My friend @whovian-potterhead01 pointed this out: 

So you know in Buon San Valentino (the comic) there is this part at the end where they show pictures of Chibitalia? It has been speculated that this is Germany’s flashback to when he was HRE (theory). 



While most people (like me) skip over it and assume that the hand is Italy’s…



If you notice in the previous slides, the dress Chibitalia is wearing is a SLEEVELESS dress. And additionally, HRE wears LONG SLEEVE all black clothes. 

So yes, it’s actually HRE’s hand. 

So now the question is… what does this mean?

This means a WHOLE LOT, actually. This confirms that this is a flashback of some sort, and that it’s from HRE’s perspective. (he hand seems to be coming from the viewing angle, as if someone was filming someone else and the filmer person reached out their hand).

And since it was showing Germany in the last few slides prior to this, it would make sense that he was the one having the flashback. 

So that thing at the end of Buon San Valentino you’ve always wondered about? That is an HRE FLASHBACK. 


Boom. Mind blown. 

An In-depth Genji Guide

So you wanna play Genji? Don’t worry my friends, I’m here to deliver a nice guide to help you learn this hero and have a great time!  I even put gifs to help see some stuff. Let me know if anything needs to be added or changed or clarified.


1. Introduction: Genji’s Role

2. Skills/Abilities

3. Combos

4. Using your Ultimate Effectively

5. Using your kit properly

6. Strong and Weak heroes against Genji


8. Recommended players to watch and learn.

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Epic Rap Battles Of History: Korra Vs. Ed Elric (03)

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(Beat used to base this on: Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky)


I can out class this little boy and his tin can

No need for bending when I can break your real arm with one hand.

You got a whole military to protect and resource you.

So which Mustang is gonna ride this battle for you?

I’m the girl who put Nickelodeon back on the map! 

You look like you missed your afternoon nap.

I mean you’re always scowling.

That face is so petty.

I wouldn’t throw a tantrum if my mechanic was that pretty.

All my fire in this fight will turn your metal into glass.

You should be used to women whooping your ass. 

Fma’s old and basic. 

The Fandom has faded.

And spoiler alert!

You’re on your 4th remake Ed!

I drop enemies like they were bad habits with one kick

I’ll embarrass this kid worse than that shamballa flick.

Keep those gloves on Eddy, and give Roy this report.

“I need some new shoes, cause I’m so short!”   


I knew you’d suck,

But damn Korra.

All those reincarnations still couldn’t help ya. 

I’m the greatest ever cause my anime doesn’t play. 

But when it comes to subplots, I don’t ripoff anime!

If it’s fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!

A fist to the face is how I show respect! 

I’ll take your whole Krew down with a single clap.

Get ready, cause you’re the one who’s gonna put down for a nap!

Let me tell you how much a live action movie’s worth.

Quadruple what Nick spent on your game.

Reviews killed it upon birth. 

Now we both like gear-heads. Winry’s the only girl I’d never exchange. 

But you dated your whole team?

Talk about the ‘x-games’. 

There’s no major accomplishments you did on your own.

Even the 12 year old kid fought the main villain alone.

Oh you like to fire bend? 

Try it against Roy’s alchemy!

If you’re cold against the Colonel, you won’t survive against me!


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A Deal with the Cipher

William was done, his band just kicked him out because of some bullshits about his too much aggressive behavior, Dethklok is a death metal or not? Anyway, he was drinking his booze, when suddenly, his booze brightened and a kind of genie came out of it. It was a yellow triangle with an eye, a black top hat and a bowtie.

“Heeyah, heyo, hello mortal! Drowning your sorrows, aren’t you?” Said the genie.

“What the fuck are you supposed to be?” William spitted at the genie.

“Very well, my name is Bill Cipher and I am THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS, BRINGER OF PAIN AND DESOLATION, also I like floating tea party sometime. I’m here to give you an opportunity that you cannot miss.” Announced Bill, even if he had no mouth to talk with.

