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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

After 32 years in the House of Representatives, here is my advice on how people opposed to President Donald Trump’s assault on our basic values — a majority of those who voted last November — can best influence members of Congress. 

Done the right way, communications from citizens can have a significant impact on legislators, even when they claim to be immune to “pressure.” (“Pressure,” in legislative jargon, is the expression of views with which legislators disagree, as opposed to “public opinion” — the term used for sentiments that reinforce their own.)

The key to doing it right is being clear about the goal, which is to persuade the Senator or Representative receiving the communication that how he or she votes on the issue in question will affect how the sender will vote the next time the legislator is on the ballot.

This means the following:

Make sure you’re registered to vote — lawmakers check.

Many office holders will check this, especially for people who write to them frequently. Elected officials pay as much attention to those who are not registered to vote as butchers do to the food preferences of vegetarians.

Lawmakers don’t care about people outside of their district.

You can only have an impact on legislators for or against whom you will have a chance to vote the next time they run. In almost all cases, this means only people in whose state or district you live. Senators or representatives whose names will not be on the ballot you cast are immune to your pressure. There is a small set of exceptions — representatives who want to run for a statewide office in the next election will be sensitives of voters throughout their states.

Your signature — physical or electronic — on a mass petition will mean little.

You are trying to persuade the recipient of your communication that you care enough about an issue for it to motivate your voting behavior. Simply agreeing to put your name on a list does not convey this. I have had several experiences of writing back to the signer of a petition to give my view on an issue only to be answered by someone who wondered why I thought he or she cared.

The communication must be individual. It can be an email, physical letter, a phone call or an office visit. It need not be elaborate or eloquent — it is an opinion to be counted, not an essay. But it will not have an impact unless it shows some individual initiative.

Know where your representative stands. 

If you have contact with an organization that is working on this issue, try to learn if the recipient of your opinion has taken a position on it. When I received letters from people urging me to vote for a bill of which I was the prominent main sponsor, I was skeptical that the writer would be watching how I voted.

Communicate — even if you and your representative disagree.

On the other hand, even where you are represented by people whom you know oppose you on an issue, communicate anyway. Legislators do not simply vote yes or no on every issue. If enough people in a legislator’s voting constituency express strong opposition to a measure to which that legislator is ideologically or politically committed, it might lead him or her to ask the relevant leadership not to bring the bill up. Conflict avoidance is a cherished goal of many elected officials.

Say “thank you.”

If your Representative and Senators are committed to your causes, you should write or call to thank them — not frequently, but enough for them to feel reinforced.

Enlist the help of friends in other districts.

Your direct communication with legislators outside your voting area will have no impact. But you do have friends, relatives, associates etc. Find out who the potentially influenceable legislators are on issues of prime importance to you, think about people you may know in their constituencies, and ask those who share your views to communicate with those who represent them. On an extremely important issue, get out the list to who you mail holidays cards or important invitations and ask them to communicate with their legislators.

To repeat the essence of point 5, if a legislator who you might have expected to vote differently — e.g. a Republican who votes no on a Trump priority — votes as you have urged, send a thank you. 

— Barney Frank, former Democratic representative for Massachusetts. Read more

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"When girls and women are taught self defence (and I mean literally taught. Most women have had at least one class in school on it) we are taught that hitting is the absolute LAST resort. Realistically? If a man has actually punched us? 90%+ of women are fucked already. There is no defence against someone stronger than you hitting you." So can a woman who gets punched can actually defend herself or not?

Women aren’t made of porcelain.

We’re not some separate species, or utterly different physically from men. The concept of “woman” is a societal one. It changes based on socialization, and changes based on the society’s belief on what a woman is. It’s a nebulous concept, with no solid value when hitching one’s identity to it and the same is true for men. Societal constructs like masculinity and femininity are linked heavily to societal expectations and how we’re raised. When someone says, “a woman can’t” when a “man can” most of the time they’re referring to societal expectations taken as fact. These beliefs often have nothing to do with reality, and you only have to look at the vast differences in the United States when it comes to stereotyping women of different ethnicity, various cultures, or income levels just to see how shallow those ideas are.

