-you’d meet during the Apocalypse ordeal and he’d save you from a falling building

-after the Apocalypse thing he’d get his real feathered wings back and come to the Mutant school with you.

-he would always be holding your hand

-at first he’d feel really bad about what he did with Apocalypse so he’d almost hide behind you.

-but your friends would welcome him because they can see the way he looks at you with eyes full of love.

-once he was comfortable, he’d be back to his snarky, confident, cocky self. 

-cuddles 24/7 because he’s a teddy bear and needs love

-his wings bumping into things

-gripping you like you could be stolen from his arms at any moment

-burrowing his face into your neck during one of those long hugs

-his wings encircling you like a protective barrier

-he sleeps sprawled everywhere and his wings go over everything

-he sleeps in too.

-but he always manages to grab you and secure you to his side when he sleeps, his wing resting on top of you like a protective dog or cat

-you stand near the window while Warren sleeps. suddenly those big muscled arms wrap around your bare waist and lips find the skin on your neck, ‘good morning beautiful.’ he murmurs against your neck in that husky morning voice of his.

-food fights in the community kitchen

-sexy times and kinky times because that kid is a kinky shit

-him grinning whenever something kinky gets mentioned

-showers together where his wings almost break the glass shower door because they’re so big and there’s no way the both of you can actually fit in the shower

-he’d have a thing for laying down with his head in your lap while you stroke his blonde hair, and he’d look up at you with adoring baby blues.

-tracing the tattoos left from Apocalypse and he gets ashamed of them but you tell him they’re beautiful like the rest of him

-he’d get nervous about doing romantic things in public, like for an anniversary he’d get you a rose and dress in a suit to take you to dinner some place fancy and he’d be so nervous his wings would shake and he’d turn red and look at the ground when he sees how beautiful you are dressed for the occasion.

-rough kisses

-kisses where he gently cups your face

-kisses all over you as he tickles you

-love marks 

-movie dates where you cuddle and watch anything you want and eat pizza together

-just… everyone’s OTP

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Here's a thought...RFA's crush tripping and getting hurt, and then deciding to confess their feelings with the dumb pick up line, "I guess I'm falling for you~" ❤❤❤


You two were walking to class together

• Yoosung went on and on about the round of LOLOL he played last night you werent really paying attention

• When you were walking up some steps, you tripped over a bag next to a student

• In the nick of time, Yoosung caught you in his arms

• His eyes were as wide as plates

• a small giggle escaped your mouth, “Superman Yoosung to the rescue!” you said

• “You need to be more careful, MC! You could’ve got hurt!” 

• “I’m sorry…I guess I just can’t help falling for you…” You whisper in his ear and kiss his cheek.



  • It was the end of a shift at the coffee shop and Jaehee and you were beat
  • You were cleaning off tables and throwing away garbage before closing
  • Unbeknownst to you, there was a small puddle of coffee behind you
  • You took one step back and you instantly went flying
  • into jaehees arms.
  • “MC! I was about to warn you! Are you okay?” She said running her hand over your hair
  • “Yeah I’m fine but…I think I just fell for you, Jaehee.” You said meekly
  • “Well, if you’re gonna fall for me…don’t do it accidentally next time.”
  • kissy kissy  ( • ³ • )


  • This man
  • tHIS GUY
  • he’s so extra when you two hang out he likes you
  • today, it was a day at the ice skating rink!
  • problem is, you can’t ice skate…
  • you got onto the ice CLINGING onto his arm
  • he loved it
  • “Are you getting the hang of it yet, MC?” He says to you
  • “I think s-” 
  • Mid sentence, you fall forward 
  • your life flashes before your eyes
  • luckily, Zen is quick to catch you 
  • “Are you okay, little lady?” he says sweetly
  • “No..I’m not okay..” You say
  • “What? Why??” 
  • “I think…I think I fell for you…” You whisper, your arms around his neck.
  • His lips hit yours. You can feel him smile into the kiss
  • he may or may not of hoped this would happen


  • Okay it is impossible to fall when you are around Jumin
  • If you two go out, there are guards practically up your ass
  • If you’re just at the penthouse, Jumin is practically up your ass
  • today is no exception
  • You were walking through his house with your socks on
  • little did you know, he recently got his kitchen floor waxed
  • the first step into the kitchen and you slipped
  • good thing your human guard dog was there to catch you!
  • your heart was racing fast
  • either from being so close to Jumin or almost breaking your face in pieces
  • “heh..Hey Jumin…” You managed to get out
  • “Hey, MC,” He said with a sly smile, “What are you doing here…in my arms….”
  • “Falling hard for you.” You say bluntly
  • He places his mouth on yours and you two share a soft kiss


  • im sorry but saeyoung is the kind of dude to trip you so he could hold you and he did
  • you two were walking through a park 
  • Saeyoung was acting…suspicious and right before you were to confront him about it, you lurched forward saeyoung you ass
  • His arms quickly were around your waist and you were pulled closely into his chest
  • frick MC get it together okay yeah he smells good and his arms feel really warm and…and
  • “I think I just fell for you…” You whisper
  • “You literally fell for me, but I metaphorically fell for you, MC.”

