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What would Junkrat be like with a kinda high-maintenance s/o? They're fine with him looking the way he does, but they have to take a minute to put on their makeup and perfume before going anywhere, that kind of thing?

- he can get very impatient and antsy and will groan and whine after a certain amount of time

- he would say this as he groans “nghhhh come on love you look fine as is I think you look amazing with or without all the stuff on your face come ooooonnn” and just wrap his arms around them resting his forehead on their shoulder

- he does appreciate perfumes though, he kind of has a thing for smells and likes it when he buries his face into his s/o and gets to smell them

- if they can’t choose what to wear he will groan and tell them they look fine in anything because really they do to him and he doesn’t see why they need to worry as long as he thinks they look fine, even if they were a complete mess he still loves them so he does t get why they try so hard

- he would get a bit curious and maybe ask them if they can help him “get ready” just to see what they would do with him

- will probably find it to be a waste of time and think he looked fine before but he will stay how they put him for he say but if he gets messy then that’s just what happens, just because you dress him nice or clean him up doesn’t mean he will put forward the effort to stay that way


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Painter 8 broke on me halfway through finishing this. Thank goodness I always save dobules because it ate the file. x___x I think I’ll go paint something really…simple…now…

And yes, the title is 100% a Dark Souls 3 reference.


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