There are female soldiers, female police officers, female martial artists of every stripe, and the warriors are countless going back generations. You can, in fact, find them if you look. This is before we get to athletes and all the other non-combat positions women occupy today that society said, “impossible!” just a few decades ago.

This is why understanding the effects of socialization is so important. When it comes to learning, what you believe will decide what you are.

Here’s the truth: no one takes a punch well when they’re mentally unprepared for it.

Here’s the other: most people (men included) aren’t trained to take hits.

Notice that you’re instructor told you, “Don’t piss off men. You’re helpless if they decide to physically assault you.”

They did not teach you what it looks like when a punch is incoming, or what the change over looks like. Good self-defense teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and learn to determine when danger is potentially incoming. You can’t respond when you don’t know its coming, and you can’t prepare for it, physically or mentally, when taken by surprise. The first moments of a real fight are crucial. Those seconds it takes to recognize danger and react to it when you’re already in the middle of being hit is too late. You’ve lost the initiative, you’re playing catch up, and that’s a terrible position to be in when you’re trained. It’s pretty much almost always unrecoverable if you’re not.

It has nothing to do with being a man, and its disingenuous from a self-defense perspective to focus entirely on them. While far more likely, men are not the only ones who can or will hit you. Women aren’t any safer, and can be just as predatory.

The problem with these self-defense classes is if you’re really serious about learning to defend yourself then you need to train for it. Good professionals worth their salt will always tell you that you need to be training in some martial art, and practicing the techniques you learned in your self-defense course constantly so that they become embedded in your muscle memory.

When I was forced into one these high school self-defense courses, my seventeen year old martial artist self thought they were stupid and overall pretty pointless, and they didn’t come at us with any of the above bullshit about getting punched. Girls who’ve done an hour of self-defense five years ago aren’t going to be able to perform jiujutsu throws, they’ll be lucky if they remember the bear hug escapes or how to roll the wrist against the thumb and tug if someone tries to take you were you don’t want to go (and then not know what to do once they’ve gotten free because they never practice running). Forget punching, they won’t remember how to do that.

If you aren’t practicing to the point where it becomes second nature, with the added benefit of learning self-defense techniques that are exceedingly easy to memorize (believe it or not, not all self-defense programs will teach these), and doesn’t come with the caveat that if you’re serious you need more education then they’re pretty worthless.

All your class seems to have taught you is how to be a willing victim, and that’s the worst kind of self defense.

“If someone attacks you, you can do nothing so just give up.”

That’s tantamount to admitting that they didn’t really teach you anything, and don’t want you to think they did. You’re not even in exactly the same place you were before you took that class. Mentally, you’re worse off.

If you don’t believe you can, then you won’t and it’s simple as that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when it comes to self-defense, you get what you pay for.

Taught is not not taught, the vast majority of high schools don’t have classes. They have one hour a year (maybe) devoted to it (usually P.E.), and sometimes its not even required. If you’re lucky, it’s a seminar of a few days. If you’re really lucky, they’ll bring in one of the female (or male) police officers from a local precinct who specializes in the police’s self-defense training they give the public. However, you are not guaranteed to have a professional, or even just a local officer. Often, it’s just the PE teacher who took a three month course. What girls get in high school depends heavily on what waivers the school is willing to sign and how much liability they’re willing to take on. It also depends on who is doing the hiring, who they are hiring, and whether they actually care.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who think women don’t need to learn self-defense and don’t want to waste the school’s already limited resources on hiring someone for a few hours. Especially when you can’t learn much self-defense in a few hours, and almost none of it is lasting.