William brushed his eyes, thinking that it was just a hallucination, but he seemed to be real. “So… What’s that opportunity?”  

“The opportunity of a new life, with a band that accept you, so much more people loving you for who you are!” Bill informed me, with sparkles in his eyes.

“Where’s the shit?” William asked.

Bill blinked for a moment before giggling. “There’s nothing wrong with this! An opportunity for you and me. Plus, your life does seem to be depression direction. Deal?”

William thought before replying. “Deal.”

“Peeeeerfect! First, I need you to sign this contract.”  

Bill gave William a contract and a feather to sign even though he was drunk. However, when he grabbed the feather, he pricked his finger and a droplet of blood fell on the contract.

“Hahahahahaha… I mean, sorry for the quill.”  

All of a sudden, the contract sucked William and Bill into a wormhole as their visions faded. When William woke up, he saw that the landscape was weird, 3D crap or something like this.

“Yes, it worked. Welcome to the real world, William Murderface!” Bill announced.

William thought that it was some kind of virtual reality or a weird dream, but it seemeed so realistic. However, when he tried to grab a beer on the ground, his hand just passed through it.

Looking at himself, William noticed that he was now kind of translucent. “Wh-what the fuck is happening?!”

“Oh yes. See the only reason that we could go into this world is because we didn’t believe in anything into our previous universe. The emptiness into our two souls was so strong that when you signed this contract, we were freed! Our reality was an illusion, but this world is real. Sadly, even though we broke the fourth wall, we’re still fictional and don’t exist in this world.”

“Then, what are we supposed to do? Watching people piss in the streets?!”

“Hahahihihehe… Don’t worry. This is where the fun begins. Look at this hottie here. Let’s follow him.”

The pair of fictional characters followed the man to his house, it was a bigass mansion. The guy was so rich that he started to undress even though he was still outside.

When he was finally inside, Bill whispered to me. “Psst, psst.”

“Why are you whispering? They cannot hear us.”

“I know, just wanted to mess with you, haha!… You saw this piece of meat? You could like to be him, right?” Bill said as William nodded. “Then, just rush toward him and possess his body!”

William was astonished, him, who was nothing but a ton of ugliness, could be this handsome guy? Thinking no more, William ran toward the man, closing his eyes when he touched him. But, nothing happened and was now lying on the floor, still translucent, as Bill laughed at him.

William glared at him while Bill spoke. “You should have read the contract, you cannot possess this body… But I can!”

Then, Bill waited for the guy to took off his pants and as he leant to untie his shoelaces, Bill floated and dived into his briefs, shoving his triangle form in his ass. The man yelped with a surprised and girly voice when he felt this.

“Shit, that guy has a tight ass!” Bill announced.

Whatever, Bill kept pushing while the man was moaning and trashing around his mansion. He grabbed his butt cheeks, stretching them but Cipher was still shoving himself inside him.  

“Oh merde! Something is stuck in my ass?!” The man complained, trying to call 911.

‘Shit, he was French, the ladies loved that.’ Thought William. Nonetheless, this feeling was too much overwhelming and he could not dial the numbers. Bill was soon under the guy’s abs. However, Bill was lost and he looked at a map to find his way.

“Hmm, so the third eye anja chakra is around the forehead. Let’s take over this delicious puppet!”

Bill was having fun, using his triangle form to sting the inside his body as he was scared and confused.

“No! What’s happening to me?!” The man screamed for help.

Then, Billy was in the guy’s throat and when he yelled, William could see Bill in his mouth as he winked to William from inside the guy. Climbing to the brain, Bill drawn on the guy’s forehead a triangle before inserting himself on it.

“Arrggh! Ma tête! Nooo, UNNNGGGG!” The guy kneeled before collapsing.

All of a sudden, a third eye appeared on the guy forehead. His two others eyes were still close but the guy was now standing up, looking at his body.

