So I didn’t know what the “Jersey Turnpike dance” was… and I googled it

and this charming boxing instructor is teaching me quite well

hello :) belated happy birthday..! Though we cannit bring back da closeness we had before I just want you to know dat dat… dat.. datt i still care :) i still treasure dos shared moments, i still value da person behind dos non sense convo :) imissyou.. so sorry to all da pain ive caused :) :* mua. Godbless ;) <3
—  ahmm yeaaahh.. first of all thank you for you greetings :) i really do appreciate <3 its been a long time since that pain started, i cannot say that i already forget those harsh, acquisitions and talksh*ts you’d thrown to me.. but i can tell you my dear friend i already FORGIVE YOU since the time you said “IM SORRY”.. do you even know what i felt when you said those things, it broke me into pieces because IT CAME FROM YOU.. everytime i talked to you it is all true but please don’t blame me i had logs or awkwardness sometimes.. i am really trying to stop or to forget that but please give me sometime.. but for now let me tell you friend I MISS YOU, I MISS BEING YOUR FRIEND. no pain, no disguising :)

on saturday boris will have his first baltic sea encounter. cannit wait to see his reaction 🐷🌊 #sirsasana #salambasirsasana #headstand #headstandlove #stopdropandyoga #yogaisawayoflife #yogalover #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogalife #frenchiemania #yogalikeagoddess #yogastoned #joga #polishgirl #yogaoutfit #polishyogi #всебросьийога #йогакаждыйдень #instayoga #igyogacommunity #fitnessmotivation #frenchie #dogsofinstagram #frenchbulldog #voudoodolls #mik #ikozosseg by zebyszdechl

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kkilling nyself now wouldbbe like luing yo you yhough i cannit do that i need to stumay to help but hkw dpci do yhat when im so ahot and do not knkw how!!