If you’re from a country other than America, it might be different, but if you’re referring American education then its important to remember you’re experiences (whatever they were) aren’t universal. No, really. Education varies heavily from district to district, and can be vastly different within single cities depending on where you live, this is before we get to county versus county, and that’s before we get to the differences between the states. In America, public education heavily dependent on money and property values. The higher the house value, the richer the district, then the better the education. Its important to know, that when it comes to education, segregation is economic. America and Americans have no real true standard for education or education value. What you get depends on where you live, and often on parental involvement.

You can’t learn self-defense in an hour or two. You will be fucked up by shitty instructors, sexist instructors, and negligent instructors. If you are not doing your own research and taking control of learning to defend yourself then you are likely to get one of the above. If you look at self-defense as all being the same, that combat is an innate skill set possessed by only one side of the human species, if you honestly believe on some level you are inferior to men (and if you’re young, white, female, and WASP, you better believe you’ve been conditioned by society at large to see yourself that way) and that there’s no point in even trying, you will be fucked.

Combat is a learned skill.

It is not innate. You have to learn it. It is not inherently masculine. If you are a woman learning to fight, you’re not actually all that special or standout. There are plenty of women out there learning to fight. However, you’ve got to go looking for it. It won’t be handed to you.

One of the most empowering aspects in learning to fight is taking control of your own safety. You are no longer reliant on the charity or uncertainty of those around you, and that certainty will drive off most predators. Predators don’t want a real fight, they aren’t looking. 9/10, they want victims who are vulnerable and go down easy. So, whether you’re male or female, and you’re worried about your safety then head to your local police precinct, find a seminar, and that’ll point you toward freedom.


Women can take punches but not if they’re not prepared for it and whoever was teaching you is a shithead.

Don’t let their idiocy turn you into a willing victim.

This post is a public service announcement, not martial arts training.

Go get some.


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I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

Alex didn’t have time to tell Kara about her change in relationship with Maggie before Kara left to save Barry Allen’s earth.  Alex and Maggie’s relationship continues to progress and Maggie is doing everything she can to district Alex from worrying about Kara (i.e. lots of sex).  Kara comes back to their earth, rushing into Alex’s apartment all like “Alex, you’ll never believe what happened!” and interrupts Sanvers in bed.

^^ prompt from Rachel

Alex is beside herself with worry, beside herself with anger.

That Kara didn’t tell her beyond the note she’d left. That Barry flipping Allen didn’t care enough for Kara to make sure she had her sister with her, to protect her.

She imagined he’d say that he and his team would protect Kara.

But no one protects her like Alex does.

So she’s beside herself with worry.

But Maggie?

Maggie is the escape ladder lowering down into her spiraling pit of anxiety and Maggie is the hope that Kara will be fine, Kara will be fine, Kara will be fine.

Because Alex isn’t the only badass in the family.

And besides.


This whole Maggie wanting to kiss her thing?

This whole Maggie wanting… her… thing?

This is amazing.

And very, very distracting.

And distraction is exactly what she needs right now.

She loves every new sensation Maggie is giving her, every new noise she never knew she could make; every new part of her body Maggie can light on the most pleasant of fires; every new taste on Maggie’s skin, every new way Maggie can make her orgasm.

No one’s ever made her orgasm before.

But right now? With Maggie, with this woman she’s wanted, this woman she’s fallen for hopelessly, helplessly?

This woman, this amazing woman, wants her too. This woman is falling for her, hopelessly, helplessly, too.

So if it’s eleven at night and her legs are spread wide open on her bed, it’s because she’s falling in love.

If it’s eleven at night and she’s naked and Maggie’s tongue feels so damn good, it’s because it’s Maggie, of course it feels so damn good, but it’s also because no one’s ever touched her like this before – no one’s ever licked her like this before – because she hadn’t wanted it, because they hadn’t cared to, but god, god, god, Maggie wants to, and god, god, god, she never wants her to stop.