“Dear God, look at this, I’m colossal!” The man said without moving his mouth and with Bill’s voice.

“Huh, Bill, is that you?” William inquired.

“Of course, it’s me! What do you…” Bill said, checking himself in the mirror. “Not bad, but I need to be more discreet with this.”  

Consequently, the man’s third eye closed and he took a deep breath, before opening his real eyes and smirking at William.

“Hey.” Said Bill, perfectly mimicking the guy’s hot baritone. “Damn, this vessel has an arousing voice, I’m already use to it. And this body, yummy yummy… Bonjour, je suis Paul Delaqueue, enchanté de vous connaitre.”

Billy caressed his body, licking his hairy arms and biceps. Then he pinched his nipples and moaned, bouncing his pecs. A devilish smile crossed on his angelic face as he started to tickle his abs and thighs.

“Hahaha! Even his laugh is virile, hohohaha!”

William watched the body that he thought was his, astonished and clenching his fists.

“You bastard! Where is my body?”

Bill looked annoyed, raising an eyebrow on his handsome face. Something wrong was on his mind and William could see this, even on a stunning beauty face like this.

“Willy-boy, don’t worry. Your body would be easy to find. This succulent host’s bratty spoiled daughter will go to an event where is your future vessel. Unfortunately, I think that she needs to be grounded for interrupting so much of my affairs by harassing so much on the phone… Oh yeah, I can feel it, this one is a manwhore, a real stallion. He fucked so much pussies. Haha, I don’t know if I can make his life even more fucked up, but it will be a pleasure to try!” Billy laughed as he headed to his closet. “Yesss, these clothes will suit this mouthwatering figure better!”

Bill arrived in front of the mirror, touching his tanned borrowed skin while dressing himself up and making sexy faces in the mirror. “Hmm, what a stud, yeah you are such a slut aren’t you? Ruining your wedding by cheating with your future wife’s sister, yeah daddy, you delectable prick. You deserve to be slapped to death.” Bill started to slap himself until his cheeks were red.

“Hey weirdo! We have to go!”

“You’re not fun… I’m not done with you.” Bill winked at his reflection as William rolled his eyes.

Bill took a fancy sport car and drove us to the sought destination. It was a concert.

“Wait, you’re telling me that I will possess a music bitch?” William asked, thrilled.

“I already told you that you would be a part of a band, haven’t I? Now, follow me, we, or rather this body has backstage pass”

We walked away from the crowd and screeching fangirls before going behind the scene. There was a lodge but, ironically, a bodyguard was guarding the body that I was supposed to take.

“Sorry man, Payne canno… *Bam!* ” Bill punched the bodyguard and flexed his gun.

“Holy cow, this body is so strong!” Bill congratulated himself before blocking William. “Wait! Why not possessing this guy during the concert? When he is singing in front of this foolish crowd?!”  

“Then, why knocking out the bodyguard?” William questioned.

“Why? Why? Because I wanted to punch someone with this mountain of muscles, haha!”

William sighed as they both waited for the singer to come. However, William saw nobody that could be his vessel. “Where is he?”

“Willy, can’t you see? He’s right there!” Bill scowled him as he pointed someone singing.

“You piece of shit! You want me to possess this faggot?!” William screamed, pissed off.

“Hey, relax, Liam Payne got some muscle on his bones, plus he would be great on this hard boner I’m right now.” Bill taunted William, thrusting his ethereal body.

“No way, you’re a fucking queer?” William interrogated Bill.

“I’m everything that I want, the only things that I want is fun and chaos. So, if fucking Liam Payne’s vagina ruin these fangirls’ dreams, heck yeah I’m gonna do this.” Bill announced, madness having took over his handsome face.

“Fuck you, I prefer cutting off my own dick rather than doing some gay shit.” William refused.

