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concept: Chirrut Îmwe at 90 years old kicking Kylo’s ass while Baze Malbus, 91, takes out an entire First Order battalion with the twin cannons mounted on the arms of his wheelchair

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WELL I haven’t really had the time yet to look into her character etc and I will have to play her myself before I know what I think of her, but design wise, she looks like a cool lady! I’m excited there’s a new tank :D (btw I know she has a cannon arm but she has it switched to another hand in one pic so I’ll go with that for this)

Pictured above: A cool lady, rooting for you to stay cool as well!

The famous staircase interior of the Royal Armouries (well just one small section of it).

The Royal Armouries in Leeds is one incredible museum of arms and armour. I think it does one excellent job of presenting the objects and stories associated with them in both an educational and entertaining way.

The Royal Armouries is an institution that makes me love museums and today was launched on twitter and Instagram the #ilovemuseums. This is a campaign to help inform local and national government why we love our museums. So if you have a story to tell on your favourite bit of a museum then don’t forget to #tag it #ilovemuseums. Let’s make it a trend on Tumblr too.

Dubai is the last place any of us would have expected to find RoboCops, even if we should have seen this coming. Of course the rich would be the first to have RoboCops. Detroit would be lucky if they had a Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Since I’ve woken up to this now-obvious logic, I realize the different setting fundamentally changes what RoboCop would even be. You don’t even need to imagine it. Dubai’s already got a functioning prototype. 

It’s a punching dummy with an iPad in its chest. Someone put that hat on it sarcastically. It was just invented and the plastic on it has already yellowed like an aged Super Nintendo. That is the reality of our RoboCop future. Not a giant metal man with a machine gun who fights an autonomous mech that’s a metaphorical stand-in for corporatization and militarization of American police, but rather a ‘70s Doctor Who villain from an episode that was thrown into a fire after its initial airing to destroy the evidence.

Our RoboCop future is right around the corner and it’s going to be so fucking stupid.At least, at first. Eventually, there will be the arm cannons and missile launchers they’ll use to kill you in front of your kids. But for the foreseeable future, all we get is a machine less menacing than an ATM.

Why A Robot Police Force Is Going To Be So Incredibly Stupid


Genocide relies upon an exoskeleton / containment suit to keep his devastating bio-energies under control. The raw energy his body produces will explode outwards if his armor is breached. 

The suit increases Genocide’s physical strength and is highly resistant to damage or penetration. It also provides an arm-cannon for channeling his radioactive plasma into directional blasts