If it’s eleven at night and her fingers are tangled in Maggie’s hair, and Kara bursts in through her front door, shouting, “Alex! You’ll never believe what happened!”, it’s because she has a girlfriend now, and now that Kara’s back in this universe, they’ll really have to figure out a sock-on-the-door policy.

Kara gasps and Kara covers her eyes and Maggie swears and wipes her mouth on her shoulder while she tosses Alex her shirt, and Alex?

Alex just gapes at her little sister, trying not to gape at her.

“Kara, you’re back! You’re… god. Good, okay. Okay, good.” Alex tugs her shirt on and accepts the shorts Maggie is passing her.

“I should go – ”

“No, Maggie, no, stay. Please. Please stay. Kara, you um… you remember Maggie, right?”

“I have images of Maggie doing… things… to my sister… in my head now, permanently, Alex, so if I didn’t remember her before, I will now.”

“I’m sorry, Kara, I didn’t know you’d – ”

But Kara just turns to Maggie, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Are you just sleeping with her for your own amusement? Because when I left, you weren’t interested in her. You didn’t want her. Did you figure you’d better get what you could from her before she moved on, or – ”



“It’s okay, Alex. You deserve someone to fight for you,” Maggie whispers, and Alex has heard her voice soft and low and intimate, but she’s never heard it quite like this before. Quite this defeated, this determined, this… humble. This terrified.

She wipes her mouth again self-consciously and stares steadily across the room at Kara.

“I was afraid, Kara. Afraid because I didn’t want to hurt Alex, since she’s just coming out – I didn’t want to take advantage – and I didn’t want to get hurt. Also because she’s just coming out, and I didn’t want her to just be with me because of bright, shiny coming out feelings, because I… I liked her – I care about her – too much for that.”

She studiously avoids Alex’s eyes, and Alex makes a note to ask her later why her hands were shaking so hard.

Kara uncrosses her arms and sighs.

“What changed?” she demands, still sounding more like Supergirl than like Kara, but her eyes are softer, now, and Alex stares between her girlfriend and her sister with a wide, tearful gaze.

“I almost died. And I… our lives are dangerous, Alex’s and mine, and I don’t… I don’t ever want to regret not… caring for her like I should. Like I want to.”

“So you’re girlfriends now?”

Alex preens and Maggie smiles, and the defensiveness of Kara’s stance melts just a little.

“That sound okay to you, Danvers?”

“If it’s okay with Kara,” Alex looks at her sister, and Maggie makes a note to remind Alex of the value of living life for herself.

“You don’t need my permission, Alex,” Kara says softly, and Maggie decides, again, that she really likes this girl.

“Come here, then,” Alex invites, and Kara practically bounds across the apartment into her sister’s arms.

“I missed you, Kara,” she kisses her hair. “I was so worried.”

“I’m here. I’m okay. And I want to tell you everything,” Kara says over Alex’s shoulder.

“I’ll go pick up pizza and potstickers,” Maggie offers quietly after a few long moments of the sisters hugging. “Kara, Alex said that’s your favorite. I’ll drop them off for you both, and then I’ll get going.”

“No, Maggie,” Kara interrupts, and Alex and Maggie both stiffen, nervous.
Kara disentangles from her sister’s arms, but she keeps her hands on Alex’s. 

“Bring enough home for three,” she tells Maggie, but Alex is the one she’s smiling softly at.

“By enough for three, she means enough for six: you haven’t seen my sister eat,” Alex tells her, eyes shining with tears, eyes matching her sister’s.

“Pizza and potstickers for six it is,” Maggie grins, her hands still shaking, but her smile?

Her smile can probably be seen way back on Earth 1. 

Angel, Cry. Sam Winchester.

Requests: 1)  Might’ve already asked for this, so apologies if this is a repeat: How about a Sam x Reader where she wakes up with Sam eating her out, and every time she whimpers or her lower abdomen spasms with pleasure, he sucks harder or faster. And when she finally orgasms, he still doesn’t let up. Just keeps going, like he’s trying to suck the orgasm right out of her body.//and 2)  Can you do one where reader is an angle and she teases sam relentlessly in public and then when they’re alone sam dominates her completely

Triggers: Smut. Wing kink. Oral.