“Boohoohoo… Too bad, Liam is the only body you can possess, written on the contract my dear. Plus, if you don’t possess someone, you will soon disappear and cease to exist.” Bill told William, grinning like a maniac.

William sighed, looking at Liam’s smaller and younger body before rushing to him. Liam, ignoring the spirit’s presence, was still singing.

“…only you can dance with me. So, put your hands on my bodyyyyy! AHHHH!” Liam yelled as William pushed himself on his back, forcing his bigger body inside him.

Medics came and brought Liam to his lodge, he was convulsing, fighting for control. After a moment, Liam stopped to move and opened his eyes.

“Liam, are you okay?” The medic asked.

Liam’s innocent face soon turned into an annoyed one as he answered. “Fuck off.” His voice was still the same but it seemed like he was trying to have a deeper tone.

Then, the concert was cancelled and Liam did not want to talk with anyone. People thought that he was acting weird. All he wanted to do was to work out.

“Fuck, this faggot better gains more beef or I’ll kill myself.” William complained.

“Really? It would be such a shame to waste this bottom slut potential.” Snickered a familiar voice.

The person was Billy, he was lifting much heavier weights. The fucker even tattooed his stolen body!

Bill was taunting William, he was stuck in that weak body while Bill possessed a Greek Demigod.

“Liking my tattoo? I was thinking about you when I put this blooming flower bud on his beefy bicep.” Bill mocked William.

“Go fuck yourself.” His victim answered.

“Already did, several time.” Bill licked the sweat on his toned arm before savouring his lips. “You know, my ex-wife asked me why I went to a One Direction concert. I told her that it was for banging your sweet twink butt. And you know, I don’t want to lie to her.”

Bill caressed William’s hand but he quickly pushed him.

“Listen gay bitch, I will become more muscular. Then I will beat your ass, understand?” William threatened Bill, but he was unfazed.

“Whatever you want sweetie.”

As the days passed, William hated his new life more and more. Cheesy ass songs were stuck in his mind and irritating fangirls were following him every time. However, he could not deny that his new body was not that bad. For a young shit, he had a bigger cock than his previous body and the workout started to took effects. One time he was singing and his guns were bulging!

It was hard to say but William started to accept his new life. In spite of, he decided that Liam was now HIS body and HIS life, so why he should endure this rainbow unicorn shit every day? Soon, “Liam” dumped One Direction, changed his name for “L-Pain”, became hairier and tattooed his body. Despite of this, the fangirls loved his bad boy persona and William was not annoyed. He could have sex with so much chicks. For the first time, women were telling him that he was handsome!

Now, a death metal singer, Liam was walking to his trailer but he heard someone in. He fell the perfume of soap. But William hated soap because of gay shit tricks. He walked into his trailer bathroom, hearing someone snoring. Then, he saw Bill, sleeping in his bathtub.

“Oh, bonsoir. Want to join me, cutie?” Bill/Paul flirted with me.

“I’m not into this fag crap, get the fuck out of my bathtub!”

“Let me fulfill your wish, mon amour.” Paul winked at William before standing up, revealing the giant monster between his legs. It was probably 13 inches!

Paul grinned, caressing Liam’s neck, blowing foam at him.

William was trying to resist. “I won’t…”

“Shhh.” Paul put a finger on his lips. “Let me show you why French are the best lovers.”

Paul kneeled and gently lapped with his tongue Liam’s balls before licking the peak of his rod. Grasping his penis, Paul laughed.  

“Cute little wiener.”

“Fuck you Bill.”

Paul smirked before returning to his licking, then he lightly touched with his teeth the stiff before swallowing and gorging it. Liam moaned while Paul’s strong lips were moving back and forth on his dick.

“Oh oh OH! Faster!” Urged Liam as precum leaked.

Paul smiled as he grabbed Liam’s athletic legs and stood up. Paul made Liam span his head to the ground, holding Liam’s rod with his mouth. Paul snatched Liam’s butt cheeks, slapping them and sucking like a vacuum under steroids. Suddenly, he stopped sucking.

