A forced living situation
  • A dark family secret
  • A game of cat and mouse
  • A mysterious, unexplained illnesses
  • An over-the-top plot
  • Historical
  • (So basically a romance, action and sageuk all rolled into one)
  • One heck of an OST

If Les Mis was a Kdrama .

Les Mis is a K-drama.

오 마 미제라블! (Oh My Miserable!)

Brook HeadCanons!
  • Brook will always win a staring contest. Unless he forgets that he cannot blink and looks away.
  • Whenever Brook cannot sleep, he cleans stuff around Sunny-Go, leaving the crew confused the next morning as he acts all surprised too.
  • When Brook was in the ‘peak’ of his signing career, fans would often gift him with panties. He now has a hiding place full of these ‘fabled’ panties.
  • One day, Luffy found this ‘stash’ and started to throw boxes and boxes of underwear everywhere.
  • When Brook tried to stop him, he fell into the water, sinking with tons of panties surrounding him. ((Try to picture this, it could be an actual movie poster))
  • When Brook got rescued, he was a little disappointed and mad but did nothing of significance. ((HE’S GOT ANOTHER STASH SHHHHHHHHHHH IT’S A SECRET.))
  • Brook LOVES cats.
  • Brook enjoys drinking tea but he does not like other types of tea like… Iced tea or complex ‘David’s tea’ kind of tea. Like, birthday cake tea, he doesn’t like that. Normal classic black tea with some sugar, please. Or just the tea. ((Hardcore Brook time))
  • From time to time, Brook still forgets he’s a skeleton and screams when he looks in the mirror.
  • He then quickly remembers what happened and continues his day like normal.
  • When the crew ask what happened he quickly replies: ‘’ You will not believe what I just SAW in the mirror!’’ ‘’What was it Brook!?’’ ‘’A scary skeleton was staring back at me and it quickly startled me, but it was only me! Yohohoohoho!!’’
  • A big sigh of relief is heard on the Sunny-Go.
  • Also, Brook sometimes has a little existential crisis over trivial things he never thought about like… How can he sigh when he doesn’t have lungs? Things he didn’t think about when he was on his Ghost ship.
  • He quickly snaps out of it though because he is too happy to be alive to stick to these type of things. ((They can range from 2 to 5 minutes.))
  • The rumour come out: Does Brook is ticklish? ((Try tickling his funny bone.. Yohohoho!!))
  • Sometimes Brook can forget to take baths…for a while. -cough-amonth-couch-
  • Brook can sometimes forget where he placed his hat.
  • It’s actually still on his head.
  • Same thing with his cane. He is already holding it.
  • This one is not a headcanon but… If Brook ever fell into the sea, without anyone knowing about it… Would he drown? He technically doesn’t have lungs and he would probably just sink? He could probably leave his body, go up to the surface and try asking nearby ships to recover his corpse.. Heh. SAD TRAIN. FREE TICKETS,,,,

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Cardia discovering the guy's ticklish spot(s)? :o

This is Mod S! Thanks so much for requesting this. <3 

I’ll do Code: Realize Guys Ticklish Spots (And How Cardia Found Them) for you! As always, let us know if there’s anything else you wanted with this. n_n

Arséne Lupin: Lupin’s ticklish spot is his feet. Cardia discovers this when Lupin steps on a needle and she has to pull it out. He laugh so hard that he struggles to stay still (despite being in pain). Even Cardia laughs from how hard he laughs. Eventually they’re able to get it out, but Lupin cannot even clean the wound on his own foot. Cardia has to get help to hold him down. Cardia uses his ticklish feet to tease him from that point onward. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van’s ticklish spot is the back of his neck. Cardia goes to shoo a fly away from his neck and brushes up against it, which makes Van jerk. She’s afraid she’s hurt him, but Van has to sheepishly explain that he is rendered helpless from how ticklish the back of his neck is. Cardia tickles the back of his neck when she wants to tease him, and he always chases her down and tickles her back afterward; they make a game out of it. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey’s ticklish spot is his sides. Cardia grabs him by the side one day in order to get his attention, and he immediately falls to the floor laughing. She feels bad at first, but after a while she does it just to see Impey’s reaction. Impey doesn’t like being tickled, but he doesn’t mind it when Cardia crawls on top of him to tickle him, especially if he was teasing her beforehand. Impey and Cardia get into a lot of tickle fights after that. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor’s ticklish spot is his stomach and back. Cardia learns this quickly; she almost gets frustrated with how incredibly ticklish Victor seems to be. Whenever she tries to lay her head on his stomach, he always laughs and has to pull away. The same happens if she ever tries to rub his back. Eventually Cardia just doesn’t stop when he laughs, and that helps Victor get used to her touch, so his ticklish area’s aren’t as bad as they were. 

Saint Germain: Saint Germain brings up to Cardia that he is not ticklish, and Cardia devotes a lot of time to try and find out where Saint G’s ticklish spot is. Eventually, she discovers that he’ll giggle when something light touches his thighs. She considers this a victory, but if she ever tries to directly tickle his thighs, Saint G is able to stone-face through it. She has to surprise him if she really wants to get a reaction out of him, and that’s not easy. 

today on: what the fuck is my brain even doing

me: hm. there are no clean forks, but I need a fork to eat my food….guess I’ll have to clean a dirty one and–

brain: NO.

me: what? why?

brain: that fork is dirty.

me: well, yeah, that’s why I’m gonna clean it–


me: wha….no? it will be clean, that’s what happens when you rinse a fork with soap and water–

brain: it cannot be clean unless it goes through the dishwasher


brain: it just is.