Word Count: 3033…It was an accident.

Enjoy ;D

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How To Handle Being Late  - The Fashionable Way

To say that poor time keeping can hurt your dating game is an understatement!

But… some of us are more prone to tardiness than others and while its acceptable to be a little late (fashionable at times), it can be perceived as bad mannered, unattractive and inconsiderate to be very late. Yikes!

Generally, being very late is reserved for African social gatherings and your sugar daddy’s funeral (after all, you must check with the executor to make sure he compensated you generously in the will before turning up) ;) but even those have their cut off points. So how do you handle the situations where you just can’t help running a little … or a lotta late?

On Time : Woah there, slow your horses. You are on time? Well done, now linger in your car/ car park a bit longer. Let him anticipate your arrival. I’m sure you can find something to occupy your time for the next 3-5 minutes. Another coat of lipstick perhaps. A little powder on the nose, and a brief look in the mirror. Why wait I hear you ask? You want to make sure he is seated and comfortable as you strut your stuff to grace him your presence.

Less than 10mins late: No need to apologise lady, you’ve arrived. He should be grateful you even showed up. Enjoy your date, he will!

15-35 mins late: Quickly pacify any annoyance on his part with a warm smile, sparkling eye contact and follow with a flirty compliment. Casually dismiss your lateness with something trivial and out of your control. For example, “ _ _ _ _ _ _  I’m so glad to see you. Wow! *pause* that tie/shirt/toupee looks amazing on you! Gosh, the traffic/ parking/ delayed trains are such a nuisance aren’t they”?


40 mins – 1 hr late: Hint at a day of stress and drama as you apologise … but don’t go into too much detail. Then quickly distract your date with engaging conversation. Such as “ _ _ _ _ _ I’m so terribly sorry I’m late, you don’t want to begin to imagine the day I’ve had. I’m just happy I’m here! Can you believe the district/ circle/ jubilee line was suspended?! But enough about me, _ _ _ _ what have you been getting up to today”? etc.


Over an hour: GIIIRRLLLL, this is the time to slay like you have never slayed before. If your date is even still waiting for you, it’s time for an awe inspiring entrance. Work a sexy strut right over to that man, pout your lips, serious eye contact in your arsenal and embrace him in a long(ish) hug. Now that you have hopefully surprised and allured your dashing date, he’ll have his guard down for a brief moment. Like a leopard capturing it’s prey, use a sweet or sultry voice (the choice is yours) to say the following. “ _ _ _ _, I’m sorry I’m just arriving. I don’t even want to dampen the mood by trying to explain what happened. But I’ll bribe you with an ice cream the next time we meet so you can forgive me. I nearly didn’t even make it though, but I knew how disappointed you would be if I cancelled so I just had to try my hardest to get here for you” … ensue adorable *today has been so hard for me* puppy dog pout.

And that’s how to handle being late in style!


Notice how in all instances , you do not dwell too much on being late. It’s better to just get on with enjoying each other’s company that to have an apology session about lateness. You’ve arrived now make the wait worth his while.

Always try your best to inform your date before they leave for the venue, if you are going to be late. They will appreciate it.



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i dont get why its bad to headcanon rose as bi... didnt she have ship tease with john earlier in homestuck? and just because shes married to a girl doesnt mean shes forever 100% a lesbian now, i hate that logic

Once a boy flirted with Rose and she blew up his computer

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Hi! Im wondering if u know of any mvmts/projects that are focusing on stopping/fixing the redistricting of districts 4 elections, or I believe gerrymandering? I feel this is a major issue that doesnt have a lot of focus rn &we only have 21 mths.. Ty!

This may sound a little weird, but currently, almost every progressive group in the United States is working on this, actively, right now. 