“What are you doing faggot? Deepthroat me!” William complained.

“Then, beg for daddy.” Bill prompted William.


“If you want more, beg for daddy to suck your tiny dick!”

“Ung… Please Daddy! Suck my small tiny dick!”

Paul grinned as he opened wide his mouth and stuff Liam’s whole dick inside, chewing it.

“OOOHHH SHIT! Dad, I’m gonna cuuuum!”

Jizz erupted and overflowed into Paul’s mouth before he let Liam fall into the bathub. Next, he also jumped in the bath and french kissed Liam, thus, they were both tasting his sugar semen.

“Do you want more, little man?” Paul asked Liam while he was beating his neck. “ Do you want to know how it feels to have a real man fucking your tight cunt?”

“Yes, Daddy, please, make me feel this!” Liam pleaded.

Suddenly, Paul lifted Liam before pulling him to his hard wood. Thrusting his entire member into Liam’s virgin hole.

“AHHH! This feel so good, daddy!”

Paul used his brawny hips to push his dick deeper into Liam’s boypussy, digging to the last inch as they both moaned and groaned. Paul’s meaty pecs inflated with his biceps flexing as he fucking his boytoy. Consequently, Liam gave all of his body to the gorillalike man, behaving like a bottom bitch.  

“UNNG! You like this you faggot?” Paul taunted his partner.

“Ooh, yye-yess! MORE!” Liam tried not to faint while talking.

Paul’s huge balls grew bigger with the cum gathering inside them. Liam caressed Paul’s manly beard, tickling his fingers before groping his Herculean arms. Jesus, they were flexing at every thrusting! His hole was even more stretched as Liam leaned closer to Paul’s chiseled torso, licking his hard nipples and pawing his pecs. Liam pressed Paul’s orgasm buttons as he cummed and shot loads of sperm inside Liam.

“OOOH FUCK!” Roared Paul whereas Liam was panting and could not even scream.

Paul hugged Liam with his powerful arms, releasing more semen in his asshole before they both relaxed. Liam was resting his head Paul’s pec as they decided to sleep into their testosterone bath.

“What happened to your tattoo?” Asked Liam

“I removed it, now that I fucked your rosebud I don’t need it anymore… It was a heck of a pain but this bastard deserved it.” Replied Paul.

“Hey, I heard that you liked fun and chaos. What do you think about fucking this whole word, together?”

“Only if it’s involve having sex every seconds.”



a method of relaxation (m)

→ The stress of your final paper weighs heavy on your shoulders and Hoseok, the ever diligent boyfriend, offers a way of release. In a matter of minutes, you find yourself pressed up against a bookshelf in the far, back corner of the library.

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: smut
∟warnings: semipublic sex, fingering, slight dirty talk
word count: 3,232
a/n: this is a rewrite of my old fic titled “between the library shelves”