Satellite Cannon
This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a Level 7 or lower monster. During each of your End Phases: This card gains 1000 ATK. If this card attacks, this increased ATK returns to 0, after damage calculation.
Can Be Found In: Champion Pack: Game One (CP01-EN001), Turbo Pack: Booster One (TU01-EN007), Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck (SDCR-EN012), Dark Revelation Volume 4 (DR04-EN241)

Nowadays, a monster doesn’t need high stats to keep its dominance on the field. With the many effects available, even the weakest monster can take full control of the situation. That not only applies to the abilities the monster itself carries, but also any other support we can obtain to obtain powerful combos. Although is not usually recommended to bet all our resources or even entire Deck on a single monster, the outcomes are quite interesting or even outstanding for atleast casual play.

“Satellite Cannon” is a classic monster which becomes more dangerous the longer it stays on the field, making it a quite unique monster. Although no ATK or DEF to defend itself, “Satellite Cannon” is indestructible in battle unless facing a Level 8 and higher monster (As well monsters with no Level like Xyz and Link Monsters). This gives it a good start on early game for its second ability, which allows it to gain 1000 ATK during the end of our turns. This boost will be lost once “Satellite Cannon” attacks, so the main strategy is to keep it alive as long as possible until stacks enough ATK to take down any enemies or even opponents. Due the fast Duels of the game is undoubtly and incredibly slow effect in comparison, but with the many options arround its capabilities it makes it a very interesting monster even if is not working arround its main gimmick.

Although statless by default, this actually gives “Satellite Cannon” a wonderful start to arrive on the field under all sorts of conditions. “Chaos-End Master” allow us to summon it from the Deck once defeats a monster in battle, while on the other hand “Shining Angel” will do so if is the one being destroyed by an attack. If we play along other LIGHT Machines “Machina Armored Unit” will replace them with “Satellite Cannon” when taken down in battle, making it specially useful to defend with its ability. If “Satellite Cannon” is destroyed or sent to the Graveyard by an effect like “Falchionβ” we don’t have to worry, as cards like “Limit Reverse” will easily bring it back to the field as well working as a perfect material thanks to the cooperation provided by “Debris Dragon” and “Masked Chameleon”. With a big number of options to be Special Summoned from early to late game, we’ll gain several opportunities to bring all three copies of “Satellite Cannon” at once if we follow with the effects of either “Machine Duplication” or “Inferno Reckless Summon”.

“Satellite Cannon” is undoubtly a slow monster to work with, but fortunately has all the options to stall for time. First of all there’s its own effect giving it a lead start during the first turns, but as soon the opponent brings their stronger creatures we’ll have to start using cards such as “Threatening Roar” and “Messenger of Peace” to keep them at bay. If the opponent goes through our defenses we have nothing to worry yet, as cards like “Honest” and “Fairy Box” among others will make sure that “Satellite Cannon” isn’t taken down that easily. Don’t completely depend on “Satellite Cannon” to deal damage, as we wait for its ATK to get powerful enough we can work along alternative sources to deal easy damage with such as “Wattgiraffe” or “Wave-Motion Cannon” among others. We don’t need to wait too long if “Satellite Cannon” works along “Limiter Removal”, doubling its ATK so we make sure its attack will defeat the opponent before is destroyed. Most importantly, equip it with “Shooting Star Bow - Ceal” so all the piled ATK can go directly to the opponent instead of being lost confronting a monster. While “Satellite Cannon” is more than ready for its purpose let’s not forget the fact that this monster is quite easy to summon from early to late game, making it very useful as material for all kinds of Extra Deck summons if we don’t have the right setup for its main purpose.

“Satellite Cannon” is a wonderful example of an incredible slow ability able to take a respectable position against the fast strategies dominating the game. Although it takes too many turns to truly be effective, with the many summoning options available as well coverage makes not completely depend on its own defensive effect alone. Not only that, but despite no having any stats that places it as a reliable material for other summons we might require at the moment. Overall, despite “Satellite Cannon” clear flaws, has all the options to work in all kinds of situations and obtain the best from its pressence on the field.

Personal Rating: B

+ Cannot be destroyed in battle except by Level 8 and higher monsters or monsters without Level
+ Gains ATK during each of our End Phases
+ Highly supported in all sorts of conditions including as material

- The ATK boosts are very slow to have immediate results
- If attacks all ATK accumulated by its effect will disappear
- Not difficult to take down unless with support

#NoDAPL victory!

The easement has been denied and the pipeline can’t be built through Standing Rock.

Still - the battle is not over.  This case will go back into litigation.  This fight is not over.  But today, we can celebrate.

Continue to pray for Standing Rock and Unci Maka.  Our Indigenous prayers are powerful.  Mni Wiconi, Mni Wakan, Mni Wicozani!

  • Some girl: *flirting with Remus* ya know, that shirt looks really good on you. It really brings out your eyes.
  • Sirius, from across the table: *narrows eyes*
  • Remus, just thinking she's being nice: gee, thanks. But this is Padfoot's shirt.
  • Sirius, suddenly speaking up: why YeS iT is.