It may not be spoken about, but it is not a secret, the groups may not even be aware they are working on this cause. They are all working towards a single goal, to elect more progressives to Federal, State, and Local offices. When progressive groups focus on electing State Legislators and Governors, that is when they are working to put a stop to gerrymandering.

Three years from now, in 2020, there will be a US Census. At that point. representatives are reallocated according to population changes. Then state legislators have to pass a bill to redistrict their state proportionately, and in many states, the governor can veto the district map.  

This means that every Democratic Governor and State Legislator that is elected is a buffer against Republican gerrymandering. Since there are many groups that are working to elect Democrats, there are many that are, indirectly, putting a check on gerrymandering.

Personally, I am woking with Our Revolution but there are many other groups that are working towards similar goals: Brand New Congress,  Justice Democrats, Democratic Socialists of America and many others. 

It is important to become involved, find a group in your area, and get progressives elected in 2018. 

I know there are tons of groups I have missed so if you think of one put their contact info in a reblog that way people can find a group in their area.

- @theliberaltony

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This may be a long shot but can you draw tired parent!Mcpriceley having to look after district nine?

the tired family all nap at once

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Is haven that kid!fic? Can you tell us more about it :)))

Yes, Haven is the kid!fic that I’m writing with @reserve! Here is some stuff about it:

  • Set about ~5 years following the events of TFA
  • Hux is emperor of the Outer Rim Empire (O.R.E.)
  • Ren is his Lord Protector (classic), and also he is writing a history of Vader/the Empire (say huh?)
  • Hux and Ren had some weird sexy stuff together around the time that they were taking down Snoke (spoilers!), but it didn’t go so good because they’re awful children, and now they don’t talk about it and mostly walk around pretending like they don’t have deeply fucked up feelings for each other because they have an empire to build, okay
  • “Haven” is the name of Hux’s central command and the seat of his power. It’s a modular free-floating city built on the back of the Finalizer, so that new districts can be constructed easily as the number of citizens increases, while also protecting itself against attack through dispersal and also not being a fucking planet (Hux knows about blowing up planets—sitting ducks, amirite)
  • Culture Note! Phasma died during the assault on Snoke, but her armor is installed like a shrine at the entrance to the military barracks—while religion is obviously banned in the O.R.E., her memory has taken on a saint-like quality, and most Haven residents refer to her the “Silver Martyr.” 
  • the actual story opens as Ren is sent off-Haven to quell a new bout of resurgent resistance in one of the less-friendly quadrants of Hux’s new empire, a group of terrorists known as the “Greenhands.” The rumor is that they’re funded by the New Republic, despite the tentative truce obtained when Hux and Ren took control of the FO, but no one’s been able to prove it yet. 
  • Hux, meanwhile, has his hands full with getting the last few planets/quadrants to sign onto the imperial constitution (what, like he wouldn’t have one?), so it’s not particularly welcome when Ren returns to Haven and his Emperor with a report that there were no signs of the Greenhands, and also with a strange, feral-looking child in tow…

BAM. Want more?

Control Freak of a Customer (or, the Bitchy Lady)

A woman called my store today to bitch at me specifically. Here’s how it went down:

Phone rings

“Hello, thank you for calling [my store]. This is [my name]. How can I help you today?”

“This is Christy (she didn’t say her last name) and I need to speak to whichever employee rang up my last purchase.”

All’s well so far. I work at a pool supply store. Maybe she needs help with chemical dosing instructions.

“Okay, ma'am, what’s your last name and I’ll look up your transaction history. (Gives me her last name and I check.) Well, it looks like it was me who rang you up. That purchase was made on the 4th of April. What can I help you with?”

“I’m very upset with you. You sold my husband [chlorine shock x] when I specifically sent him to get [chlorine shock y]. I ALWAYS get [chlorine shock y]! And now my pool is still cloudy.”

“Ma'am, I’m sorry to hear that. Did we give you dosing instructions after your water test?”