Escapades Masterlist

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  • Cardioloogist Seokmin aka heart doctor aka “Love Doctor”
  • He calls himself that, no one else calls him that
  • “You called for the love doctor”
  • “GET OUT”
  • Can often be describes as ditzy
  • Is everywhere except his office, must be paged to a location to be found because he’s always moving to who knows where
  • says he moves around because he has a lot of patients, which he’s not wrong about but is it really necessary for him to be in the rehabilitation center with physical therapist Soonyoung and playing with the equipment
  • hums a lot
  • even when he is doing an examination
  • “Can you even hear their heartbeat over your humming”
  • he’s a very skilled doctor though, so don’t doubt him
  • smiles 24/7, just all smiles and very very chipper and happy
  • no one knows if he’s just high off of coffee or if he’s reached the point of sleep deprivation that he’s all loopy and happy
  • but no, that’s just his personality
  • once raced Soonyoung to see who could get to the end of the hall fastest on a wheelchair
  • claims he let Soonyoung win
  • practices the next week with wheelchairs to do a rematch
  • Tried on Hansol’s heeles and almost broke an arm
  • tried to give himself a cardiac evaluation, didn’t really work out well on his part
  • because he’s the ‘love doctor’ will try and give the guys who are in relationships love advice
  • “now now Jihoon, yell any louder and your heart might burst from the stress. Why don’t I give you a free evaluation”
  • Interns love Seokmin, they find him so easy going and “pls be my attending doctor forever”
  • Despite his outgoing behavior, he’s the hardest on himself as a doctor and it kind of scares everyone
  • once a year, Seokmin struggles with the patients he’s lost, blames himself to the point that he considers quitting healthcare all together
  • when these times occur, grief counselor Joshua steps in, he hold Seokmin in his room for at least an hour before Seokmin gets put on leave for 3 weeks
  • no one sees him for 3 weeks and Joshua answers no ones questions about Seokmin
  • after 3 weeks, Seokmin steps into the hospital with a big smile and his upbeat personality before visiting his patients
  • just like seungcheol, no one questions Seokmin’s attitude because everyone understands how hard doctors have it some times
  • LOVES the pediatric unit and they all love him back
  • has little pins on his coat that relate to hearts and love
  • actually got a little heart stitched onto his right breast pocket on his coat
  • actually liked you from the moment he saw you and made it kind of clear he did too but you’re kind of a semi-hard ass
  • you’re one of the hospital’s pulmonologist
  • this provides Seokmin with many opportunities to do pickup lines
  • “we’re a perfect match, you’re the lungs to my heart, we sit perfectly together in the anatomy of the human body”
  • “You take my breath away.”
  • “my heart beats for you” he says as he’s holding his 3D figurine of a heart
  • “y/n I have trouble breathing”
  • “are you okay? Do you need a check up?”
  • “It’s because your beauty ceased my breath”
  • His lines actually are really cute to you but you’d never tell him, you always get this blush on your face after he looks away and nurse Jeonghan snickers to which you glare at him for
  • Despite his very lame pickup lines, Seokmin does in fact like you a lot more than it seems, he just doesn’t understand why pickup lines are working, (probably because Soonyoung said that pickup lines are the way to win a girl’s heart)
  • after a while, he stops the pickup lines much to your dismay because you now kind of miss the smiling face of the ‘love doctor’
  • you don’t see him for a while until you run into him in the doctor’s lounge, and he’s sniffling and coughing really bad every few seconds or so
  • “You okay?”
  • Seokmin smiles and nods, “Great!”
  • you squint your eyes and force him to sit down as you give him a quick examination, he jokes at first like “should I take my shirt off doctor so you can hear better” gets quiet after you scowl at him
  • when you pull away, you tell him that you think he might have bronchitis and now he’s this worry wort
  • “WILL I DIE!”
  • Finds your small yell really cute and finally he musters up a “do you want to have dinner with me”
  • you tilt your head, giving a hard thinking look “I don’t usually date patients but I can break that rule once right”
  • cue the biggest smile on Seokmin’s face
  • “but only after you get better”
  • A few dates later, the love doctor spreads his love knowledge everywhere and everyone is annoyed
  • Actually got matching pins that says “the heart to my lungs” “lungs to my heart”
  • “you take my breath away” inspired gifts
  • claims broken heart syndrome when you tease him
  • sometimes during an examination, he subconsciously talks about you
  • the pediatric unit gets an earful about you
  • “you’re mister Seokmin’s girlfriend”
  • For valentines day, you got him another replica of the heart, except this one opens and inside is a bunch of corny pick up lines like “I thought doctors were supposed to help my heart, not steal it” “I wish I was your coronary artery, so that I could be wrapped around your heart”
  • Absolutely is in love with the gift, switched out his old replica with yours and displays it proudly in front of his desk
  • Whenever you’re at a medical convention or something, he’s always clinging to Soonyoung talking about how much he misses you
  • “Dude, I’m with a patient right now”
  • *sigh* “I just miss her so much”
  • Races you down the hallway in wheelchairs
  • Still claims he let you win
  • Attached to your hip, always following you whenever he can
  • no one needs to page him to find him anymore, if they know where you are, they’re likely to find Seokmin with you
  • your patients know him
  • his patients know you
  • his favorite sound is your heartbeat, when you’re sleeping in bed, he pulls you close, his ear pressed lightly against your chest as he listens steadily to the contractions and he prays that it never stops beating
  • when walking in the hallway, he holds your hand inside his coat pocket with your shoulders touching and his soothing voice excitingly talking about who knows what
  • got lungs stitched along with the heart, it’s a small detail added but you think it’s the sweetest thing because he got so excited to show you
  • cardiologist Seokmin aka love doctor, would literally give his heart to you if he could, always cares for you and you know just how much he does because he’s always forcing you to exercise to get your heart flowing and always telling you to eat foods good for your heart and its endearing even though you want to sleep for 100 years after a run but it’s all better when Seokmin hugs you under the covers with your ears listening to the sound of his heartbeat
Rage Quit

