A ball hit Lafayette in the left leg below the calf and went clear through. He did not notice it until blood began to run out of his boot. Gimat helped him remount, and they retreated into the woods. Washington then came up at a gallop, followed shortly after by Greene and Weedon’s brigade. Lafayette started to join them, when he felt weak with the loss of blood. He stopped to have Dr. John Cochran, Washington’s personal physician, attend to his wound; but men, wagons, and cannon rushed by so fast that they feared capture and hastened on. There was time only for a hasty bandage.
—  Lafayette in America by Louis Gottschalk. The Battle of Brandywine was Lafayette’s first active engagement ever. It was fought 5 days after his birthday and his efforts won him the esteem of his colleagues.

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🌴whichever is less likely to cause a nervous wreck of a pirate to have a panic attack (Hanato @Ask-My-Twisted-Creations)

(( this was the wrong person to decide this!! Hon HON HON HON )))
Borsalino wasn’t quite sure how he got to the small island, he had been rudely awoken by the sounds of cannon fire and had rushed on board when something sent him and the pirate he now sat next too flying through the air. He had never seen this small pirate on any poster, maybe he was from a different district of loan, but all he knew was he was starting to wake up. “Um, hello. It seems as though we have been trapped on this island.”

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Will you be upset if they make bechloe cannon but rush it and get rid of all the preexisting chemistry? Personally that's how I imagine it would turn out if they tried and I would be pissed!

part of me knows they will never make bechloe canon & part of me knows that if they do decide to, they’ll probably do a terrible job of it. since the movie is about comedy & it’s universal studios, i feel like they’ll make it into a joke and won’t treat it like a serious relationship. i’m honestly just expecting just a few longing looks like in the last 2 movies, and whatever “aggressive” moment anna kendrick talked about.


When cheese on sc2 fails. Best epi ever.

Korrasami:Hunger Games

Asami grew up in District 1 The Luxury District. Though she dreamt of someday stealing away in the night and joining District 3. Technology.

Korra grows up in District 4. The Fishing District. She is perfectly content with her life, until her family suffers from a bankrupting scandal and find themselves desperate for money.

Asami is called at the reaping, but barely blinks an eye. She had been training since birth. Normally kids from the richest district fight over themselves to volunteer, but only a fool would think they stood a better chance in the arena then a Sato.

Korra is not called, but she still is hasty to volunteer in hopes of winning and bringing her family financial reassurance. She has no idea who the girl she is replacing even is, but feels great joy when she realizes she gave the poor kid another chance to live.

The two dont meet until the first day of training. Asami dominates the combat section and knows basically everything about the weaponry. Korra though proves to be equally as skilled. Knowing every plant and survival method, while showing great power in archery.

Both are given 11 out of 12 scores.

In the Arena the two are separated for a week, before Asami comes across Korra caught in her own net trap. Even though she has an easy kill, Asami offers to alliance up with the trapped girl in exchange for food. Korra agrees.

The two spend the next two weeks fighting for their lives but together they are practically unstoppable. Eventually its only them left, but both girls realize they have fallen for each other. Asami suggest that they spilt up and if they cross paths again they will fight hand to hand in a fair fight. Korra agrees, but only an hour away from each other, a cannon fires.

Korra rushes towards the sound and sees that Asami ate nightlocks intentionally. Leaving a letter to Korra stating that she needed the win more then her…

For the first time in HG history, there is no victor. Because before Korra can be moved to claim her victory, she pierces her heart with Asami’s sword.