“I NEVER get my water tested with you! I have a pool guy take care of all of that. He’s been in the business for 45 years! He knows what to do with my pool and he says only buy [chlorine shock y]. I don’t know why you couldn’t just sell my husband exactly what I told him to get. My pool was cloudy and now it still is! He’s in the dog house now and it’s your fault!”

This goes on in this vein for a while. All about she was out of town, and had her pool taken care of by someone else and when she got back it wasn’t right… Basically, I would need a water test to find out exactly why her pool was cloudy in the first place. A test is always free, and only takes about 5 or 6 minutes. But no, she KNOWS with no test that [chlorine shock y] would have just solved all her problems. B.S. For a lot of reasons, that would make this post unnecessarily longer than it already is.

Meanwhile, I’m super busy as she rants at me. Four other customers actually buying things/needing help in the store and the other phone line ringing. I’m not alone, but my help is 39 weeks pregnant. There’s only so much she can do, which I understand. She finally takes a breath long enough for me to reply.

“Ma'am, there’s no way to know exactly what made your pool cloudy in the first place if no test was done, and it has rained since that date, which can affect clarity.”

More ranting, and repeating herself. I’ve been on the phone for about 7 minutes at this point, according to our display. Finally, I’ve had enough.

“Ma'am, how can I help you TODAY? I’m extremely busy here in the store. What can I do for you?”

“Next time I send my husband in, you can sell him what he asks for with no questions!”

It is literally my JOB to ask qualifying questions about pool chemicals.

“Okay, but how can I help, RIGHT NOW? I’m very busy.”

“You know what? You can give me your district manager’s number because you obviously don’t care about my cloudy pool and…”

I cut her off.

“MA'AM, it’s not that I don’t care about your pool. But I need to know what you need from me.”

“Nothing! Just nothing! I’m never shopping with you again!”

“Okay, I’m sorry you feel that way. Have a nice holiday.”


The timer on the phone say 12 minutes and some seconds.

I looked back through her transaction history again, only to discover she’s made maybe 5 purchases in the last 4 years the store has been open. She already said she doesn’t get her water tested with us, which means she’s disqualified from several programs we offer, and has also never bought chlorine tablets from us. All of this, combined with the [chlorine shock y] she does buy, means her pool chemistry is probably so jacked up there’s no wonder why her pool was cloudy in the first place. I’m not saying her “pool guy” is bad at his job, but a lot of things have changed in pool chemistry even in the last 10 years, nevermind 45.

I don’t mind losing that sort of customer, but it is frustrating when people tell me what my job is/how to do it. My job is to sell solutions and also upsell product in the process. That’s any retail business. Yes, I want to help you get what you need, but I’m a business. If you come in my store with vague explanations and a product name, I might try to sell you something else I feel will be better suited to the issue. Your control issues with your husband are not my fault or my problem. So kindly don’t blame me for your marital issues ten days and a heavy rain storm after your purchase.

The coroner system was founded in England before the tenth century. British common law was the initial law for the American colonies and later the laws of the states. Death investigations in the United States were considered a local, county, and later state function. Every state maintained its own laws in the matter. Today, the United States still recognises two systems in death investigation: the coroner and the medical examiner. But what is the difference between the two?

A coroner is an elected official who does not necessarily possess a medical background of any kind. They are responsible for the identification of a body, the notification of the next-of-kin, the collection and return of personal effects from the body to the family, and the signing of the death certificate. A coroner cannot perform autopsies, but is able to determine if an autopsy is required.

A medical examiner, on the other hand, is a medical doctor. They have often had extensive training in forensic pathology and are thus the ones who get called to perform an autopsy. Medical examiners are appointed by the governor of the state. Their districts can therefore also span several counties within the state. The duties of the medical examiner are to investigate any death that occurred under suspicious circumstances and perform autopsies to determine the manner, cause, and mechanism of death.

[source: Real World Crime Scene Investigation, by Gabriele Suboch, PhD.]