Fic Request: 
“How about an angst fic with a fem reader and Anti where the reader witnesses one of Anti’s complete meltdown/glitchouts for the first time and tries to help him, but ends up getting hurt.” 

Originally posted by catsandr0ckmusic

You’ve never seen him like this. The twitches and maniacal laughter. You’ve seen him frustrated, irritated. Even seen him throw a controller at the TV once. But never before have you seen his scar open and bleed along his pale neck. The glowing gaze, flickering and uneven made your hands shake when you tried to reach out to him. 
“Anti…. what’s happening? Talk to me.” 
You were met by another wave of static-like laughter as Anti’s head turned to you. Jerking this way and that as his piercing gaze set on you. 
“You… shouldn’t be…. here (y/n). Not a good time.” Not even his voice could escape the wildness of his glitching form. It came out like a growl through old speakers. And it terrified you. But you didn’t stand down. You wanted to help! 
“Please just tell me what to do.” 
“LEAVE!” His shout was loud and made the air shake and buzz with static. The bulb in the kitchen blew out and you yelped as Anti flew past you. A flickering form jerking and jittering across the room. “Leave…. before I rip your throat out.” 
His smile was unsettling. You couldn’t keep his gaze set with yours, it hurt too much to look at him. 
“Anti, I can help! Just tell me what happened.” You persisted, but it only made things worse. 
Anti bellowed and his arm swept across the coffee-table, discarding it’s contents to the floor. And then he kicked the wooden object. It splintered upon impact with the TV and you screamed as sparks flew everywhere. 

“You fucking can’t help. Leave! You’re making it worse!” Anti’s whole body dispersed for a moment before flickering back into existence. This happened more often as Anti grew more irritated. His hands yanked and tore at his hair. His teeth set in a silent snarl, the sound audible in static snipets. 
You moved forward and Anti’s eyes flashed, his voice rang out as he tried to stop you with a string of curses, but he wasn’t fast enough to stop your hand from touching him. 
You flew back from a blast of green sparks and a ripple of Anti’s crazed laughter. You struck the wall with a cry and collapsed to the ground. Anti was still cackling as you tried to sit up. His grin wide and wicked. 
“I-I tol-ld you, b-bitch. You-u ca-an’t help-p me!” His voice was almost inhuman now. Glitching in places with each syllable. You scrambled away when Anti moved forward, shrieking when he stooped down to touch you again. His eyes wide and vicious. 
Your foot kicked out and you struck Anti’s nose. He roared and stumbled back, his eyes like green hell-fire when he regained his composure. 
“You-u fuck-king s-slut! I’ll f-fucking-g en-nd y-you!” His voice rang out like a clap of thunder. The air was crackling with his energy and you didn’t hesitate to scramble to your feet and sprint towards the front door. 
“Y-You c-canno-o-t r-run from m-me!” Anti’s voice followed you out onto the front lawn and you didn’t stop running until you were down the street and around a corner. Your leg had been injured when you were sent flying from Anti. Making running difficult and alot slower than you would have liked.
Breathing heavily, you leaned against a metal post and tried to catch your breath. You were shaking, terrified of going back to Anti. What happened to him? Why was he acting like that? 
A distorted whistle snapped you from your thoughts and you looked up to see Anti crouching atop the metal pole. 
“F-Foun-nd you.” You barely manage to hear him over your own screams as electricity coursed through the metal pole and into your back. You lasted only a few seconds before your brain fell into blackness and you passed out from the pain. 

The next morning was painful. Even turning your head was a struggle and you groaned when you tried to move your hands. You needed water. 
“Try not to move. Your body is basically a giant fucking bruise.” A familiar voice said and you forced yourself to look over at Anti, who sat by your bed. His scar was back to normal but the blood was still there. He hadn’t cleaned himself up and it had dried against his skin, peeling away in places in small flakes. 
“What happened?” You croaked. Your throat was dry and very tender. 
“I fried you, that’s what happened.” Anti hissed. “Beat you to a pulp after you passed out too. From what I remember. You should have fucking left when I told you.” 
You moaned again when you tried to sit up and Anti rolled his eyes. He ignored your flinches when he moved forward and helped you sit up. Careful, but it still caused a wave of pain through you. Anti then passed you a glass of water and helped you drink. All the while his face was set in an angered expression. 
“Next time I start loosing control like that, do as I say. Don’t try to help me. It only makes it worse.” Anti told you. And you nodded, not wanting to argue with him. Not after seeing him last night. You couldn’t speak, to assure him you were ok. You could see the concern behind the anger. Anti didn’t feel guilt, but you knew his frustration was aimed at him more so than you. He didn’t take precautions and leave when he started feeling unsettled. He stayed near you and that was a terrible decision. 

“I’m gonna go fix up the lounge-room. Call my phone if you need me. Try and rest, you look like shit.” Anti said as he stood. Moving your phone from the bedside table to your hand. He winked and moved out of the room to let you sleep. But you couldn’t sleep. Anti’s crazed gaze was locked in your memory. Whenever you were pulled into sleep, he was there, kicking and punching you. You whimpered, sighing whenever you managed to calm yourself down. This was going to be a long recovery.

I’m so fucking tired

Say what you will about the discourse not existing in irl queer spaced, but I see it creeping in.

Just today someone asked me for resources on asexuality, so I printed out a resource packet that I keep in my google docs, and when people saw it the conversation automatically turned to discourse. The first question asked was “well do you think aro/ace people are queer?” And even the self identified queer kids said that they weren’t sure. That there was just too much debate and they didn’t know what side to pick.

I would like to mention that many of these same kids assured me a year or two ago that our school gsa was absolutely ace friendly and that everyone agreed that ace’s were queer. Now their unsure.

And with their unsureness their has been a noticeable uptick in other a-spec people who pull me aside to say that they’re a-spec too, and their glad that I’m out, and aroace, and proud, and could they please talk to me about a-spec related things, but also please don’t let anyone know that their a-spec because they’re scared to be out at school.

And why shouldn’t they be. The word asexual guarantees a collective eye role and and a swift change of topic from the gsa because they “just don’t want any chance of getting into discourse” and that’s not even getting into the way straight people react.

Things have gotten to a point where I can no longer mention my orientation without being questioned on the discourse.

I can no longer describe myself as queer, dispite being nonbinary, without someone asking me if asexuals can use that word.

I can no longer exist without people connecting my orientation to shitty Tumblr arguments.

And god damn it, I’m fucking tired.